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9 Reasons for a Kitchen Redo: The Benefits of Working with Kitchen Remodeling Contractors

Some people consider the kitchen to be the heart of the home. We all need to eat, so eating affords us opportunities to be together. And, of course, the kitchen is the main hub for storing, preparing, and consuming food. But sometimes, issues with the kitchen keep it from fulfilling its role effectively. And at that point, the quality of life in a home can really diminish. If you feel your kitchen is no longer meeting your family’s needs, you are fully entitled to fix your kitchen’s problems as soon as possible for the sake of your family. But maybe you’d still like to know the specific benefits of commissioning kitchen remodeling contractors in Chagrin Falls for a kitchen renovation. We get that, so we’ve compiled this list of 9 kitchen reno benefits. Read on to discover the best reasons for using kitchen remodeling services to conduct a kitchen redo.  


Top 9 Benefits of a Kitchen Redo: Reasons for a Kitchen Renovation

1. A Kitchen Redo Provides a Safer Kitchen

All older homes eventually start to show their age. Often, the signs of aging include cracked walls, creaking floors, chipped paint, and crumbling bricks. However, the kitchen is one of the most used rooms in a house. Therefore, it can suffer debilitating wear and tear much faster.

Broken tiles, peeling flooring, dripping faucets, rusty sinks, missing cabinet doors, and obsolete appliances may plague a decrepit kitchen. And not only do these issues make food preparation challenging, but they can also make kitchen occupation perilous.

Consequently, dealing with kitchen deterioration is one of the top reasons to utilize kitchen remodeling services. What’s more, working with a kitchen remodeling contractor to fix all of your kitchen’s flaws is the best way to remove the danger to your family. Maybe your kitchen just needs some new flooring, new countertops, or a new backsplash. Or maybe it needs to be totally gutted. Either way, it will be in much better condition when your kitchen remodeling contractors are through.

Kitchen remodel experts can most certainly improve your kitchen’s design. But they will also eliminate your kitchen’s hazards by removing broken substances and repair compromised structures. Then, they’ll install the sturdiest materials with the most secure methods. And they’ll do so while following the strictest safety standards to get every inch of your kitchen redo up to code.

Even if you live in an older home, your treacherous cooking space can still transform into a safe haven. You just need to say, “I’m ready to remodel my kitchen” to Aurora kitchen remodeling contractors. Then, you’ll be an instant hero!

2. A Kitchen Renovation Generates a Better Kitchen Layout

The kitchens of yesteryear were usually closed off to the rest of the house by excessive walls and doors. Sometimes, they also contained sore spots like narrow walkways, poorly arranged appliances, or an absence of sufficient seating or workspaces. Thankfully, a kitchen renovation can correct all of these layout dilemmas and streamline your kitchen for effortless cooking and entertaining.

To get your kitchen up to speed with your family’s needs, work with your local kitchen remodeling contractor. They’ll help you devise your ideal kitchen layout.

For instance, perhaps you need a place to sip a quick cup of coffee in the mornings. If so, you can position your kitchen to include a breakfast nook. Do you dream of chatting away with your guests as you put the finishing touches on an exquisite meal? Then insert an island with a raised bar that can conceal some stools.

To create even more seating space, you can knock down part of a dividing wall to produce a peninsula and tuck bar chairs beneath the countertop. To minimize the mess when doing food prep, you can extend the countertops near the sink and give the trashcan a more centralized location as well.

When you look at your kitchen, you may just see an assortment of arrangement mistakes. But the best kitchen remodeling contractors in Gates Mills will see a Rubik’s cube of room configurations and match you up with the best kitchen layout solution for you.

3. Home Kitchen Remodeling Improves Kitchen Functionality

Another common issue with older kitchens is restricted functionality. Unfortunately, the outmoded kitchens in older homes usually featured unsightly soffits, inaccessible cabinets, overextending appliances, and chopped up countertop space. But again, a kitchen reno executed by the best kitchen remodeling contractors can restore the original purpose to your cooking areas. 

For instance, top kitchen remodel contractors can help you compensate for limited cabinet space by figuring out how to put in a pantry. At the very least, they can find a few spare inches for a pull-out pantry cabinet. Or, if you’d like to free up some counter space, your kitchen contractors can mount your microwave under the overhead cabinets. They can also carve out a space for it among the lower cabinets.

Want an area where you can write notes on your recipes without exposing them to messy countertops? Then ask your kitchen remodeler to incorporate a built-in kitchen desk into your kitchen redo. Feel like you’re always running back and forth among the refrigerator, stove, and sink? Then again, working with kitchen remodel experts, you can ascertain how to adjust the angles of your “work triangle” (your local kitchen remodeling contractor will teach you that term). Desire additional storage? Your local kitchen remodeling contractor in Pepper Pike can bump out the bulkhead and extend your cabinets up to the ceiling.

The kitchen usually takes up a pretty good portion of the home. So, you’re wasting space if your kitchen is not in top working order. You’re also sacrificing a lot of opportunities to make memories with your family. But with a professional kitchen redo, you’ll get your kitchen back. Better yet, you’ll also get one of the best parts of your house back.

4. A Professional Kitchen Remodel Means Easier Kitchen Maintenance

In order to keep your kitchen in tip-top shape, you need to give it plenty of love and care. But sometimes, the materials your kitchen is made of are hard to maintain.

For example, if you have a laminate countertop from decades ago, it’s probably stained or peeling. Grouted tile countertops can also look grimy all too easily. And even though marble and stainless steel look great and may last a while, they’re extremely susceptible to chips, scratches, gouges, smudges, and dents.

Or maybe your cabinets comprise cheaper and lower-quality wood materials like particleboard or fiberboard. If so, you’ve probably found that your cabinets are always suffering from loose screws and sagging from water damage.

Finally, many older homes have laminate flooring in the kitchen. Consequently, these kitchen floors will experience peeling and warping. Solid wood floors and carpeting also don’t hold up over time in kitchens when exposed to excess moisture.

Therefore, to help your kitchen last longer, you’ll want to swap these difficult mediums out for more user-friendly stuff. With the necessary kitchen updates, you can install much more durable materials. Your options would include quartz, soapstone, or solid-surface material countertops; plywood or hardwood cabinets; and tile or vinyl flooring.

And when you work with a local kitchen remodeling contractor in Solon, you don’t even have to worry about determining which low-maintenance materials will save you the most time and effort in the kitchen. You can simply discuss your lifestyle and your aesthetic preferences with your contractor. Then, they’ll suggest the substances that will generate the best kitchen remodel for you.

5. A Kitchen Renovation Yields a More Convenient Kitchen

With a successful kitchen redo, your kitchen can become more convenient to use. You simply need to consider the shortcomings of your current kitchen. Then, rectify them with the design of your new kitchen.

For example, if you’re over cabinet doors, you can install open shelving. If you need an extra sink, you can install a second sink in your island. If you’re completely committed to maintaining your caffeine addiction, you can swap longer cabinets out for shorter ones and set up a coffee station underneath.

Feel like your kitchen is a dark cave? Add recess lighting or under-cabinet lighting. Never have an outlet where you need it? Put outlet strips under the upper cabinets or tuck pop-up outlets into the corners of your countertops.

Modifying your kitchen’s design with a kitchen redo isn’t the only way you can upgrade your kitchen’s expedience. You can also build up your kitchen’s brain so that your brain doesn’t have to work so hard when cooking. Smart appliances can save the day, or at least, the dinner, when your new kitchen embraces them. Smart appliances include:

  • A refrigerator that helps you compile your grocery list
  • An oven that prevents you from burning the turkey
  • A faucet that dispenses just the right amount of water
  • A pressure cooker that notifies you when your food is ready
  • A coffee maker that brews up a pot whenever you ask it to

These ideas exemplify just a few ways you can greatly enhance the convenience of your kitchen and increase the amount of time you spend there. And employing a kitchen remodeling contractor in University Heights enables you to implement them.

6. Kitchen Remodel Construction Creates a More Spacious Kitchen

You may look around your cramped kitchen and think, “How can everything fit in here any differently?” But that’s the kind of question a Beachwood kitchen remodeling contractor loves to consider. They view your kitchen as an exciting spatial puzzle to be solved. So, they can help you solve the puzzle in such a way that your kitchen feels significantly bigger. Some kitchen remodeling companies can even produce a new kitchen design for you.

Great kitchen remodel contractors can determine how to move your refrigerator so that it doesn’t block the walkway when open. Or, how to switch the island out for a peninsula that really opens up the middle of the kitchen.

You may be able to tear down a wall or two so that you can add more seating. Or, you may want to construct a divider wall between the kitchen and another room to accommodate more cabinets.

Making more space in your kitchen may require you to rearrange several other rooms as well. But the end result will not only afford you more capacity to cook but also comfort to live.

7. Kitchen Home Improvement Furnishes a More Attractive Kitchen

Sometimes, the only thing wrong with a kitchen is the fact that it is terribly ugly. But a hideous kitchen can still be a huge problem.

For the particularly visual among us, abhorrent kitchen aesthetics can be more than enough to keep us out. They can also really diminish the beauty of the rest of the house. For these reasons, we won’t receive the refreshment and inspiration we crave in our own homes. As a result, we may struggle emotionally and psychologically. What’s more, we won’t feel comfortable inviting friends and family over, so our social lives will suffer as well.

Our homes are one of the few places in which we can express ourselves unreservedly. Therefore, many people enjoy the process of personalizing their homes and embellishing their spaces with their individual styles. Taking these steps turns a collection of rooms into an oasis of rest, release, and revitalization.

But changing up a kitchen design can seem so daunting that many people put it off for years. The kitchen contains intimidating systems like lots of cabinets, large sections of countertops, and other imposing pieces. So, understandably, the thought of addressing it all can exhaust us.

However, top kitchen remodeling contractors are entirely up to the task. Cleveland Heights kitchen contractors can visualize the kitchen of you’ve envisioned and then bring it to life right before your eyes. They can also help you feel confident in the shapes, colors, and textiles you’ve selected for your new kitchen. Finally, they put in all the hard work of making your kitchen dreams come true.

In the end, all you have to do is enjoy the view of your kitchen redo!

8. The Best Kitchen Redo Results in an Eco-Friendlier Kitchen

Sometimes, a vintage kitchen can be cute. But even if it still looks nice enough, it is almost always a significant energy suck.

Outdated appliances can be very electrically inefficient, as your electricity bills will prove. Additionally, your dilapidated plumping and hot water heater may literally be washing money down the drain by wasting water. So, replacing all of these aging aspects of your kitchen with a kitchen redo gives you the chance to do better by your wallet and by the earth.

The latest appliances are so technologically advanced that they can lower your energy bills while making your kitchen more luxurious. For instance, some dishwashers are 12% more energy efficient and 30% more water efficient than other models. And new refrigerators can be at least 9% more efficient than those that only meet the minimum energy efficiency standards.

To further save on electricity, you can install a skylight or a sun tunnel. And to bring your water bills down, you can replace your hot water heater and any leaky pipes.

Energy-efficient appliances may be more expensive initially. Yet, they will reduce your electricity bills and thereby save you money over time. What’s more, you may be able to get state, local, or utility rebates to help lower your upfront costs. And you may even be able to get a rebate for recycling your antiquated appliances.

For these reasons, a kitchen renovation can serve as an important opportunity to focus on the future of your family and of the planet. So, don’t hesitate to collaborate with a Hudson kitchen remodeling contractor to complete your energy-efficient kitchen redo.

9. Kitchen Updates Increase Home Resale Value

Ready to live in your current house forever? Then you can use kitchen updates to secure your lasting love of your home. Or, do you plan to sell your house somewhere down the road? In that case, a professional kitchen remodel will help you land the invested interest of someone else.

Your home may have a lot going for it. But if the kitchen is well past its prime, it may block potential buyers from noticing the house’s other virtues. On the other hand, if the kitchen is brand new, utterly up to date, and equipped with all the latest amenities, buyers will have far fewer reservations about bidding on your house.

With the kitchen remodeling done, upgrading any other part of the house will seem like a breeze to perusing parties. A beautiful, cozy kitchen is all some people need to feel at home. So, they will gladly buy the house now and make additional modifications later.

Plus, after a successful kitchen redo, several different groups may declare their desire to buy your home. Then, you’d pretty much be guaranteed to get some great offers on your home. Consequently, you can really increase the return on your investment in your kitchen reno.

So, if you plan to put your house on the market, plan to work with Macedonia kitchen remodeling contractors first. They’ll supply you with the safest and most financially savvy kitchen updates.

The Final Reason to Work with Kitchen Remodeling Contractors for Your Kitchen Redo

In conclusion, the rewards you can reap from a kitchen remodel include increased safety, space, functionality, convenience, beauty, and value. And only by teaming up with kitchen remodeling contractors can you really maximize these rewards. But collaborating with a local kitchen remodeling contractor in Peninsula also allows you to appreciate the process of home kitchen remodeling.

When you partner with the best kitchen remodel contractors around, you can love the new design, meet all of your family’s needs, minimize the future expenditure of effort, and take advantage of the changes as soon as possible. Finally, you can have a great experience and build new relationships. At BenchMark Home Services, we put our clients first because we genuinely care for them. And we do our best work every time because we want the best for our clients. Our service areas include:

  • Beachwood
  • Boston Heights
  • Gates Mills
  • Macedonia
  • Twinsburg
  • Hunting Valley
  • Aurora
  • Willoughby Hills
  • Shaker Heights
  • Moreland Hills
  • Pepper Pike
  • University Heights
  • Hudson
  • Cleveland Heights
  • Chagrin Falls
  • Solon
  • Peninsula

So, with a commitment to quality behind us, we’re prepared to nail your kitchen redo. Contact us today to get started!

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