Living Room Remodeling

Living Room Remodeling Services

To get the most out of your life, you need to spend time in a space that enlivens you. You want a place to kick back, unwind, and chill out so you can refresh, recharge, and restore your vitality. But when you only have a small, shabby, grimy, cluttered, and confining living room or family room to lounge in, you’re likely to feel more exhausted than energized while you’re there. And you’re certainly won’t want to have company over to see the state of your living room.

If your living room is really rundown, you’ll have even more reason to avoid it. Signs that the space is no longer safe include weak or broken flooring, chipping paint, cracks or holes in the walls, pest infestations, or mold. If you live in an older home, your living room may even harbor asbestos or lead paint, both of which can really harm you and your family.

Thankfully, BenchMark Home Services offers living room remodeling services in Solon, Ohio, that can save you from the pit of despair that is your living room. By allowing us to resuscitate your room with our first-class craftsmanship, you can receive all the relaxation that living rooms were invented to provide. You’ll also be able to socialize to your heart’s content in a room you prize.

The Benefits of a BenchMark Remodel

During any BenchMark remodel, the first concern of our team is the health and safety of your family. When we’re in your home, your family is our family, so we always take every precaution to protect them. Our plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and other home remodeling experts never fail to keep every part of your project up to code. We rigidly follow the highest standards for living room construction, so your living room will be entirely safe when we’re done with it.

Our second priority is improving the size, functionality, durability, and comfort of your living room. We can expand the area in various ways. We can also equip it with custom storage solutions, energy-efficient features, and low-maintenance materials. Finally, we can enhance the space with colors, details, and décor that satisfy your style and secure total serenity.

After your living room has received a remodel from BenchMark Home Services, you won’t want to leave it. Your remodeled living room will be so plush, peaceful, and inviting that you’ll plan to do as much as you can there. You’ll also relocate all of your social events to your living room so you can proudly share the space with your friends and family.

The Promise of a BenchMark Living Room Remodel

The first step to successfully revamping your living room using BenchMark’s living room remodeling services in Boston Heights is determining what you need from the space.

Maybe your living room is just disorganized, so storage in the form of shelving and built-ins would suffice. Perchance, your living room is poorly lit, so you need more lighting to evenly brighten up the space. Your living room could also be a bit drafty, so new windows would help seal the warm air in and the cold air out. Or, you may even require an enlarged area to accommodate your growing family, so tearing down a wall or two is in order. No matter how much your living room must improve, you don’t have to worry. BenchMark Home Services exists to meet your every need, and we have the ability to do so.

The next item to address on your remodel agenda is admitting what you want from your living room. If you feel that watching the big game on a bigger screen would be infinitely more fun, then you’ll want to hook your living room up with a high-tech entertainment center where you can mount your new TV. Or, if you’re a movie aficionado, you may want to indulge your addiction with something even more opulent, like a project and rollup screen. Perhaps you prefer simpler pleasures like watching a fire glowing in the hearth, but your living room doesn’t have a hearth.

BenchMark can provide your living room with a custom entertainment center, an in-home theater, a fireplace, and more. Each of our expert home remodelers has over 15 years of experience, so we can do it all. Therefore, we would love to have you put our skills to the test.

The Process of a BenchMark Living Room Remodel

Deconstruction Phase

Once you’ve designed your living room remodel with BenchMark Home Services, we can begin our reputable living room remodeling process. Our approach starts with deconstruction, which involves removing everything that you’re ready to part with. We take out old lighting, windows, and flooring. We also trim the walls down to the studs and remove any walls you no longer want.

But before we do anything to your home, we complete site preparation and logistics. Specifically, we set up a dust barrier and a HEPA filtration system. With these tools, we can minimize the dust that the remodel generates. Consequently, less dust will get into your ducts, travel through your house, and enter your lungs.

Another step we always take during your remodel is cleaning the area at the end of each day so that we can start well in the morning. We also send you an end-of-day report detailing our daily progress.

Mechanics Phase

After deconstruction, we commence the mechanics phase of the remodel. This phase consists of replacing and rerouting the electricity as necessary. Our licensed electricians and builders always adhere to the most precise industry guidelines so that every part of your project passes inspection.

During the third phase of a BenchMark living room remodel, we deal with the ceilings, windows, fireplace, and drywall.

Living Room Ceiling Installations

To give your living room a true top-to-bottom makeover, BenchMark Home Services can update your ceilings. So, if your living room currently has popcorn ceilings, low ceilings, or damaged ceilings that you’d like to overhaul, we can refurbish them with the ceiling treatment of your choosing. We have the capacity to vault your ceiling or embellish it with any kind of handiwork, such as:

  • Acoustic ceiling tiles
  • Beams
  • Beadboard
  • Coffered ceiling tiles
  • Corrugated ceiling tiles
  • Drop ceiling tiles
  • Fissure ceiling tiles
  • Molding
  • Panels
  • Patterned ceiling tiles
  • Smooth ceiling tiles
  • Surface-mount ceiling tiles
  • Textured ceiling tiles
  • Tongue and groove

No matter what material your ceiling design calls for, we can manage it, including:

  • Wood
  • Tin
  • Faux wood
  • Faux tin
  • Metal
  • Copper
  • Vinyl
  • Wallpaper
  • PVC
  • Fiberglass
  • Polystyrene
  • Styrofoam
  • Fabric

Living Room Window Installations

Next, we can improve the view from your living room by replacing your windows. Whether you want more architectural or energy-efficient windows, we can fulfill your request. In fact, BenchMark Home Services can install any type of window, such as:

  • Picture windows
  • Bay windows
  • Arched windows
  • Bow windows
  • Skylight windows
  • Double-hung windows
  • Single-hung windows
  • Casement windows
  • Custom windows
  • Storm windows
  • Egress windows
  • Stationary windows
  • Round circle windows
  • Glass block windows
  • Awning windows
  • Jalousie windows
  • Garden windows
  • Projection windows
  • Slider windows
  • Transom windows

We’re also comfortable with any kind of window frame material, including:

  • Wood window frames
  • Clad wood window frames
  • Vinyl window frames
  • Aluminum window frames
  • Fiberglass window frames

Living Room Fireplace Installations

If one of your living room remodeling goals is to indulge your craving for the soothing sounds and calming glow of a cozy fire, then you can be all the more confident in your choice to enlist BenchMark Home Services because we can install fireplaces. Specifically, we can set you up with any type of fireplace, such as:

  • Electric fireplaces
  • Wood-burning fireplaces
  • Vented fireplaces
  • Ventless gas fireplaces
  • Faux fireplaces

What’s more, we can furnish your living room with a full masonry fireplace. Our masonry abilities encompass everything from the mortar crown to the foundation and even the chimney. Therefore, BenchMark can give you a genuine masonry fireplace, and we will make sure that it meets all municipal code standards, such as the requirement of a protective flue lining. As a result, your masonry fireplace will be sturdy and safe. We can also fashion your masonry fireplace out of any suitable substance, like brick, concrete, or stone.

If your living room already contains an open-combustion fireplace that you’d like to make more efficient, we can upgrade your fireplace with a fireplace insert. We can modernize your existing fireplace with any insert, such as:

  • Wood burning fireplace inserts
  • Natural gas fireplace inserts
  • Propane gas fireplace inserts
  • Pellet burning fireplace inserts
  • Electric fireplace inserts

In case you choose a gas fireplace insert, BenchMark can also provide you with either a direct-vent, natural vent, or vent-free version.  

Living Room Mantel Installations

The final touch for your new or restored fireplace system will be the mantel. BenchMark can add a fireplace mantel shelf (cap-shelf mantel) or a full surround mantel in various materials like:

  • Real wood fireplace mantels
  • Manufactured wood fireplace mantels
  • Brick fireplace mantels
  • Concrete fireplace mantels
  • Marble fireplace mantels
  • Tile fireplace mantels
  • Limestone fireplace mantels
  • Cast stone fireplace mantels
  • Metal fireplace mantels
  • Steel fireplace mantels
  • Glass fireplace mantels

We can also put fireplace surround facing kits in place.

Living Room Drywall Installations

After attending to the ceiling, windows, and fireplace, BenchMark will install the drywall. The drywall experts on our team will ensure that your new walls are superbly smooth, structurally sound, and seamlessly matched with the ceilings.

Then, our professional painters will cover your walls in whichever colors you desire. Choosing BenchMark for your living room remodel is the only way to confirm that the end result looks flawless because our seasoned craftsmen create only the highest quality workmanship.

Living Room Trim Installations

Next, we’ll outline the room with trim. BenchMark can adorn your living room with any type of trim or molding, including:

  • Window trim
  • Door trim
  • Baseboards
  • Beadboard trim
  • Chair rail trim
  • Corbel trim
  • Corner block trim
  • Picture rail trim
  • Plate rail trim
  • Wainscoting
  • Crown molding
  • Architrave molding
  • Bead molding
  • Wall frame molding
  • Board and batten molding
  • Picture frame molding
  • Panel molding
  • Cove molding
  • Pearl molding
  • Dentil molding
  • Pierced molding
  • Egg and dart molding

Living Room Lighting Installations

To keep your living room warm and welcoming, BenchMark will outfit it with plenty of lighting. We can introduce any type of lighting you desire, like:

  • Chandelier lighting
  • Ceiling fan lighting
  • Pendant lighting
  • Drum pendant lighting
  • Bowl pendant lighting
  • Mini pendant lighting
  • Flush lighting
  • Semi-flush lighting
  • Picture lighting
  • Display lighting
  • Track lighting
  • Monorail lighting
  • LED strip lighting
  • Recessed lighting
  • Sconces
  • Spotlights

Living Room Flooring Installations

At this point in your living room remodel, we’re ready to lay down the flooring. We can add any type of flooring you like, such as:

  • Solid hardwood flooring
  • Engineered hardwood flooring
  • Bamboo flooring
  • Parquet flooring
  • Vinyl flooring
  • Porcelain or ceramic tile flooring
  • Natural stone tile flooring
  • Terrazzo flooring
  • Travertine flooring
  • Polished concrete flooring
  • Laminate flooring
  • Carpet flooring
  • Linoleum flooring
  • Marmoleum flooring
  • Cork flooring
  • Rubber flooring

Living Room Built-in Installations

In the final phase of your BenchMark living room remodel, we position the functional yet architectural elements such as built-ins and entertainment centers. BenchMark Home Services has highly skilled and seasoned carpenters on our team, so we can construct built-ins according to your exact specifications. All of the custom built-ins we build at BenchMark are very well-made and extremely solid. And when we install them, they are totally secure.

Moreover, BenchMark built-ins can serve several purposes by including the following components:

  • Bookshelves
  • Display shelves
  • Cabinets
  • Closets
  • Desks
  • Window seats
  • Fireplace mantels
  • Reading nooks
  • Entertainment centers

If you’d prefer a more distinct entertainment center, BenchMark can also create and install wall-mounted entertainment centers that incorporate cabinets and shelving to hold all your electronic devices.

BenchMark Remodel Warranty Phase

After BenchMark has executed each detail of your living room remodel design, we clean every square inch of the space. Then, we unveil the renovated room to you so you can take it all in. At that moment, our 2-year Workmanship Warranty applies to your living room, which means that BenchMark will fix any situations that may arise. But you’re not on your own once your warranty expires. Instead, BenchMark can continue to protect the pristine condition of your living room with our home maintenance services and home repair services. We will always do everything in our power to enable you to relish your remodeled living room for the rest of your life.  

The Difference of a BenchMark Remodel

Sprucing up your substandard living room with BenchMark living room remodeling in Hunting Valley is one of the best things you can do for your home for several reasons.

If you’re remodeling the living room in your forever home, then you’ll have a lot of time to revel in the results. Or, if you’re perfecting a house you plan to sell, a remodeled living room from BenchMark allows you to increase your asking price.

BenchMark, a vision of Capozzi Design Group, achieves such high-quality living room remodeling in Willoughby Hills that you’ll most certainly get all that you’d hoped for out of your new living room and more. We can and will do every job right the first time so that you can have absolute peace of mind about the caliber of your living room.

Furthermore, pleasing you is our top priority at BenchMark. Therefore, we take professionalism to the next level in several ways. Our brilliant home remodelers are consistently courteous, polite, and kind. They’re also drug test- and background check-approved. On top of that, the BenchMark home improvement team always arrives on time, finishes on time, and cleans up before leaving.

BenchMark Services Areas

BenchMark Home Services provides living room remodeling services to the greater Cleveland area. Our services areas spread throughout northeast Ohio and include:

  • Peninsula
  • Willoughby Hills
  • University Heights
  • Gates Mills
  • Twinsburg
  • Shaker Heights
  • Chagrin Falls
  • Beachwood
  • Cleveland Heights
  • Solon
  • Macedonia
  • Hudson
  • Moreland Hills
  • Boston Heights
  • Hunting Valley
  • Pepper Pike
  • Aurora

BenchMark Home Services has the living room remodeling mastery and methods you need to own the living room of your dreams. And there’s no excuse to wait any longer for your living room remodel because the BenchMark living room remodeling adventure is wholly stress and worry-free. So, contact us to begin your living room remodel today!