Functional Bathroom

How to Build a Functional Bathroom

A functional bathroom seems like a no-brainer. You just need a toilet, a sink, a tub, and a shower, right? While these items are bathroom must-haves, pulling together a perfectly functional bathroom means adding a few more things to the list. And sometimes, the bathrooms in our homes are missing the remaining keys to functionality. So, unfortunately, fabricating a functional bathroom seems to be easier said than done.

But if you’re planning to build a new home, complete a whole house remodel, or focus on a bathroom remodel, then you’ll want to know how to turn out a functional bathroom in Solon, Ohio. The process involves five steps: defining functionality, establishing your priorities, gathering inspiration, remembering design, and being creative. And you can learn about each step here.


  1. Define Functionality
  2. Establish Your Priorities
  3. Gather Inspiration
  4. Don’t Forget About Bathroom Design
  5. Be Creative
  6. Work with Professional Bathroom Remodelers

Building a Functional Bathroom Step 1: Define Functionality

If you’re ready to commit to crafting a functional bathroom in Cleveland Heights, then you must know what functionality is.

Oxford Languages defines functional as, “of or having a special activity, purpose, or task; relating to the way in which something operates.”

When we apply that definition to residential construction and interior design, we see that the functionality of a space refers to the main purpose that each feature serves and how those features interact with each other to maximize the practicality of the room.

In a bathroom, the faucet issues water for cleaning, the vanity supplies storage, the toilet eliminates waste, the shower rains water for washing, and so on. But does a tightly positioned toilet block the vanity doors from opening all the way? Does a short faucet fail to grant hands enough room to rinse off? Does a lack of lighting leave the shower in the shadows?

By considering how well each feature plays with the others within the space, we can see the best ways to get the most out of bathrooms. For this reason, functionality is the map you consult on your journey to an exciting new bathroom destination.

Building a Functional Bathroom Step 2: Establish Your Priorities

If a functional bathroom in Beachwood is more than the main plumbing fixtures, then what other elements does a well-running bathroom demand?

The home construction and home remodeling industries agree that along with including the obvious bathroom basics in order to set up a functional bathroom in Willoughby Hills, you should also concentrate on the following:

1. Bountiful Storage

Storage is a must-have in every room of your house. But sufficient storage is especially essential in the bathroom.

In order to clean ourselves inside and out like we’re supposed to in the bathroom, we need supplies. These supplies include hygienic, grooming, and makeup products as well as cleaning products and linens. Consequently, we must make sure that our bathrooms present satisfactory storage for all of our supplies.

Bountiful Storage

If you can’t store everything you need in the bathroom, you’ll forever be frustrated by it. Furthermore, you won’t be able to achieve the relaxation you crave in your bathroom if your cluttered lotions and potions are on full display. Therefore, you should opt for storage that conceals as much as possible. And don’t forget: wall-hung storage is a win-win.

2. Assorted Lighting

When your bathroom lighting lets you down, you definitely can’t enjoy as much pampering or productivity in the bathroom. Because of this, progressing toward a functional bathroom in Shaker Heights involves directing an adequate amount of attention to sources of illumination.

And the sources of illumination in your bathroom should be numerous because different light fixtures promote the completion of different activities.

Assorted Lighting

For example, creating an exotic spa experience in your bathroom relies on soft and warm lighting. However, effectively getting ready for the day calls for bright and robust lighting.  

Only by varying the types of lighting in your bathroom can you accomplish both of these opposing agendas. Generate as much natural light as you can with windows, and then supplement it with artificial light. You may want to install a dimmer switch as well.  

3. A Smart Layout

Because we’re cleaning ourselves in the bathroom, the bathroom collects some unsanitary substances. However, the proper layout can play a big part in keeping the bathroom safe and sterile.

In particular, putting a few feet between the toilet and the sink helps prevent the sink from getting contaminated. Additionally, arming your bathroom with good ventilation that can’t be blocked by anything protects the room from mold.

A Smart Layout

Another reason to focus on your bathroom layout is so you can fit in the features you want the most. If you don’t take baths very often, you shouldn’t sacrifice shower space for a soaking tub. Furthermore, a double sink enables you to share the bathroom with your partner and not get in each other’s way. So, you should reconfigure the bathroom for the sake of having a double sink, if possible. To make sure you’ll pull off an impeccable layout, you should measure your bathroom and draw out a simple floorplan to scale.

4. Appropriate Materials

Selecting the right materials for a functional bathroom in Hudson requires you to consider what kind of bathroom you’re fashioning.

If you desire functionality in the master bathroom, then you should invest in high-quality, low-maintenance materials that can keep up with such a highly frequented room. Such materials include top-notch faucets, custom cabinets, large stone tiles, natural wallpapers, and glossier paints. You may also want to spring for additional power sockets, electric floor heating, towel warmers, and a shower waterproofing and floor heating kit so that you can appreciate your master bathroom even more.

Appropriate Materials

On the other hand, a guest bathroom usually doesn’t get as much traffic as a master bath. In that case, you can stock your guest bathroom with lower-quality or more delicate materials. Choosing furniture-grade plywood cabinets, natural stone countertops, quartz shower surrounds, and linoleum flooring is totally acceptable in a guest bathroom.

Building a Functional Bathroom Step 3: Gather Inspiration

If the thought of devising a functional bathroom in Aurora all on your own sounds formidable to you, then here’s some good news: you’re not alone in this. A wealth of resources exists to aid you in the development of the best bathroom for you.

For starters, you can find support in the hundreds of websites dedicated to home updates and trends. These websites have heaps of content and even more pictures showcasing the myriad of possibilities for a flawlessly functional bathroom in Macedonia. Once you start clicking through these articles and slideshows, you’ll discover that the guiding light of these websites stretches far enough that it can lead you to a pretty comprehensive plan for your bathroom.

Functional Bathroom

Other outlets for insight into bathroom composition comprise your local home improvement contractors and home remodeling companies. The expert designers and builders employed at these businesses can walk you through the process of drafting your ideally functioning bathroom by sharing pictures of their past projects as well as solutions for your current dilemmas. With their recommendations, you can come away with an attainable bathroom scheme.

In order to efficiently distill the flood of information and images you’ve absorbed, you should record and save everything that interests you. Take clear notes and create files, folders, and mood boards of all the different directions your bathroom could go in. Then, sift through this data until you home in on the most beneficial bathroom blueprint for you.

Building a Functional Bathroom Step 4: Don’t Forget About Design

All this talk of bathroom functionality might have you wondering, “What about the design of my bathroom? How does that tie in with the functionality? Can I have a functional bathroom in Pepper Pike that’s well-designed?”

To answer the first question, we must define design. According to Oxford Languages, design is, “the art or act of conceiving of and producing a plan or drawing; an arrangement of lines and shapes created to form a pattern or decoration.”

Functional Bathroom

So, again, when we implement that definition in the home, the design of a space becomes the aesthetic qualities each feature in the space possesses and the type of style overall that results from combining these features.

But design doesn’t just please the eye; it accommodates other senses as well. Good design incorporates textures and shapes that both look great and feel good. What’s more, many elements of good design are universally appreciated. So, if your bathroom has good design, just about everyone who sees it will love it.

Bathroom Design Ideas

Along with functionality, you want your bathroom to boast a design that speaks to you and that melds well with the rest of your house. And the size of your bathroom definitely does not have to inhibit the room from exhibiting good design. Even a small bathroom can pack a punch with contrasting colors, stunning accessories, and luxurious finishes. To make a bold statement in any bathroom, you should ensure that every little detail to make a big impact. Mix your materials, add an eye-catching tile backsplash, place patterns throughout the room, and, in general, don’t be afraid to take a few aesthetic risks.

So, design and functionality are not mutually exclusive. And yet, many home remodeling companies focus on one or the other for various reasons. Prioritizing functionality guarantees that your bathroom is easy to use and potentially more economical to produce but not necessarily inspiring or calming to occupy. Whereas, pursuing good design infuses your bathroom with beauty but might also require you to expend more effort to utilize it.

Thus, as you can imagine, managing to marry the two qualities of a bathroom is a truly remarkable feat. But it’s definitely not impossible. When you collaborate with the right home remodeling company (one that’s committed to going above and beyond for their clients) to accomplish your bathroom remodel, you’ll be able to see how some of the most important parts of the bathroom can contribute to both the design and functionality of the room. That way, you really can have it all with your bathroom remodel.

Building a Functional Bathroom Step 5: Be Creative

Sometimes, the best way to assemble a functional bathroom in Twinsburg is to break the traditional bathroom mold. This is your bathroom, so it must please you first and foremost. Therefore, you should feel to play around with the format and take some creative liberties with the look and layout.

When you combine your inspiration with your imagination to address each necessity in your bathroom, you can devise a truly utilitarian yet alluring area. To prove this point, we’ve illustrated how to target both functionality and design in certain bathroom fundamentals.

Convenience and Class with Bathroom Cabinets

Functionality comes standard with bathroom cabinets. When loaded with cupboards and drawers, bathroom cabinets can easily contain all your extra towels and toiletries. Specifically, with lazy Susans, pullout shelves, rollout drawers, and more, you can customize the interiors of your cabinets for your utmost convenience. Better yet, built-in cabinets and linen closets can hold all of your stuff and hide it away at the same time. That way, your bathroom storage doesn’t have to crowd the room.

Functional Bathroom

Furthermore, your bathroom cabinets definitely don’t have to do without design. Your cabinet doors can be Shaker, Mission-style, contemporary, glass-front, Craftsman, European-style and more. Bathroom cabinets afford an awesome opportunity to equip your bathroom with a component that works hard while reflecting your personal tastes.

Style and Serviceability with Bathroom Sinks

The sink section of your bathroom offers a lot of options for customization. So, securing both design and functionality from your sink isn’t really as difficult as some people think.

To make sure that your sink does everything you need it to do, you should plot out your regular bathroom routine. Do you use your bathroom sink just to wash your hands, wash your face, and brush your teeth? Or do you also put on your makeup and do your hair in this spot?

The more you do at your bathroom sink, the more space you’ll need around and below your sink. To furnish this space, you can choose a bigger bathroom countertop, perhaps with a vessel sink on top. And you can utilize a cabinet vanity with plenty of drawers and cupboards.

Functional Bathroom

Conversely, asking less of your bathroom sink means you can trim this area down to just a pedestal sink and a towel rack if you like.

Now, to secure a bathroom sink that performs well and also looks good, you can make bold choices with the pattern of the countertop, the finish of the fixtures, and the color of the vanity. Instead of plain white, you could opt for a marble or tile countertop. Silver isn’t the only way to go with fixtures: you can also try polished gold or bronze. And thanks to paint, your vanity can be any shade under the sun. In fact, you can even bring different colors and textures into the sink basin. The possibilities are just about endless!

Luxury and Intention with Lighting

We understand that choosing lighting for the bathroom can be overwhelming at first. Task lighting, ambient lighting, and accent lighting each have a role in the bathroom. Consequently, managing them all may seem like a tall order. But when you break each kind of lighting down by its functionality and design, the task of selecting bathroom lighting isn’t so bad.

Let’s start with functionality again. Overhead, ambient lighting such as can lights and chandeliers amply illuminates all corners of the room. So, seeing what you’re doing won’t be a problem with abundant ambient lighting. But if you’re doing your hair in front of the mirror or painting your nails on the countertop, you’ll also want task lighting in the form of pendants or wall lamps to help you nail the details of your project.

Functional Bathroom

Next, enhancing your bathroom with good design means accounting for accent lighting as well. Track lighting and sconces add drama and draw the eye to places you want to highlight in your bathroom.

Layering your lighting with an assortment of lighting fixtures is key to enabling your bathroom to transform from an operating room to a relaxing oasis with the flip of a switch.

The Final Step to Building a Functional Bathroom: Work with Professional Bathroom Remodelers

As you can see, a lot of time, planning, and prudence goes into piecing together a functional bathroom in University Heights. This reality is especially relevant if your bathroom is very old or if you’re giving it a major overhaul.

All of this effort is absolutely worth it, as in the end, you’ll have a beautiful, bespoke bathroom that you’re crazy about. But, of course, you don’t want to go crazy before you get to that point.

To spare yourself unnecessary stress, you should entertain the idea of relying on bathroom remodeling services to manage the project for you. Doing so does incur an extra expense, but with the help of a professional home remodeler, you can actually uncover ways to save money.

When you work with BenchMark Home Services, part of Capozzi Design Build, to remodel your bathroom, you’re also sure to receive the best craftsmanship and customer service available in northeast Ohio. BenchMark Home Services has decades of experience, a stellar reputation among our clients, and an expansive range of service areas, including:

  • Cleveland Heights
  • Willoughby Hills
  • Pepper Pike
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  • Macedonia
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  • Boston Heights
  • University Heights
  • Chagrin Falls
  • Beachwood
  • Hunting Valley
  • Moreland Hills
  • Hudson
  • Solon
  • Twinsburg
  • Peninsula
  • Shaker Heights

As a result, teaming up with BenchMark Home Services empowers you to really maximize the return on your investment. To learn more about how BenchMark Home Services can help you obtain an elegant and functional bathroom, contact us today!

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