Living In Place Home Modifications

Living In Place Home Modifications

Have you entered a new phase of life and discovered that your home doesn’t meet your modified needs?

Coming to this realization is common if you’ve encountered any number of lifestyle changes. These changes include the birth and growth of children, grown kids moving out or moving back in, you and your partner living alone again, or older relatives starting to rely on you for shelter and care. You may also find your home insufficient under your circumstances if you’re now housing someone with a permanent or temporary disability that inhibits their mobility, cognition, independent living, hearing, vision, or self-care.

In any of these circumstances, your home may be too big, small, crowded, high-maintenance, or challenging for its residents to use safely and comfortably. As a result, you may think that these shortcomings mean you must move out of your house. But because you still love your home, your neighborhood, or your community, you’d prefer to stay.

Don’t worry. BenchMark Home Services offers living in place home modifications in Solon, Ohio, that can adapt your current home to your altered needs. A Certified Living In Place Professional (CLIPP) leads our team of home improvement experts. Therefore, we have the skills and training necessary to remodel your home so that it perfectly accommodates everyone living there. At BenchMark, we listen closely to understand your specific situation. Then, we strategize stunning and functional long-term solutions that generate the biggest returns on your investment.

The living in place home modifications BenchMark applies to your home will be effective, durable, and gorgeous. Consequently, your home will be both easier to live in and more elegant.

The Benefits of BenchMark Live In Place Modifications

Because one of our team leaders is a Certified Living In Place Professional, BenchMark Home Services is qualified to enhance your home with universal design. Universal design vows to produce inclusive environments that everyone can use regardless of their age or physical ability. Following the principles of universal design, BenchMark Home Services can ensure that you and everyone you love enjoys life in your house as long as desired.

Additionally, BenchMark aims to guarantee that your remodeled home contains the most comprehensive and customized universal design for you and your loved ones. So, in the process of planning your living in place upgrades, we utilize our CLIPP certification to join forces with occupational therapists, architects, and interior designers as necessary. By aligning with these professionals, we can better design and build attractive, easily accessible living spaces. What’s more, we can satisfy all applicable building codes and standards, recommend the right products and resources, and make the most of your budget.

Furthermore, we back all of our work with our 2-year Workmanship Warranty. And when your warranty expires, you can utilize our home maintenance services and home repair services. Consequently, BenchMark Home Services will always be there to maintain the security, stability, practicality, and beauty of your home.

So, by choosing to work with BenchMark, you’re making sure that you’ll always find everything you need to live right at home.

The Promise of BenchMark Living In Place Modifications

Our living in place home modifications in Moreland Hills can cover everything you want and need in your home. But to make sure they do, you should determine everything you want and need.

Living in Place Modifications for Your Needs

Do you have a multi-generational home? Both small children and older adults appreciate when a home addresses their needs with components like a no-threshold shower, lower light switches, higher electrical outlets, and voice-operated lighting and appliances. Are you caring for a child with autism, a young person with an unexpected injury, or an older person with medical needs? These individuals could benefit from lever-style handles, grab-bars, and contrasting colors on the walls and floors. Perhaps you, your spouse, or another family member employs a walker, wheelchair, crutches, or a cane. If so, some living in place essentials for them would be wider doorways, an accessible bathroom on the first floor, and a no-step entryway.

Living In Place Design for Your Wants

BenchMark Home Services can make your home usable for everyone living there. And, we don’t have to sacrifice style to do so. We’re committed to having your home manage its residents’ physical conditions and aesthetic tastes. You may need to lower your countertops, but you can still choose the material and the hue of the countertops. You can also decide all the details of the built-ins that simplify closet organization, the carpeting that minimizes slips on the stairs, or the light fixtures that better illuminate a dim hallway. The renovations that make your home more practical for everyone can certainly complement the aesthetics of your home and create a lovely dwelling.

Again, because of our CLIPP status and our adherence to universal design, BenchMark Home Services is able to deliver living in place home modifications that function well, look amazing, and account for everyone in your home. Administering the standards of universal design upon your home advantages all the people in your life by producing open, inviting, and appealing spaces. For this reason, we always suggest alterations to your home that assist others and agree with your tastes.

The Process of BenchMark Live In Place Home Modifications

BenchMark Home Services can accomplish most any living in place home modifications in any room in your house. With our CLIPP credential and decades of experience, we’re more than capable of completing the revisions and installations that will transform your home into a safer and more universally operational structure. So, don’t hesitate to ask for living in place designs in a particular room in your home.

Kitchen Living In Place Design

Everyone in the home comes in and out of the kitchen. But unfortunately, kitchen design doesn’t always consider users whose mobility is limited for one reason or another. But living in place home modifications from BenchMark Home Services can correct typical kitchen design flaws that deny accessibility to all.  

For example, we can expand the kitchen’s footprint and rearrange its layout to provide plenty of room for maneuverability. We can also install brightly colored cabinets and countertops with edges that are easy to see and with surfaces that aren’t too shiny.

To include cooks of every height, we can lower your countertops or create multi-level countertops. We can even lower the cabinets by a few inches and equip them with pull-down shelves. Putting a pullout step under the lower cabinets or attaching pullout steps to the wall are other kitchen updates that bring everything within reach. Finally, layering the lower cabinets with pullout shelves and adding Lazy Susan cabinets wherever possible removes any remaining frustrations with kitchen storage.

We can even position the appliances in new ways to increase their convenience across the board. Specifically, we can furnish the kitchen with an elevated or side-open oven with a pullout counter beneath. We can also introduce an accessible microwave and an accessible dishwasher. A range or cooktop with front-mounted controls eliminates some of the dangers of baking and cooking. And ensuring that all appliances have an automatic shut-off option prevents even more problems. A sink outfitted with an anti-scald device and water filter also empowers everyone at home to stay healthy.

Bathroom Living In Place Home Modifications

Of course, everyone in the home needs to use the bathroom as well. And thankfully, the bathroom doesn’t present quite the same hazards as the kitchen. However, it still has the potential to be perilous for people with physical limitations. For this reason, BenchMark Home Services devises living in place designs in Beachwood for the bathroom.

Every room in the house should be spacious enough for wheelchairs or walkers, and the bathroom is no exception. An accessible bathroom on the first floor is a must, so BenchMark can make it happen. In order to extend full mobility to all people, the bathroom really needs a no-threshold shower. BenchMark Home Services can construct one for you. And, we can also stock it with permanent seating and shelving, a removable and adjustable showerhead, good lighting, and grab-bars.

Furthermore, in accessible bathrooms, BenchMark can replace the standard height toilet with a comfort height toilet. Then, we can surround it with grab-bars. And, if you have a bathroom dedicated to children, we can also insert a child and juvenile height toilet there. To promote healthy hygiene, we can also install a bidet.

Allowing for under-sink clearance will further support wheelchair accessibility, as will lowering the vanity countertop and sink. To give your bathroom ample alternative storage options, we can incorporate a built-in linen closet or hang cabinets and provide each option with pullout shelves. What’s more, we can top the sink with an angled or pivot mirror flanked with side lighting.

Living Room Living In Place Home Modifications

You want your living room to be fun and refreshing for everyone. And it certainly can be when it features universal design. BenchMark Home Services knows exactly how to renovate this space for living in place.

First, we enlarge the living room to the point that it can hold all your furniture while still supplying clear, wide passageways for wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, and canes. To help these passageways remain obstacle-free, our master carpenters can craft and install built-ins. These built-ins will encompass designated spots for every important and cherished object, such as decorative pieces, electronics, games, and toys. If you require even more storage for recreational technology, we can build a custom entertainment center. With it, you can conceal all your cords and wires while showcasing your big screen TV and gaming systems.

To simplify the task of controlling the lighting and heat in the room, we can give you energy-efficient windows and mount motorized blinds. And to grant your deepest wishes for a cozy living room, we can even install a fireplace insert or masonry fireplace.

Bedroom Living In Place Home Modifications

Everyone’s bedroom should be warm, welcoming, and uncomplicated to live in. So, with our proficiency in universal design, BenchMark Home Services assembles the best bedrooms for living in place.

If you still have small children sleeping in the second-floor bedrooms in your two-story house, then you may want to leave the master suite upstairs. However, at some point, the master suite may be responsible to meet the needs of someone with restricted mobility. This individual could be you, your spouse, or an older relative. In that case, relocating the master suite to the first floor may be in order. If it is, BenchMark can get it done. In that case, we can also amplify the bedroom’s floorplan to secure space for a wheelchair, walker, or medical equipment.

To make occupying the master suite and all the other bedrooms safer and simpler, we can repair, replace, or add windows for extra lighting and tighter security. We can also hang automated or motorized blinds and window coverings. Anchoring tall furnishings such as bookshelves or wardrobes to the wall is another precaution BenchMark prefers to take in the bedroom.

To encourage everyone to keep their bedrooms clean, we can develop bespoke built-ins. Such built-ins can comprise components like shelving, nightstands, drawers, and even a headboard and bedframe. Filling the closet with customized storage like low shelving or multi-faceted built-ins also enables bedroom occupants to find all their stuff and minimize clutter.

Laundry Room Living In Place Home Modifications

The laundry room probably isn’t anyone’s favorite room in the house. Yet, because everyone wants clean clothes, everyone whose old enough should be able to help with the laundry. But this room isn’t usually very big. And sometimes, the arrangement of the laundry room enhances the difficulty of this chore. But BenchMark has the living in place design solutions in University Heights you need to make doing the laundry a breeze.

Of course, those who can’t get to the laundry room can’t do the laundry. So, the initial priority for a living in place laundry room is a location on the first floor. Next, living in place necessitates that a walker or wheelchair be able to fit in the laundry room. Another requirement for an accessible laundry room is having a front-load washer and dryer. And positioning your front-load washer and dryer on top of pedestals spares anyone from having to bend over to scoop up the laundry and then lift it high into the air.

A laundry room enriched with universal design also encompasses cabinets or built-ins with roll-out shelves, Lazy Susans, or bins above and around your washer and dryer. Ideally, your laundry room would also have a large basin at the right height with clearance underneath and a touchless or motion sensor faucet attached. An ironing board that folds down from the wall near the dryer is an additional living in place laundry room necessity. And BenchMark Home Services can definitely deliver all of these features. We’d even station a light kit with a timer on the outlet the iron would plug into so the iron would turn off after a certain period of time and lower the chance of a fire.

Home Additions for Living In Place

If achieving accessibility in every room forces us to max out your home’s square footage, then BenchMark Home Services can place on addition on your house. That way, you can maintain full mobility for everyone no matter where they go. Growing your home by a room or two is absolutely no trouble for BenchMark. And we’re committed to giving you everything your family needs to live together and live free.

Home-wide Living In Place Designs

As you can see, BenchMark Home Services can tailor our living in place home modifications in Gates Mills to your specific needs in every room of your home. But we also believe in implementing some standard living in place changes throughout the entire house.

For instance, we can reduce the risk of falling in your home by laying the appropriate slip-resistant flooring in every room. Vinyl or hardwood is a great choice for the kitchen, laundry room, and hallways, while texturized stone or tile is suitable for the bathroom. The stairs should always be covered with low pile carpet or adhesive non-slip strips and flanked with handrails and sufficient lighting. Placing plenty of grab-bars and handrails around the house is also key to keeping people on their feet.

We can also stop anyone from struggling to get through the door by widening doorways, installing pocket doors, or placing swing-away or swing-clear hinges on the doors. We’d also want to remove door curbs or install slopes and fabricate a no-step entryway.

We’d give all doors, cabinets, cupboards, and drawers lever-style handles, D-handles, or loop handles. Faucets should have lever-style handles or be touchless or motion-sensor. Moreover, we can place pullout shelves in all cabinets.

Raising electrical outlets and lowering light switches are also helpful living in place adjustments. Rocker-style light switches are the easiest to use. But, of course, motion-sensor or voice-activated lighting is even more effortless.

To illuminate every room adequately, BenchMark can increase natural light by installing windows, skylights, and light tubes. We’ll also augment the artificial light with task lighting, recessed lighting, and strip lighting. BenchMark also intends to aid depth perception by painting contrasting colors on the transitions between the walls and floors as well as on countertop edges.

The Difference of BenchMark Living In Place Home Modifications

Enhancing your home with living in place home modifications in Macedonia is a superb decision for several reasons.

On the one hand, living in place home modifications permit you and anyone you love to live in your home indefinitely. The more comprehensive alterations you make now, the longer you can reside in your home without having to remodel again. So, by utilizing BenchMark’s universal design services now, you’re fine-tuning your forever home for tomorrow.

On the other hand, you might not want to claim your current home as your forever home. Even so, by improving the home you’re in now with universal design, you’re setting yourself up for a better selling experience when you decide to move on.

Living in place elements raise the value of your home because according to a 2018 Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies report, fewer than .09% of houses on the market have the most basic of these elements, such as wide hallways and doors or lever-style handles on faucets and doors. Yet, a recent study from the National Kitchen and Bath Association shows that the majority of Baby Boomers and Gen Xers are looking for comfortable homes that promote wellness for all ages. Consequently, the universal design of your home will be appealing to them and many other buyers. That being the case, you should be able to get a good number of offers and a great return on your investment.

The Advantages of Working with BenchMark Home Services

BenchMark Home Services completes the highest quality living in place home modifications in Chagrin Falls. Therefore, you’ll find that our renovations go above and beyond your expectations. Whether we’re working on a small task or a big job, we’ll do every step right the first time. Because of this, you can be fully confident in the craftsmanship of your home’s living in place design.

Moreover, as a product of Capozzi Design Build, BenchMark Home Services is truly here to please you. We prize your trust, so we practice the sincerest professionalism and demonstrate unwavering kindness and respect to our clients. All of our brilliant team members have aced drug tests and background checks. Plus, they never fail to show up on time, finish up on time, clean up before leaving, and inform you of their progress.

BenchMark Service Areas

BenchMark calls the greater Cleveland area home. So, our services areas consist of the following northeast Ohio cities and the neighborhoods surrounding them:

  • Solon
  • Shaker Heights
  • Pepper Pike
  • Hudson
  • Hunting Valley
  • Cleveland Heights
  • Chagrin Falls
  • Moreland Hills
  • Macedonia
  • University Heights
  • Boston Heights
  • Beachwood
  • Willoughby Hills
  • Gates Mills
  • Aurora
  • Twinsburg
  • Peninsula

Thanks to BenchMark Home Services living in place home modifications, all of your friends and family can feel at home in your house. Living in place home modifications yield the most harmless and liberating houses for all. Therefore, the sooner you endow your home with universal design, the more people you can care for. So, contact us to initiate your living in place home modifications today!