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7 Reasons to Complete a Living Room Remodel: Benefits of Working with a Living Room Renovation Company

If you really want to enjoy living in your home, then you have to enjoy your home’s living room. Especially in houses lacking a family room or formal living room, living rooms are where a lot of the action in the home happens. Normally, the living room can serve as a catch-all for a host of functions and events. But if your living space has some issues, then it’s probably dropping the ball on your social and recreational desires. In that case, you need the living room redesign only a living room renovation company can give. With the help of living room remodelers, you can empower your living room to reach its full potential. To learn about the benefits of working with a living room renovation company, discover the reasons to complete a living room remodel with living room remodeling services.


Top 7 Benefits of a Living Room Remodel

1. A Remodeled Living Space Is Safer

Old homes can be marvels of architectural elegance and building brilliance. However, the older they get, the more likely they are to morph into a stockpile of potential problems.

Unfortunately, as beautiful as they may look on the outside, older homes can be somewhat harmful on the inside. Specifically, their hazards can include:

  • Asbestos, which can cause various cancers and diseases
  • Weak or broken flooring that can make moving about the house dangerous
  • Lead paint or chipping paint that can cause lead poisoning, which has life-threatening side effects
  • Cracks or holes in the walls, which can jeopardize the security of the walls and ceilings
  • Pest infestations, which can incite diseases and allergies
  • Mold, which can induce sickness or irritation

For the health of you and your family, you should address these threatening issues as quickly as possible. Thankfully, a living room renovation company can resolve all of these problems for you. And with their knowledge and experience, they are sure to handle any precarious situation as safely as possible. When you trust a local Peninsula living room remodeling company with your living room renovation, you can have happier and healthier days in your home.

2. A Room Refresh Guarantees Increased Space

The purpose of the living room is to provide the whole family with a place to relax, converse, and entertain themselves. And yet, sometimes, the living room is one of the smallest spaces in the house. Though a little living room almost seems unjust, many houses contain them and leave their residents feeling especially cramped.

But with the help of a professional living room renovation company, a baby living room can break out of its restricting shell. It can even stretch to become a full-grown living space. With a living room renovation, living room design experts can expand your space in a variety of ways.

For instance, they can remove walls in order to steal space from other areas of the house, such as unused closets, defined entryways, or extra roomy offices. Specifically, they can connect the living room, dining room, and kitchen to give you the open concept you crave. They can also add walls to a porch, patio, or sunroom. Then, the living room can incorporate that space as well.

You may want to try taking down walls yourself. But, you definitely don’t want to take risks when it comes to the structural integrity of your house. If you don’t decide it’s better to be safe than sorry, the consequences could be disastrous. So, leave the floor plan redesign of your living room to the professionals.

3. A Living Room Remodel Expands Functionality

If your living room isn’t living up to your expectations, then it’s actually reducing the amount of space you have in your home. When you can’t work, play, exercise, relax, or socialize in your living room the way you want to, then you’re paying to heat and light a room you barely use. And no one wants to do that. So, to ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth from your living room, you should use a living room renovation to fix all of its functional issues.

For example, you can add all the storage space you need with bespoke built-ins and shelving. You can also modernize your entertainment system with a custom entertainment center, wall-mounted TV, surround sound, and smart speaker integration. You can illuminate all the right places (and reduce your electrical bills) by adding recessed lighting or energy-efficient windows. And you can even help heat your home and create a captivating focal point by installing a fireplace.

A Twinsburg living room remodeling company can help you get everything you want out of your living room and more. So, quit settling for an insufficient living space and start the living room renovation process.

4. A Living Room Renovation Means More Personalization

Another reason you might not run to the living room to indulge your need for leisure is because the space just doesn’t feel like you. Maybe the current style is outdated, or maybe you never put your own spin on it in the first place.

But with a living room renovation, the look of the space can perfectly match your tastes. The wall color, flooring, ceiling, lighting, accessories, furniture: every inch of your living room can speak directly to you and make you feel entirely at home.

You can create a chic, sleek space with neutral colors, tile flooring, and minimalist furnishings. Or, you can preserve the traditional look with ornate lighting, hardwood flooring, and plush seating. You can keep it cozy and simple with carpet and a ceiling fan. Or, you can go fancy and glam with marble flooring and a chandelier. Whatever suits you best, your local Macedonia living room renovation company can deliver.

5. A Redone Living Room Requires Less Maintenance

If your family really is living out of your living room, then the space may be in rough shape. You probably have dents in the walls, scratches on the floor, burned out lightbulbs that you can’t really reach, and dust on all the surfaces you never have time to clean.

For growing families and busy households, the living room should help diminish the chaos, not amplify it. And a living room renovation can equip your living space to do just that by supplying you with lower maintenance materials.

For instance, you can invest in extremely durable and easy-to-clean floors. Low maintenance flooring options include engineered hardwood, ceramic tile flooring, and luxury vinyl tile. You can also produce stronger walls with thicker drywall, thicker framing, drywall screws, closed-cell spray foam insulation, and wall treatments like shiplap.

What’s more, you can install motorized shades and blinds. That way, you can keep curious parties (like children or pets) from getting tangled up in the cords. Motorized shades and blinds also protect your furniture, floors, and décor from excessive sun exposure. Want to lower the number of surfaces you need to clean? Then put all of the items you want to display inside built-in shelving with glass doors. To rid yourself of excess wires to wrangle, you can swap your big screen TV out for a projector and screen that rolls up and away as needed.

To make your living space more about fun than maintenance, let your local Boston Heights living room remodeler renovate it.

6. A Living Room Renovation Adds Comfort

Another benefit of addressing all of the issues of your living room is the increased comfort and convenience you’ll achieve. Again, the living room is a place to enjoy fun moments with the family and relaxing time away from work. But if the space that’s supposed to refresh you stresses you out instead, you’ll never be able to unload and unwind completely. And denying yourself adequate levels of self-care can negatively impact both your mind and your body.

Other results of your inability to really chill out include added strain on your relationships and decreased quality in your work performance. So, basically, a bad living room can slowly but steadily wreak havoc on your life.

Therefore, a good living room doesn’t just bring the state of your life back to neutral. Instead, a good living room actually improves your life by helping you feel more fulfilled in your own home. The benefits of that feeling are pretty far-reaching, so a living room renovation is definitely worth the investment.

And with a wealth of experience making cozy and accommodating living rooms in a vast number of residences, Solon living room renovation experts are completely capable of maximizing the comfort of your living space. They know how to fill the room with handy features and warm furnishings so that your living space is always undeniably inviting.

7. A Remodeled Living Space Increases Property Value

If you’re not 100% sure that the home you are living in now is your forever home, then you can appreciate the fact that a living room renovation also increases the value of your home in the event that you sell it.

Of course, increasing the property value of your home means setting a higher listing price and getting more money in your pocket. Even if you don’t make a lot of major changes, a living room renovation can still offer you a great return on your investment in the house for several reasons.

First, updating the rooms in your home proves that you’ve cared for the house and kept it in good condition. Potential buyers won’t be attracted to a house full of problems. So, as mentioned, a living room remodel lets you correct any concerning issues.

Second, a living room remodel also enables you to render a significant area of your house in a universally appealing design. Another turn-off to interested parties is any outdated elements in the room. Consequently, you should take the opportunity to replace faded, threadbare carpet in an unsightly color, paint a pleasant neutral color on the walls, install energy-efficient windows and lighting, and put more contemporary finishes on the fireplace, shelving, trim, etc.

Age in Place Modifications

You can expand your buying audience even more by adding aging in place home modifications as well, such as wider doorways, shorter-nap carpeting, and rugs, grab bars, ramps, and more. A living room remodeling company that’s very familiar with all age in place best practices can definitely make all of the necessary age in place modifications for you.

Working with a living room renovation company guarantees that you make the right renovations to your living room so that the process will pay for itself. If you don’t have that kind of competence on your side, you may end up putting time, money, and effort into something that hardly affects your property value, if at all.

So, choose to renovate your living room for the sake of your property value, and choose to work with a Hudson living room remodeler when you do.

Final Reason to Carry Out a Living Room Model

Clearly, the best living room renovation enriches your home with increased safety, space, functionality, personalization, comfort, and property value. But one last benefit of remodeling your living room is the chance to work with people who truly care about you and the condition of your home.

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