Home Remodeling Services

Home Remodeling Services

Your home is your space. It’s the one place on earth where you should feel totally free, safe, comfortable, and validated. If your home is anything less to you, then you can’t live your life to the fullest.

At BenchMark Home Services, our goal is to make your home everything you need it to be so that you can be everything you need to be. In fact, we want you to love your home so much that we will do everything in our power to perfect it. And with our professional-grade home remodeling services, we can.

BenchMark Home Services can make your home impeccable. We back all of our work with our 2-year Workmanship Warranty. Additionally, all of our home improvement experts have over 15 years of experience. Our team is also award-winning and client-approved. Therefore, we have the knowledge and skills necessary to create the home of your fantasies.

We know that some houses need a little bit of help becoming optimal homes, while other houses need a lot of help. For this reason, we offer a vast range of home remodeling services. We can elevate every room in your house to satisfy our high standards of quality, functionality, efficiency, serenity, and style. Specifically, our home remodeling services in Solon, Ohio, include the following:

Whole House Remodeling Services

Perhaps you live in an older home that’s really starting to show its age. The flooring is weak or broken. The walls are cracked or holey. The plumbing is leaky. The electricity is fickle. The appliances are inefficient. And everything else is entirely outdated.

Or maybe, you live in a newer home that’s in good shape but in bad taste. Though it’s not lacking for usefulness, it’s utterly lacking in style, personality, and elegance. Maybe the structure is nothing but a big white box. Or perchance, it’s just a collection of dull little containers.

But you love the location of your home, so you don’t want to move. Or, your home has major curb appeal, so you don’t want to tear it all down.

If these are your circumstances, you are not without hope. Rather, you’ll find the solution to all of your problems in our whole house remodeling services.

When the exterior of your house is gorgeous, but the interior is frustrating or even frightful, you need whole house remodeling services from BenchMark Home Services. At BenchMark, we can improve your house from the inside out. We do so with either a thorough renovation, a sweeping remodel, or something in between.

Home Renovations and Home Remodels

An all-encompassing renovation might involve customizing the rooms in your home with built-ins, updated cabinetry, extra lighting, crown molding, tiled showers, new flooring, and energy-efficient windows.

Whereas, a significant remodel could entail taking just about every room down to the studs and beginning again. This time, we could comply with a new layout that provides an open concept kitchen, dining, and living area, a room addition, a wine cellar, a breakfast nook, a master suite, and another full bathroom.

Or maybe your project falls somewhere in the middle. Your project may include a kitchen expansion, a living room refresh, a soaking tub installation, and trim and millwork woven throughout the house.

BenchMark Home Services is here to please you first and foremost. Therefore, no home remodeling ask is too big or too small for us. We are more than qualified to handle your whole house remodel due to our storied history in the industry and our unshakeable commitment to professionalism. We can apply our remodeling mastery to your entire house to ensure that each space flows seamlessly and operates superbly.

A whole house remodel can enhance the security, utility, efficiency, character, comfort, value, and lifespan of your home. Therefore, a whole house remodel is always beneficial. So, don’t be afraid to let your imagination run while with your whole house remodel. And don’t hesitate to contact BenchMark Home Services for our whole house remodeling services.

Kitchen Home Remodeling Services

The kitchen may be the heart of your home. But if it’s not working well, then your home is probably pretty lifeless. For example, your kitchen might contain stained or split flooring, leaky pipes, a rusty faucet, a peeling countertop, broken cupboards, or obsolete appliances. In that case, your kitchen clearly needs serious rehabilitation.

Just picture how much more pleasant your time in your kitchen would be with durable materials, modern finishes, energy-efficient appliances, and a flawless floorplan. Restoring your kitchen to good health not only allows you and your family to eat better, but it also permits you to live better as well.

For these reasons, BenchMark Home Services supplies kitchen remodeling services that can get your kitchen in mint condition. Even with a minimum amount of our services, you can cure your kitchen’s worst ailments such as safety hazards and inhibited serviceability. But BenchMark is not limited to simply reviving your kitchen’s basic capabilities. Instead, we can evoke peak performance from your kitchen with the right moves.

Kitchen Renovations

For example, we can take down walls or put up walls to construct your ideal kitchen configuration. We can even extend your kitchen as far as you like by letting it consume other rooms. What’s more, we can position your appliances for maximum convenience so that your kitchen promotes smooth cooking procedures. We can also stock your kitchen with the most practical and unparalleled components such as custom cabinets, a walk-in pantry, a Galley sink, pendant lighting, accessible appliances, and more.

Of course, we can also make sure that your kitchen will be long-lasting and easy to maintain. Steeling your kitchen for many more years of successful meal prep means upgrading laminate and particleboard to hardwood and stone. With these superior substances, your kitchen can keep up with your busy schedule for decades to come.

There’s no dilapidated kitchen that BenchMark can’t resuscitate, and no dream kitchen BenchMark can’t build. To rescue your kitchen with BenchMark’s kitchen remodeling services, contact us today.

Bathroom Home Remodeling Services

Is your bathroom awkward, antiquated, or just plain ugly? If so, how bad does your bathroom have to be before you deal with it?

If your bathroom is struggling with leaks, mold, rust, darkness, dankness, or bad smells, then you don’t have to put up with it any longer. Instead, you can pull your bathroom out of the gutter and give it a much-needed makeover with bathroom remodeling services.

BenchMark Home Services can fix all of your bathroom’s flaws and modify it to meet your needs. Are you ready to go from a single sink vanity to a double? Or from a half bath to a full? Or are you even anxious to have a separate shower and bathtub? If so, you should know that BenchMark can make it all happen.

Bathroom Renovations

Likewise, BenchMark Home Services has the techniques and training required to transform your bathroom from a wasteland to an oasis. For instance, we can switch out the old laminate flooring, PVC shower-tub combo, pastel sink, and squeaky faucet with porcelain tile, a no-threshold shower, a freestanding tub, and a cabinet vanity with a vessel sink. What’s more, we can install additional indulgences like a waterfall showerhead, a bidet, a linen closet, a lighted mirror, and more.

We can overhaul your bathroom to the point of opulence by covering it in contemporary textures and equipping it with advanced accessories. Moreover, we can also make your bathroom fully accessible by expanding it to accommodate a wheelchair or walker and outfitting it with plenty of grab-bars. That way, you and anyone else in your life can use it as long as possible.

Once BenchMark has finished remodeling your bathroom, it will be less like a garbage heap and more like a spa retreat. At that point, you’ll be more than happy to visit your bathroom again and again.

Living Room Home Remodeling Services

If the spot in your home where you’re supposed to unwind has you tensing up with stress instead, then you really must rethink your relationship with your living room. Your living room should give you every opportunity to relax in tranquility or relish time with your family. It should not fill you with feelings of frustration that bring on a headache.

So, if you’re tolerating a messy, cramped, or run-down living room, then you should request living room remodeling services from BenchMark. BenchMark Home Services is here to refresh your living room with an optimized arrangement, spacious storage, and enduring elements. We want your living room to be a welcoming source of coziness and calm for you. So, we’re primed to pull out all the stops for the sake of revitalizing your living room.

Living Room Renovations

To infuse your living space with intention and charm, we’ll address all the essentials of the room. For instance, we can replace your worn-out flooring with tough and attractive hardwood, tile, or vinyl. Additionally, we can upgrade your windows with energy-efficient versions and top them with motorized blinds or shades. We can also spruce up your walls with sound drywall repair, a pristine paint job, and stately trim work.

With a one-of-a-kind entertainment center and built-ins from our first-rate carpenters, you can multiply the room’s amusement and repository opportunities. Furthermore, we can mount any size TV or put up a projector and screen. That way, you always have a premium viewing experience.

Thanks to our fireplace installations, mantle installations, and masonry work, you’ll be able to wait out the chilly Ohio winters in front of a flickering fireplace. Finally, we can enable your living room to reach the heights of luxury with a captivating ceiling treatment.

Once BenchMark has remodeled your living room, it will be more than just a quiet escape. It will be a picturesque paradise that fulfills many roles and caters to both your family and guests.

Home Office Remodeling Services

Sometimes, our home offices are more effective for stockpiling our stuff than encouraging our productivity. But in a day and age in which the occasion to work from home is now less of a bonus and more of an obligation, your home office must bring more to the table. Undoubtedly, it has to present many of the same resources you find in your business office so that you can do your finest work. And if it doesn’t, you need to hire BenchMark Home Services.

With our home office remodeling services, we empower your home office to help you amplify your work output. We remove distractions such as fatigued flooring, fractured walls, and deficient lighting as well as dangers such as lead paint, asbestos, and pest infestations. Then, we furnish your home office with whatever you could want or need in the way of energy-efficient features, low-maintenance materials, and storage solutions.

Home Office Renovations

If the duties of your vocation demand an ample storage system, then BenchMark can supply you with bespoke built-ins. We can even craft the ultimate desk for you, such as a U-shaped desk with drawers and shelving. Perhaps you’d like to take meetings in one section of your office and do desk work in another. In that case, we’ll erect a dividing wall. We can also mount a large monitor to make your meetings even more impressive.

To save you time traveling to the kitchen or bathroom throughout the day, we can arm your home office with a kitchenette or half bath. To flood your office with plenty of natural light, we can afford you bigger windows or even a skylight. And to prevent you from overheating or freezing while you’re trying to concentrate on important data, we’ll redirect your HVAC.

With our extensive background in home remodeling, we can also install trim, lighting, flooring, and more in your home office without any trouble at all. So, by employing BenchMark Home Services to remodel your home office, you can better position yourself for a prosperous career.

Outdoor Kitchen Installations

Though much of home remodeling occurs inside the house, grilling fanatics will be thrilled to hear that BenchMark installs outdoor kitchens as well. An outdoor kitchen is the quintessential setup for someone who is passionate about cooking, eating, and entertaining outside. If all you have at the moment is a portable grill and a picnic table, then you should trust BenchMark to hook you up with all the tools of the barbecue trade with outdoor kitchen installations.

We can grant your wish of doubling or tripling your indoor kitchen size with an outdoor kitchen that comprises rows of cabinets, side burners, a pantry, an outdoor refrigerator, a wine cooler, and more. We can also ignite your interest in all kinds of grilling styles by placing a gas grill, kamado grill, rotisserie grill, and smoker in your outdoor kitchen. For friends and family who crave truly unique outdoor dining, you can wow them with a pizza oven, a kegerator, and a fire table.

Outdoor Kitchen Renovations

To further simplify the process of cooking under the sun, BenchMark Home Services can rig your outdoor kitchen with a sink, faucet, ice maker, trash bin, outdoor freezer, ceiling fan, and more. Additionally, we’ll work a wet zone, dry zone, hot zone, and cold zone into the scheme of your outdoor kitchen. As a result, you’ll never run out of space and can always produce delicious food.

We’re here to help you unleash your inner chef by making your outdoor kitchen as supportive as possible. With weather-resistant countertops, backsplash, kitchen walls, appliances, lighting, and shelter, you can grill to your heart’s content come rain or shine.

We’re sure your food will get the party started. But, you can continue to appease your crowd with visual or audio entertainment thanks to TV and surround sound installations from BenchMark. You’ll also be able to draw out the celebration by having everyone circle around the fire pit or gather under the pavilion.

Clearly, receiving an outdoor kitchen from BenchMark Home Services is a great way to keep the fun going at your house all year long.  

Room Additions

Remodeling your home allows you to effectively maximize the amount of square footage you currently have. However, you might know that your house just isn’t big enough anymore. And you don’t want to move, then your situation calls for a room addition.

Not only will a room addition enlarge your home, but it will also do so according to your exact specifications. You may not want more than a few feet tacked onto one room of your home. Or, you may desire to double or triple the size of your entire house. Thankfully, BenchMark Home Services can bestow the best room addition for you on your house with our room additions.

Minor Room Additions

Perhaps you’re looking for a small alteration that makes a big impact on a certain region of your house. Then you’ll appreciate our bump-out room additions, attic dormer room additions, sunroom additions, and enclosed back porch additions.

Bump-outs are cantilevered house extensions that don’t necessitate roof or foundation work. You can rely on a bump-out to fabricate a window seat or a walk-in closet. An attic dormer is a window in your attic that protrudes out from the roof. By doing so, it raises the ceiling and supplements the floor space. With an attic dormer, your attic can serve as another room rather than simply a storage receptacle.

A sunroom is what you get when BenchMark encases your front porch with walls. With a sunroom, you can stay close to nature while putting some advantageous distance between you. As a result, you’ll have a living room, dining room, or game room with stunning views. An enclosed back porch is basically the same as a sunroom, just on the opposite end of the house. Once BenchMark has walled in your back porch, you can decorate it as something like a sitting room or mudroom.

Major Room Additions

In order to considerably increase the livable expanse of your house, you can select a more substantial room addition. These additions comprise a finished attic or basement, a garage conversion or an above garage bonus room, or a conventional house addition or second story.

BenchMark can finish an attic or basement or convert a garage for any purpose by inserting windows, drywall, flooring, lighting, plumbing, and air conditioning. To achieve an above garage bonus room, BenchMark will add walls and a roof to that list.

A conventional house addition includes laying a foundation as well, while a second story would bring a set of stairs into the mix. Obviously, all of these more involved room additions contribute extra volume to your home. But they also yield more versatility as well.

No matter which type you choose, BenchMark Home Services is excited to take your house to the next level with a room addition.

Aging in Place Home Modifications

If you’d like to spend the rest of your days in your current home, then your house likely requires some aging in place home modifications. Aging in place home modifications correct compositional complications that may inhibit your mobility in certain areas of your house. For example, if your house has staircases, narrow doorways, bathtub/shower combinations, or slippery flooring, you might not feel as confident moving through it as you once did. But due to the fact that BenchMark has a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) at the helm, we can resolve these issues smartly.  

With aging in place home modifications, you can preserve your ability to live independently. The goal of such adjustments is a harmless and usable habitat for everyone. Therefore, they focus on designs that demand less and do more for residents.

Aging in Place Design

For example, kitchen aging in place designs locate the oven, sink, and refrigerator closer together. They also lower the upper cabinets and countertops. The dishwasher, microwave, and oven become easier to reach, and the controls for these appliances are front-mounted as well. Aging in place home modifications also compel the bathroom to supply a no-threshold shower with seating, grab-bars, and an adjustable showerhead. Handrails should flank a comfort height toilet, and the clearance should appear under the sink.

In the living room, aging in place home modifications assume the form of an obstacle-free section at the center of the room, built-ins to reduce clutter, and motorized blinds to make the lighting and temperature easier to manage. Bedroom aging in place design looks like a first-floor master suite with space for medical equipment, an organized closet, and clear passageways. Finally, in a laundry room that’s acquired aging in place home modifications, a front-loading washer and dryer are on pedestals, an ironing board folds down from the wall near the dryer, and a light kit with a timer is stationed at the outlet the ironing board plugs into.

Other aging in place home modifications that aid your accessibility are lever-style handles, rocker-style light switches, slip-resistant flooring, and wider doorways. BenchMark Home Services has the education and expertise to implement aging in place design into your home. That way, you can live there as long as you want.

Living In Place Home Modifications

At certain stages in our lives, we welcome friends and family members of all ages and ability levels to stay or even live with us. And at such times, adapting the house to attend to the distinct capacities of these individuals is extremely important. A Certified Living In Place Professional (CLIPP) guides BenchMark Home Services’ living in place home modifications. Therefore, you can depend on us to revise your house so that each room is hospitable to everyone.

Living in place home modifications aim to generate inclusive environments that oblige anyone regardless of their age or physical ability. To do so, living in place home modifications adhere to the principles of universal design. Due to our CLIPP credential, BenchMark can collaborate with occupational therapists, architects, and interior designers to design and build beautiful, barrier-free properties.

Live in Place Modifications

For instance, living in place home modifications would pack the kitchen cabinets with pull-down shelves and situate the countertops at multiple heights. These modifications would also outline the cabinets and countertop edges in bright colors with a minimal shine so that these shapes were easier to see. Automatic shutoffs on the appliances and an anti-scald device on the faucet would further facilitate safety in the kitchen.

In the bathroom, living in place home modifications would lower the countertop and incorporate a pivot mirror. With these modifications, small children could reach the sink and see themselves. Living in place home modifications would also bring in a no-threshold shower and a vanity with under-sink clearance for wheelchair and walker access.

Thanks to living in place home modifications, the living room would also account for wheelchairs and walkers as well as crutches and canes with broad, clear aisles between the furniture. In the living room and bedroom, tall furniture such as bookshelves and wardrobes would be attached to the wall. And built-ins consisting of shelves, nightstands, drawers, and even a headboard would keep everything within arm’s length while occupants were in bed.

Carpet-covered stairs, pocket doors, motion-sensor lights, and contrasting colors utilized between walls and floors are other common developments of living in place home modifications. Again, because of our CLIPP-certified leadership, BenchMark Home Services authorized to distribute living in place home modifications. And we have the dedication to make the appropriate living in place home modifications for you.

Local and Loving Home Remodeling Services

As a branch of Capozzi Design Build, BenchMark Home Services strives to be your home concierge, prepared to polish your house in any way. The scope of our home remodeling services proves that we are your one-stop-shop for any home renovations you could ask for. And we practice such strict attention to detail that we promise to go above and beyond your expectations.

But what makes home remodeling services from BenchMark even more special is the extent of our client care. Your peace of mind in the caliber of our craftsmanship is our greatest priority. Therefore, we do every part of our jobs right the first time. But we also want you to have the best possible remodeling experience. So, all of our team members will treat you with the utmost kindness, courtesy, and consideration. Our proficient home remodelers passed background checks and drug tests. Plus, they’ve also established a reputation for being consistently timely and cleanly for the duration of a project.

Finally, BenchMark Home Services resides in northeast Ohio, so we serve the towns of the greater Cleveland area, such as:

On a daily basis, BenchMark Home Services demonstrates how much we care about the people in these communities by working day in and day out to refine their homes. We don’t want you to settle for less than satisfactory or even satisfactory living conditions. Instead, our objective is that you would thrive in exemplary living conditions. If that’s your objective as well, then contact us to discuss our home remodeling services today!