Home Remodeling in Hudson

Home Remodeling in Hudson

Your Hudson, Ohio, house is your home. Whether you live in the City Center, Last Valley Ln/ East Streetsboro Rd, Wethersfield Dr/ Valley View Rd, Meadow Farm Dr. /E Streetsboro Rd or Western Reserve Estates neighborhood, your house should never fail to make you feel safe and free. If it does, then you won’t be able to live your best life or even relish all the hallmarks of Hudson. BenchMark Home Services knows how remarkable Hudson is. Therefore, we pledge to perfect your home there with our spectacular Hudson home remodeling services.

Home Remodeling Services in Hudson, Ohio

To make sure that your home is amazing, we employ the home remodeling skills we’ve obtained during our decades of experience. Additionally, we reinforce all of our work with a 2-year Workmanship Warranty. But our aid doesn’t end when the warranty does. Instead, we keep supporting your Hudson house with home services including home maintenance and home repairs.

A portion of Hudson houses asks for a little guidance in order to become beautiful homes. Yet, others demand a lot of guidance. So, our Hudson home remodeling services can handle any kind of remodeling your house may require, such as:

Kitchen Remodeling Services in Hudson, Ohio

Most likely, you can’t dine out at Flip Side, Rosewood Grill, Downtown 140, 3 Palms Pizzeria and Bakery, Aladdin’s Eatery, or One Red Door every day. Consequently, your kitchen has to help you to prepare delicious food. That way, you can eat as well at home as you would at a restaurant.

But sometimes, your kitchen is too busy serving up broken cabinets, peeling countertops, split flooring, outmoded appliances, or leaky pipes. In that case, you must fix your kitchen before you improve your cooking techniques.

Fortunately, Benchmark Home Services delivers kitchen remodeling services that rescue every corner of your kitchen. Our Hudson kitchen remodeling services don’t just resolve all of your kitchen’s problems with safety and functionality. They also set your kitchen up for stellar operations. Specifically, we grant your kitchen a first-rate floorplan, sturdy materials, energy-efficient appliances, and stunning finishes. Such advancements will enable you and your family to eat well and live well.

Whatever it takes to save your Hudson kitchen, BenchMark can do it. We can put up and take down walls to produce a more convenient configuration. We can reposition your appliances for smoother cooking. And we can even load your kitchen with custom cabinets, a multi-purpose island, and a walk-in pantry. With these items, you’ll have everything you need for a five-star meal at your fingertips.

Plus, we only bring in the best materials by way of the best construction methods for each stage of your kitchen remodel. As a result, your kitchen will hold up for years to come and be easy to maintain the entire time.  

All this is to say, your kitchen can’t be too beat up or dreamed up for BenchMark. And when you permit your Hudson kitchen to receive our kitchen remodeling services, it will never be the same again.  

Bathroom Remodeling Services in Hudson, Ohio

Where can you go in Hudson when you’re overdue for some essential self-care? You could make an appointment at Falling Waters Spa or One Eleven Spa. But you know what would be even easier? Stepping into your own spa-like bathroom! Thanks to our bathroom remodeling services in Hudson, Ohio, your gorgeous new bathroom can be the ideal location for indulging in some sumptuous me time.

If your bathroom currently looks more rundown than paradisiacal, don’t worry. A BenchMark bathroom remodel in Hudson always involves rectifying dankness, rust, mold, leaks, and other undesirable bathroom issues. Then, we take your bathroom to the next level of luxury so that your bathroom blows you away every time you enter it.  

First, we empower your bathroom to satisfy your every need. For example, we’ll modify the room to contain new flooring, a separate shower and bathtub, a double sink vanity, or whatever else your lifestyle necessitates. Then, we’ll polish it off with all the lavish little details you’ve been fantasizing about. Think soothing textures, elegant hues, smart accessories, shining tiles, and gleaming fixtures. We can also make your bathroom accessible to everyone by adding grab-bars and handrails. And we won’t have to detract from the glamour of the space in the process.

In the end, your bathroom will be the calming oasis you’ve been longing for. So, clearly, the best way to keep up with your self-care is by conducting a Hudson bathroom remodel with Benchmark.

Living Room Remodeling Services in Hudson, Ohio

With Greek Revival, Victorian, American Farmhouse, saltbox, and Gothic Revival homes lining the streets, Hudson presents various examples of attractive architecture. Unfortunately, your outdated living room isn’t one of them.

Though you’d adore a breathtaking living area, you can’t seem to pull your living room out of its unsatisfactory state. As a result, your living room tightens you up rather than calms you down. BenchMark Home Services exists to correct such an unhealthy home life. So, we’re ready to award your Hudson house the living room remodel you deserve.

We extend our living room remodeling services to Hudson in order to ensure that every regional living room is welcoming, warm, and cozy. And with our incomparable remodeling faculties, we can do it. After we infuse your living room with inspiring, revitalizing style, you’ll cherish every second you spend there.

We’ll begin by expanding and rearranging your living room to achieve an optimized layout that suits your lifestyle. Then, we’ll insert additional lighting, updated flooring, and new windows so that the space is open, airy, and chic. Finally, to establish a clutter-free environment, we’ll stock your living room with ample storage like bespoke built-ins or a custom entertainment center.

With our masterful carpentry capacities, we can even introduce details that demonstrate your architectural preferences. These details may be complex ceiling treatments, a stately fireplace, or pristine trim and molding.

After finalizing a Hudson living room remodel with BenchMark, your living room will no longer be stuck in the past. Instead, it will be a tranquil, modern retreat for everyone.

Home Office Remodeling Services in Hudson, Ohio

These days, working from home has become quite commonplace. Even if you don’t work from home every day, you must be able to do so at a moment’s notice for any amount of time. As a result, your home office is now one of the most important rooms in your house.

But if your home office is more of a storage unit than a business unit right now, then it will limit the amount of work you can get done. For this reason, you should enlist BenchMark’s home office remodeling services in Hudson to retrain your home office.

To commence your profitable home office remodel, we’ll consider which elements are pulling their weight and let any that aren’t go. These would include cracked walls, failing floors, poor lighting, and harmful substances such as asbestos, mold, or lead paint. After we’ve fired these pitfalls, we’ll recruit superior successors such as energy-efficient devices, tailor-made storage, and low-maintenance materials.

With such star players as built-in shelving and cabinets, the ultimate desk, a mounted TV or monitor, and even a kitchenette and half-bath, your home office will supply the resources required to keep your productivity on track while you’re working from home. So, by teaming up with BenchMark Home services to take advantage of our home office remodeling services in Hudson, you can continue reaching your career goals.

Living In Place Home Modifications in Hudson, Ohio

When your kids are enrolled in Evamere Elementary, Ellsworth Hill Elementary, East Woods Intermediate, Hudson Middle School, or Hudson High School, you will most likely have easy-to-reach light switches and shelves as well as a bathtub or two in your house. Yet, when an older relative moves in with you (instead of going to Danbury or Laurel Lake), then your house should embrace wider doorways, lever-style handles, and a no-threshold shower. Furthermore, if you or your partner face an injury or illness, then you would benefit from having carpeted stairways, clear walkways, and slip-resistant flooring in your home.

So, how can your house look after such diverse residents all at once? With living in place home modifications from BenchMark Home Services.

Living in place home modifications aim to produce inclusive environments usable by people of all ages and physical abilities. A Certified Living In Place Professional (CLIPP) can determine exactly which living in place home modifications would be most advantageous for your household. That’s why BenchMark owner Ruthann Capozzi is a CLIPP. With her credential, we can expertly implement the universal design that guides living in place home modifications. We’re also able to align with occupational therapists, architects, and interior designers to generate good-looking, barrier-free living spaces.

Living In Place Designs

So, which living in place home modifications would we recommend for your Hudson home? Well, we’d see to it that your kitchen contained multi-level countertops and pull-down shelves in the cabinets. We’d probably also advise increasing the square footage and storage in your living room so that walkers and wheelchairs could move through the area effortlessly. Our bathroom living in place home modifications usually entail creating clearance under the vanity, putting in a pivot mirror, and lowering the countertops. And typical bedroom living in place home modifications incorporate a custom closet system that is simple to navigate.

Some of the living in place home modifications we’d spread throughout the rest of the house would be carpeted stairs, pocket doors, motion-sensor lights, and contrasting colors between the walls and floors. These changes really aren’t a big deal, but they make a big difference among the people in your house. Therefore, making living in place home modifications in Hudson is a sensitive and sensible move.

Aging in Place Home Modifications in Hudson, Ohio

Most older homeowners throughout America wish to stay in their own homes rather than move into a retirement community after they reach the later stages of life. Are you among them? If you intend to remain in your home instead of relocating to Hudson Meadows, then you’d be wise to guarantee that your house is up to the task of tending to you as you get older. And the best way to do so is with aging in place home modifications from BenchMark.

As aging steadily alters our bodies, activities like going upstairs, taking a shower, cooking food, and even just walking around become more challenging than ever. On top of that, most homes in America weren’t designed with the adjustments of age in mind. For this reason, carrying on with daily life is even more difficult than many elderly people anticipate. But thanks to aging in place home modifications from BenchMark, you can plan for the future and thereby preserve your independent living.

Making effective aging in place home modifications requires the insight of a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS). Thankfully, Ruthann Capozzi, the owner of BenchMark, is a CAPS. So, we’re equipped to remove any potential hindrances to your mobility and capabilities that your home may harbor.

Aging in Place Designs

To allow your home to accommodate anyone who comes by, our aging in place home modifications consider each room separately as well as the whole house. For instance, aging in place home modifications come into the kitchen by installing appliances with front-mounted controls and lowering the cabinets and countertops. In the bathroom, aging in place home modifications encompass handrails, grab-bars, and maybe even a comfort height toilet.

Aging in place is also more possible with motorized blinds in the living room, built-ins in the bedroom, and a front-loading washer and dryer on pedestals in the laundry room. Once you’ve made these and other revisions to your house, you’ll be all set to age successfully at home.

The BenchMark team has the education and experience to deduce and execute the right aging in place home modifications for you. Because of this, you can live in your Hudson home as long as you’d like.  

Outdoor Kitchen Installations in Hudson, Ohio

Does your backyard offer an outstanding view of such heavenly Hudson scenes as Hudson Springs Park, Cascade Park, Bicentennial Woods, or Wildlife Woods? Would you love a reason to enjoy this view a lot more often in the company of family, friends, and delicious food?

If so, then an outdoor kitchen is for you. An outdoor kitchen is an awesome investment for someone who’s crazy about cooking, eating, and socializing outside. Can you already see your outdoor kitchen in your mind? Or are you having a little trouble visualizing it? Either way, BenchMark Home Services can provide you with the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.

Hudson Outdoor Kitchen Installations

With Hudson outdoor kitchen installations from BenchMark, you can greatly multiply the amount of cooking space you possess. You just need an outdoor kitchen loaded with premium food prep tools like an outdoor refrigerator, cabinets, a sink, side burners, a pantry, and more. And BenchMark can see to it that your outdoor kitchen has these things. We can also pack your kitchen with all kinds of grills, such as a gas grill, a smoker, a rotisserie grill, and a kamado grill. With such an arrangement, you can really hone your singular grilling talents. You’re sure to impress your guests with your culinary genius, but it wouldn’t hurt to have a TV, fire pit, kegerator, pizza oven, wine cooler, and pergola in your outdoor kitchen as well. And including those things wouldn’t be too much to ask of BenchMark, either.

Of course, the finishing touches on your outdoor kitchen have to be awe-inspiring as well. For this reason, we’ll install striking, weather-resistant countertops, appliances, lighting, backsplashes, and shelters. That way, you won’t have to shut your kitchen down for snow, rain, or any unpleasant weather. The party can last as long as you want it to in your amazing outdoor kitchen. That is, so long as you trust BenchMark Home Services for your outdoor kitchen installation in Hudson.

Room Additions in Hudson, Ohio

Do you feel like some parts of your Hudson house are a little cramped? Could you use a little extra square footage or a whole new room entirely? Or would walling in your porch or sunroom do the trick?

If so, then BenchMark Home Services can furnish your home with the proper room addition.

With our room additions in Hudson, you can enlarge your home according to your precise specifications. In doing so, you can avoid having to move to a new house or a new town just to attain better living conditions.

For instance, you can squeeze a soaking tub into the master bath with a bump-out. Or, you can fashion a reading nook in the clouds with an attic dormer. By finishing your basement, you can form a bonus room or two. With a conventional house addition or a second story, you can add a collection of room above ground as well. And by enclosing your back porch or sunroom, you can put just enough space between you and nature.

With BenchMark Home Services at the helm of your project, your room additions will be completely livable with a foundation, windows, ceiling, walls, lighting, flooring, air conditioning, electricity, plumbing, etc. We’ll take charge of your Hudson room addition down to the smallest detail and leave you with nothing to fret about.

Whole House Remodeling Services in Hudson, Ohio

If you live in the historic district of Hudson, your home might suffer from leaking pipes, cracked walls, creaking floors, and decrepit components. On the other hand, if you live in a new build like River Oaks, the structure of your house is probably in great shape, but the character may be lacking.

While both types of homes have their merits, they also have their shortcomings as well. But you don’t want to move because of your neighborhood and/or your location. Consequently, you could benefit from Hudson whole house remodeling services from BenchMark Home Services.

Hudson Home Renovation and Home Remodeling

At BenchMark, our Hudson whole house remodeling services comprise casual renovations to complex remodels and everything in between.

For example, a respectable Hudson renovation could call for crown molding, new cabinets, extra lighting, a fully tiled bathroom, and custom built-ins.

Furthermore, an extensive Hudson remodel could take the involved rooms down to the studs before rebuilding them with an open concept kitchen, dining, and living area, a new master bath, a guest room addition, and a finished attic.

Or, your Hudson whole house remodel could achieve a happy medium with an attic dormer, an extended living room, a kitchen refresh, and new flooring throughout.

But no matter the scope of your project, you don’t have to stress about it because BenchMark Home Services has it all under control. We’re able to administer any home remodeling project because we exist solely to serve our clients. Additionally, we’ve developed a reputation for quality craftsmanship and client care in the greater Cleveland area. Consequently, we’re the best remodeling crew that you could find for your whole house remodel in Hudson.

A BenchMark whole house remodel promises increased value, practicality, safety, comfort, efficiency, and more. Therefore, we’re sure that you’ll see how advantageous working with us will be. When you do, contact us to initiate the optimization of your home with a whole house remodel.

Home Remodeling in Hudson, Ohio

As an offshoot of Capozzi Design Build, BenchMark Home Services aspires to be your home concierge. With this aim in mind, we render home remodeling services to Hudson and the greater Cleveland area. Plus, we can easily serve as your one-stop-shop for home renovations, home improvements, home repairs, and more because we have a long history in the industry and a wealth of knowledge. We’re also so fulfilled by your happiness that we constantly go above and beyond your greatest expectations.

On top of that, our unsurpassed customer care is one of the chief reasons why pairing up with BenchMark is so rewarding. We do every part of our jobs right the first time, every time, just so you’ll be totally confident in the excellence of our craftsmanship.  

Furthermore, in order to foster the most pleasant remodeling experience possible, our team members faithfully demonstrate supreme kindness, consideration, and respect to our clients. They’re also punctual, tidy, and verified by drug tests and background checks.

BenchMark Home Services’ headquarters reside in Solon, Ohio, so our service areas spread throughout northeast Ohio to Hudson and cities such as:

We care deeply about the people in these communities, so we dedicate all of our time and effort toward making the homes in these areas the best they can be. Everyone in Hudson deserves healthy living conditions that outfit them to thrive. If you haven’t secured such conditions in your house, then contact us now to start your Hudson home remodel!