Home Remodeling in Cleveland Heights

Home Remodeling in Cleveland Heights

Your Cleveland Heights home is your space. Whether you live in Cedar Lee, Noble Nela, Shaker Lakes, Cedar Fairmont, Grant Deming District, Ambler Heights, or Coventry Village, you should feel entirely safe and free in your house. If you don’t, then you can’t live your life to the fullest or even enjoy the comforts of Cleveland Heights. BenchMark Home Services sees how special Cleveland Heights is. Therefore, we’ll do everything we can to perfect your home there with our exceptional Cleveland Heights home remodeling services.

Home Remodeling Services in Cleveland Heights, Ohio

To ensure that your home is immaculate, we rely on the home remodeling skills we’ve acquired during our decades of experience. We also back all of our work with our 2-year Workmanship Warranty. After that, we offer home services such as home repairs and home maintenance to preserve the pristine state of your Cleveland Heights home.

Some Cleveland Heights houses need a little help becoming magnificent homes. However, others need a lot of help. For this reason, our Cleveland Heights home remodeling services cover any kind of remodeling your house may need, such as:

Kitchen Remodeling Services in Cleveland Heights, Ohio

You can’t dine at Mia Bella, Tommy’s, Edwins, L’Albatros, or Etna every day. So, you need your kitchen to empower you to make delicious dishes that rival those served at these and other great Cleveland Heights restaurants. That way, whether you eat in or out, you never have to settle for a sub-bar dining experience.

But if your kitchen suffers from leaky pipes, split flooring, peeling countertops, broken cupboards, or outmoded appliances, you need to focus on renovating your kitchen before you try refining your culinary talents.

Thankfully, Benchmark Home Services dishes out kitchen remodeling services that can upgrade every inch of your kitchen. Of course, we correct any safety hazards or functionality issues. But, we can also enable your kitchen to perform optimally with a flawless floorplan, energy-efficient appliances, durable materials, and modern finishes. As a result, your family will be able to eat better and live better.

Whatever your Cleveland Heights kitchen requires, we can accomplish. Need a more convenient configuration? We can take down and put up walls. Need a better workflow? We can position your appliances so that they promote rather than inhibit a smooth cooking process. Need more storage? We’ll stock your kitchen with excellent elements such as custom cabinets, a walk-in pantry, and a multi-purpose island.

And when we do, we’ll use only the best materials and the most effective construction and installation methods. Because of this, your kitchen will last for years and always be easy to maintain.

No matter how dilapidated your kitchen is, Benchmark can resuscitate it. And no matter what your dream kitchen looks like, BenchMark can build it. With our kitchen remodeling services, we can rescue your Cleveland Heights kitchen.  

Bathroom Remodeling Services in Cleveland Heights, Ohio

When you want to indulge in a lavish weekend getaway without boarding a plane, you could spend your days at the Woodhouse Day Spa and your nights at the Cleveland Ritz-Carlton. Or, you could soak in a sumptuous, spa-like experience in your own palatial bathroom.

But if the leaks, rust, dankness, or mold that plague your bathroom are preventing you from treating yourself to some much-needed me-time within your own home, then you need Cleveland Heights bathroom remodeling services from BenchMark.

We can remedy all of your bathroom’s problems and restore its ability to meet your needs. So, if you’re ready to separate the shower and bathtub, double the number of sinks, or even expand your half bath to a full, then you’re ready for a BenchMark bathroom remodel.

Our techniques and training can take your bathroom from wasteland to oasis via our tried-and-true, stress-free process. Consequently, after you introduce BenchMark Home Services to your bathroom, you can say goodbye to bad flooring, squeaky faucets, poor lighting, broken tiles, and ugly colors. Then, you can say hello to stylish fixtures, stunning tiles, safer flooring, soothing hues, and a calming ambience.

We can provide you with an absolutely opulent bathroom furnished with luxurious textures and smart accessories. What’s more, we can also allow your bathroom to accommodate anyone by enlarging it for wheelchair or walker access and filling it with plenty of supportive facets. With these changes in place, you can use your bathroom as long as you like.

With bathroom remodeling services in Cleveland Heights, BenchMark Home Services can overhaul your bathroom to your exact specifications. At that point, you’ll be more than happy to use it.

Home Office Remodeling Services in Cleveland Heights, Ohio

Does your home office look more like the company warehouse than the corner office? If you’re working for one of Cleveland Heights’ 500 independently owned businesses from your home more often than you’re going in, then your home office has to start fulfilling its role.

The first step to helping your home office outshine your company office is dealing with the worn-out flooring, damaged walls, little lighting, or more concerning situations like lead paint or asbestos from which your home office may be suffering. Then, after addressing these dilemmas, the next step is stocking your home office with tailored storage, low-maintenance materials, and energy-efficient accoutrements.

But of course, you don’t have to burden your already busy schedule with any more responsibility. Instead, you can assign the task of boosting your home office’s capacities to BenchMark Home Services.

With our home office remodeling services in Cleveland Heights, we’ll equip your home office to handle anything. For instance, we can set you up with an ideal storage solution using built-ins. Our master carpenters can assemble the ultimate desk with tons of drawers, cabinets, and shelving. We can also section your office off into different zones with dividing walls and mount a large TV or monitor on the wall for meetings. We can even install a kitchenette or a half bath. Then, attending to your physical needs won’t disrupt your workflow as much.

Our home remodeling background also qualifies us to polish your home office off with new flooring, lighting, and trim. When every little detail of your home office encourages your productivity, you can maximize your work output. What’s more, you can propel your profession forward. For these reasons, employing BenchMark Home Services’ home office remodeling services in Cleveland Heights is a beneficial career move.

Living Room Remodeling Services in Cleveland Heights, Ohio

The rich historic architecture of some Cleveland Heights homes and buildings is worth preserving. The littered, shabby, or lifeless state of your living room? Not so much.  

Your living room should be a readily available source of rest and relaxation. But if it instead has you tensing up due to its lack of order and elegance, then your living room requires remodeling services from BenchMark.

We believe every living room should be warm, cozy, and welcoming. For this reason, we’ve refined our living room remodeling skills to the point that we can transform any living area into a delightfully personalized family space. Consequently, our living room remodeling services in Cleveland Heights can revitalize your living room so that you relish your time there.

First, we’ll implement the optimal layout by expanding and rearranging your living room as necessary. We’ll also ensure that the area is as open, airy, and chic as possible with ceiling treatments, new windows, additional lighting, and updated flooring. Then, we’ll outfit the space with sufficient storage via bespoke built-ins or a one-of-a-kind entertainment center.

Finally, we can outline your living space with timeless embellishments like motorized blinds or shades, tranquil hues, and dignified trim or molding. To keep your living room fun and inviting, we can also mount a TV or projector and screen and even install a fireplace and mantle.  

After receiving Cleveland Heights living room remodeling services from BenchMark Home Services, your living room will no longer be a dark, scary room that your family avoids. Instead, it will be a bright, cheerful room that everyone in the family flocks to.

Whole House Remodeling Services in Cleveland Heights, Ohio

Maybe you reside in a venerated old house, like the ones you’d find in Forest Hill, that’s starting to show its age. The flooring is creaky, the walls are cracked, the pipes leak, and much of it is outdated.

Or perhaps you live in a newer home, such as those in Courtyards of Severance, that’s in great shape but a little short on character. Your house is fully operational while also being fully open to an infusion of some personality.  

Either way, your house has some shortcomings. Yet, at the same time, either your home’s exterior or location has major appeal, so you don’t want to move. In that case, the best fix for your predicament is Cleveland Heights whole house remodeling services from BenchMark Home Services.

Cleveland Heights Home Renovations and Home Remodels

The scope of our whole house remodeling services in Cleveland Heights encompasses thorough renovations, substantial remodels, and anything in between.

With a respectable Cleveland Heights renovation, you might enhance the rooms in your house with new cabinets, custom built-ins, crown molding, tiled showers, and extra lighting. Conversely, an all-encompassing Cleveland Heights remodel would first strip most rooms down to the studs. Then, construction would begin again with an open concept kitchen, living, and dining area, a finished basement, a room addition, and a new half-bath. Or, your project may even land somewhere in the middle with a kitchen refresh, an extended living room, a bump-out, and new flooring.

BenchMark is here to please you first and foremost, so no ask is too big or too small for us. We possess a storied history in the industry as well as an unshakable commitment to professionalism. Therefore, we can definitely administer your whole house remodel in Cleveland Heights.

The benefits you and your family will receive from a Cleveland Heights whole house remodel include increased security, efficiency, utility, comfort, and value for your home. So, if you hope to tap into your home’s wealth of potential, then you should request Cleveland Heights whole house remodeling services from BenchMark.

Room Additions in Cleveland Heights, Ohio

Is your Cleveland Heights home just a little smaller than you would like? Do you have a few rooms that could really use some extra inches? Or, do you have a porch or sunroom that you’d like to fully integrate into the house?

If you’re in one of these situations, then you can get out of it with a room addition from BenchMark Home Services.

Room additions in Cleveland Heights entitle you to enlarge your home according to your exact specifications. As a result, you don’t have to move to acquire the living conditions you desire.

Specifically, with a Cleveland Heights room addition from BenchMark, you can tack a few feet onto one room with a bump-out or an attic dormer addition. Or, you could double the size of your house with a finished basement, a conventional house addition, or a second story.

With a bump-out, you could add a soaking tub to your bathroom. And with an attic dormer, you could create a reading nook in the clouds. A finished basement bestows bonus rooms upon you below your house; a conventional house addition yields you additional rooms at ground level; and a second story affords you several more rooms above your house.

With our room additions in Cleveland Heights, you can even enclose your sunroom or back porch. In doing so, you can better integrate them into your living spaces. No matter which type of room addition you request, BenchMark Home Services has the skills and abilities to make this new part of your house completely livable with a foundation, walls, ceilings, windows, flooring, lighting, air conditioning, plumbing, electricity, etc.

Basically, whatever your Cleveland Heights room addition calls for, BenchMark Home Services can manage it.

Living In Place Home Modifications in Cleveland Heights, Ohio

When your kids are attending preschool (like Noble or Oxford), elementary school (such as Canterbury or Boulevard), middle school (Roxboro or Monticello), or Cleveland Heights High School, your home must have easy-to-reach shelves and light switches as well as a bathtub or two. Yet, when your elderly relative comes to stay or live with you (when they’re not visiting the Senior Activity Center), then your house has to contain wide doorways, a no-threshold shower, and lever-style handles. And, if you or your partner gets injured and sent home after receiving care from the Cleveland Heights Medical Center, then your home should have carpeted stairways, slip-resistant flooring, and clutter-free walkways.

So, how can your house adapt to the diverse needs of such a wide array of residents all at once? With living in place home modifications from BenchMark Home Services.

With a Certified Living In Place Professional (CLIPP) leading our team, BenchMark Home Services offers living in place home modifications in Cleveland Heights. The purpose of these services is to produce inclusive environments usable to anyone no matter their age or physical ability. Our CLIPP credential makes us experts in universal design. It also permits us to join with occupational therapists, architects, and interior designers to generate attractive, barrier-free living areas.

Living In Place Designs

So, what do living in place home modifications look like in a Cleveland Heights home? Well, in the kitchen, we’d augment the cabinets with pull-down shelves and position the countertops at multiple heights. In the living room, BenchMark would add enough square footage and storage so that the aisles were broad and clear enough for walkers and wheelchairs. Bathroom living in place home modifications would mean lower countertops, a pivot mirror, and a vanity with under-sink clearance. Built-ins that minimized chaos would also cover living in place home modifications in the bedroom.

Other living in place modifications we might apply throughout the home include motion-sensor lights, contrasting colors between the walls and the floors, pocket doors, and carpet-covered stairs. With these simple yet favorable updates, your home would be ready to house any of your friends and loved ones.

Aging in Place Home Modifications in Cleveland Heights, Ohio

If you’re like most older Americans, than you’d rather remain in your house than move into a retirement community or assisted living home as you advance into the later stages in life. However, if you don’t plan on relocating to Governor’s Village, Forest Hills Place, Kindred Living, or the McGregor, then your house could most likely use some aging in place home modifications.

As the effects of aging set in, you may find that going upstairs, taking a shower, cooking food, and even just walking through your house is more challenging than ever. Unfortunately, the majority of American houses don’t take the needs of the aging into account with their designs. Therefore, many elderly people encounter more difficulties living in their homes than they expected. As a result, aging in place home modifications are the best option for sustaining your independent living.

Thankfully, BenchMark Home Services contributes aging in place home modifications so that you continue to inhabit the house you love. With a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) heading our team, BenchMark’s aging in place home modifications in Cleveland Heights smartly rectify any complications with your home that may inhibit your mobility and efficiency.

Aging in Place Designs

With these services, we incorporate design changes that make fewer demands and extend more support to you and any other occupants of your home. For instance, in the kitchen, we lower the cabinets and countertops. We also make sure that all appliances are accessible with front-mounted controls. In the bathroom, we insert an assortment of handrails and grab-bars. We even swap your old toilet out for a comfort height toilet. Installing motorized blinds in the living room, placing a front-loading washer and dryer on pedestals in the laundry room, and introducing a customized closet organization system into the bedroom are just a few other aging in place home modifications we prefer to make so that your entire house tends to your distinct needs.

We have the education to determine exactly which aging in place home modifications you necessitate. What’s more, we also have the expertise to deliver them to you with the utmost competence and care. For this reason, you won’t have to leave your home unless you want to.

Outdoor Kitchen Installations in Cleveland Heights, Ohio

Do you love being able to see Forest Hill Park, Cumberland Park, Cain Park, Barbara H. Boyd Park, Denison Park, or Shaker Lakes beyond your backyard? Do you wish you had the chance to spend more time outside, relishing the view with friends and family while delighting in delicious food?

If so, then you’re a superb candidate for an outdoor kitchen. An outdoor kitchen is the supreme setup for anyone who adores cooking, eating, and socializing outside. So, whether you know precisely where you want your outdoor kitchen and what you want in it or if your vision for your outdoor kitchen is a bit blurrier, BenchMark Home Services can help you fulfill all of your outdoor kitchen dreams.

Cleveland Heights Outdoor Kitchen Installations

To do so, we can use your outdoor kitchen to double or triple the amount of prep and cooking space you own. This task would entail filling your outdoor kitchen with cabinets, side burners, an outdoor refrigerator, a pantry, a sink, and more. Hoping to hone your searing skills on a range of grills so you can officially call yourself a grill master? Then you’ll want a gas grill, a rotisserie grill, a smoker, and a kamado grill on hand. Last but not least, impressing your friends with deluxe outdoor dining demands extravagances. We recommend a wine cooler, pizza oven, kegerator, TV, fire pit, and pergola.

BenchMark Home Services can position all of these pieces in your outdoor kitchen. Then, we’ll prepare them for use so that they work impeccably. We can also help you acquire the most enduring and effectual materials for your outdoor kitchen. These materials would include weather-resistant countertops, lighting, appliances, backsplashes, and shelters. Even when it’s sunny, snowing, or pouring, you’ll be able to utilize your outdoor kitchen as much as you like.  

So clearly, taking advantage of BenchMark Home Services’ outdoor kitchen installations in Cleveland Heights lets you savor the outdoors all year long.

Home Remodeling in Cleveland Heights, Ohio

BenchMark Home Services, part of Capozzi Design Group, presents home remodeling services in Cleveland Heights so that we can be your home concierge. We’re more than qualified to be your one-stop-shop for any home renovations you could desire, and we’re so committed to your satisfaction that we’ll always go above and beyond your expectations.

Yet, what makes working with us such a pleasure is our extreme dedication to client care. We prioritize your peace of mind in the merit of our craftsmanship above all else. Therefore, we do every part of every job right the first time.

Furthermore, we seek to supply you with the most pleasant remodeling experience possible. So, our team members will always treat you with the maximum amount of respect, kindness, and consideration. All of our first-rate home remodelers have passed drug tests and background checks. Plus, they also have solid reputations for being timely and cleanly.

Finally, along with Cleveland Heights, BenchMark Home Services also serves the following cities of the greater Cleveland area from our northeast Ohio headquarters:

BenchMark Home Services constantly proves how much we care about the people of these communities by working every day to improve their homes however they wish. As a resident of Cleveland Heights, we believe you deserve to flourish in inspiring living conditions. If that’s the kind of life you want, then contact us to start your Cleveland Heights home remodeling project today!