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Why You Should Work with a Bathroom Remodel Company: 6 Benefits of Bathroom Remodeling

We all know that the purpose of the bathroom is to clean our bodies inside and out. So, we often accept this simple function of the bathroom and don’t give the bathrooms in our homes much more thought. But what if the bathroom could be more? What if you could transform your old, outdated, small, crowded, ugly, inefficient bathroom into a spacious, functional, tranquil oasis? If you were to give your bathroom a little tender loving care from a bathroom remodel company, you could actually enjoy the time you spend there. In fact, you may even want to spend even more time in the bathroom!

You may be skeptical about the power of bathroom renovations. But as bathroom remodeling contractors, we know that a world of possibilities exists within the walls of any bathroom. To help you see what we see, we’ve listed the top 6 benefits of bathroom remodeling. Read on to discover how you can address all of your bathroom woes by receiving bathroom remodeling services from a bathroom remodel company.


Top 6 Benefits of Working with a Bathroom Remodel Company

1. A Bathroom Remodel Company Improves Bathroom Safety

Whether or not you want to admit it, the bathroom is an extremely important area of the house. We all enter the bathroom several times a day. So, using the bathroom must be a pleasant experience, not a dangerous one. But unfortunately, the effects of aging or even just regular wear and tear can turn your bathroom into a hazardous environment.

Many older bathrooms eventually suffer from a host of problems from water leaks or moisture buildup. These problems include:

  • rotted floors
  • loose tiles
  • damp walls
  • peeling paint, plaster, or drywall,
  • potential contact with electrical wires
  • a bad smell that permeates the bathroom
  • mold generation

As a result, your family could suffer from the following when in the bathroom:

  • slipping on the floor
  • suffering electrocution
  • experiencing worsening allergy symptoms
  • enduring respiratory problems

Therefore, simply using the bathroom puts your family in peril.

Thankfully, a bathroom remodel can come to the rescue. A bathroom remodel can involve:

  • replacing deteriorating plumbing
  • removing mold and mildew
  • installing safer features like a walk-in shower, wider entrances, and slip-resistant flooring

Aging homes eventually require plumbing updates anyway. So, a bathroom remodel is just par for the course when trying to extend the lifespan of an old house. Furthermore, working with a Boston Heights bathroom remodeling company is the best way to accomplish a bathroom renovation that increases the safety of your space.

2. Bathroom Remodeling Companies Expand Your Bathroom Options

As your family grows and ages, your bathroom needs change. One person living alone or even two people living together usually don’t need more than one full bath and one half bath. But add any other roommates or family members, and you’ll probably start to feel like the bathrooms are always occupied when you need them. And those bathrooms don’t always meet the needs of your friends and family. In these instances, you need a bathroom remodel to increase your bathroom space.

When you work with top-rated bathroom remodeling companies, you’ll discover all the ways they can modify your bathrooms to accommodate your family. For instance, they can produce a double vanity by adding a sink to the bathroom the kids share. They can also create a half bath for guests by stealing unused space from one of your rooms or closets. Or, they can achieve a full bath by installing a shower in a half bath. Better still, they can even create the perfect place to finally get some peace and quiet by putting a soaking tub in the master bathroom.

Shaker Heights bathroom remodel companies are full of innovative ideas for reconfiguring your living space to solve all of your bathroom problems. So, put them to the test by admitting, “I need my bathroom remodeled.”

3. A Professional Bathroom Remodel Increases Bathroom Functionality

Sometimes, your bathroom is plenty big. But it is still failing you due to an awkward layout, impractical features, or insufficient storage. If you need your bathroom to do better in a big way, then you need bathroom remodeling.

Maybe your bathroom only has a pedestal sink, so you need a vanity with cabinetry. Or perhaps you could use a recessed medicine cabinet. If a bathtub is no longer desirable, you could replace it with a walk-in shower and a linen closet. If clogs are a constant problem, you could install 2-inch diameter pipes. These pipes cost the same but really boost your bathroom’s drainage abilities.

To spare you from having to store your hair and makeup products in random places, you could install a lighted mirror and seated makeup vanity. And to improve your personal hygiene, you could put a bidet next to the toilet. All of this and more is possible when you collaborate with the right bathroom remodeler.

Furthermore, the best bathroom renovation company in Twinsburg can even make your bathroom suitable for your family well into the future by outfitting it with aging in place home modifications such as:

  • wider doorways for easier access
  • comfort height toilet
  • a toilet paper holder that’s easier to reach and use
  • grab bars inside and outside of the shower
  • a curb-less, no threshold shower with seating
  • adjustable shower heads
  • tilting mirrors

Using the bathroom shouldn’t be so much work. Instead, your bathroom should work for you. And it can when you correct all of its issues with a new bathroom remodel.

4. Bathroom Remodel Help Makes Your Bathroom Beautiful

The shower is big enough. The toilet flushes. The sink doesn’t clog, and there’s enough space for all of your towels. But your bathroom is just plain ugly. So, as much as you try to deal, you really hate it.

Don’t stuff your feelings and put on a happy face! Aesthetics are important, so living with a heinous bathroom isn’t mandatory. Instead, your bathroom can serve as an excellent example of your personal flair. What’s more, it can actually complement the look of the rest of the house.

So, use bathroom remodeling as an opportunity to personalize your bathroom and update it according to your tastes. Ensuring that your bathroom is visually attractive is essential to enjoying your bathroom as a private escape. And with bathroom renovations from Willoughby Hills bathroom remodeling contractors, you can easily redo your bathroom in a more refreshing, inviting style. Getting a gorgeous bathroom is especially possible when you rely on bathroom remodeling experts with thorough training in design.

5. Bathroom Renovations Upgrade Bathroom Efficiency

Maybe the appearance of the obsolete elements in your bathroom doesn’t bother you as much as their inefficiency. Toilets and showers account for about half of all daily water usage in the average home. So, if your bathroom doesn’t contain water-saving fixtures and features, you could be washing a lot of money down the drain, not to mention an excessive amount of a natural resource.

But an eco-friendly professional bathroom remodel can equip your bathroom with the energy efficiency both you and the planet desire. When you work with an earth-conscious Aurora bathroom remodeler, you can swap out your wasteful fixtures and features for:

  • water-saving faucets and showerheads
  • low flow toilets
  • radiant and green flooring
  • energy-efficient windows
  • energy-efficient pipes
  • LED or CLF lights
  • an energy-efficient ventilation fan

Taking these steps enables you to reduce your energy bills and your water usage. Plus, you can also help increase the health of our environment. And both of those actions feel good enough to make a home improvement bathroom remodel worthwhile.

6. A Home Improvement Bathroom Remodel Raises the Value of Your Home

If you’re living in your forever home, then you can certainly appreciate the perks of a new bathroom remodel for years to come. But if you plan to sell your home somewhere down the road, then you can certainly appreciate the home value increase of a bathroom remodel when you close on your house.

The moisture from the hot water makes a bathroom look older than the rest of the house. Therefore, potential buyers can be particularly averse to outmoded bathrooms. Consequently, interested parties are extra grateful when the bathroom looks shiny and new. As a result, homes with remodeled bathrooms usually sell at higher prices than homes with dated bathrooms.

So, bathroom remodeling basically lets you recover the money you invested in your bathroom as soon as you sell your house. And until then, you’ll be able to savor all of the other benefits of bathroom remodeling. Therefore, the increased value of your home is one of the most appealing benefits of bathroom remodeling.

What’s more, bathroom remodeling experts can help you make only the most convenient and universally appealing updates. In this way, bathroom remodeling contractors can guarantee that you get the most value out of your bathroom renovations. A Hunting Valley bathroom remodeling company really can convert your bathroom into the calm, serene, and luxurious space that home buyers crave.

The Final Reason to Work with a Bathroom Remodeling Company

As mentioned, the advantages of a professional bathroom remodel include adapting the safety, space, functionality, beauty, efficiency, and value of your bathroom. But you can only be completely confident that you’ll accomplish such augmentations when you partner up with a bathroom remodeling company.

But aligning with a bathroom remodeling company also allows you to relish the process of your new bathroom remodel. At BenchMark Home Services, we truly care about our clients, so we make treating them well as big a priority as working with excellence and nailing their bathroom renovations. We always do our best work because we want what’s best for our clients. And with a long list of awards and certifications behind our name, we have a history of successfully satisfying everyone who hires us. What’s more, our clients come from all over northeast Ohio, as our services areas include:

  • Boston Heights
  • Moreland Hills
  • Twinsburg
  • Pepper Pike
  • University Heights
  • Hunting Valley
  • Macedonia
  • Willoughby Hills
  • Gates Mills
  • Beachwood
  • Solon
  • Hudson
  • Peninsula
  • Shaker Heights
  • Aurora
  • Chagrin Falls
  • Cleveland Heights

So, contact us today to begin the bathroom remodel of your dreams!

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