Aging in Place Home Modifications

Aging in Place Home Modifications

When you find the perfect house, you just know. You know that it’s the house for you. And, you know that you want to spend the rest of your days there. So, no matter how old you or your dream home is, you shouldn’t have to be separated just because you’re both aging.

But entering the elder years of our lives can make living in the homes we love more challenging. And unfortunately, few homes include the universal design that accommodates older people or individuals with disabilities. Instead, most houses contain design elements that limit our accessibility and pose the risk of injury as we age. These elements include at least 2 stories, narrow doorways, cramped hallways, and lengthy staircases. Generally, you’ll also encounter other restricting features such as high countertops and cabinetry, bathtub/shower combinations, slippery flooring, and high-maintenance materials.

However, you can overcome these issues with your forever home thanks to aging in place home modifications in Solon, Ohio, from BenchMark Home Services. A Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) heads our team of home improvement experts. What’s more, each of our team members has over 15 years on the job. Therefore, we have the knowledge and training required to appropriately adapt your house for your utmost safety and comfort. That way, you can avoid having to relocate to a retirement community, nursing home, or any other type of long-term assisted living facility.

Because BenchMark Home Services provides aging in place home modifications, you won’t have to move out. Instead, you can move on with your life while staying where you are.

The Benefits of BenchMark Aging in Place Modifications

Under the leadership of our Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist, BenchMark Home Services can suggest upgrades that will enable you to live independently in your home. We can also collaborate with an occupational therapist on the plan for your home renovations so that the house is functional and safe for everyone living there. We can even align with architects and interior designers to design and build beautiful, barrier-free living spaces. Finally, we know how to meet all applicable building codes and standards, which products to use, which resources to rely on, and how to maximize your budget to meet your needs.

Furthermore, our 2-year Workmanship Warranty encompasses all of our aging in place home modifications in Moreland Hills. We also offer home maintenance services and home repair services that you can take advantage of after your warranty ends. Thanks to these supportive home services, BenchMark Home Services will always be there to resolve any issues you may have with the state of your home.

So, once we’ve applied our aging in place home modifications throughout your house, you can spend the rest of your life in the area you love. And you can rest assured knowing that your home will lend a hand rather than stand as a hindrance to your lifestyle. 

The Promise of BenchMark Aging in Place Design

To receive the most comprehensive aging in place design services in Twinsburg from BenchMark, you should consider every change your home will need.

For example, if taking a shower or a bath involves stepping up, then your bathroom calls for the installation of a no-threshold shower or walk-in tub. Is the flooring throughout your home especially slick? Then you’ll need to replace it with slip-resistant flooring. Are the doorways and thoroughfares in your house wide enough for a walker or wheelchair? If not, they must be widened. For some reason, your kitchen may not be on the ground level. In that case, you’ll need to relocate it.

After you’ve accounted for your aging in place needs, you can also ponder your wants. You may fear your rooms will eventually feel a little colder or warmer than you prefer. In that case, you can upgrade your HVAC system or insert storm windows. You probably want plenty of grab-bars in all the right places, but you don’t want them to be unsightly. In that case, you can select multi-purpose grab-bars that complement your existing décor excellently. Don’t want to put excess strain on your joints when turning on faucets or opening doors? You can switch out all of your knobs and pulls for lever-style handles. Prefer not to bother with stairs anymore? Putting a stairlift in will solve that problem.

BenchMark can meet all of your aging in place design requests. But, we can also offer suggestions that elevate the results of your renovations from increased convenience to full-on luxury. You deserve to live where you want to live for as long as you want, and we want the place you live in to be as paradisaical as possible.

The Process of BenchMark Aging in Place Home Modifications

BenchMark Home Services can make every aging in place home modifications you could want or need in every room in your house. Our extensive background in home remodeling and our CAPS expertise equip us to address each space with the alterations and installations that would render it safer and more accessible. So, don’t be afraid to ask us to focus our aging in place design services on any area of your home.

Kitchen Aging in Place Design

The kitchen is always one of the most popular rooms in the house. However, it can also become one of the most dangerous rooms as we get older. But advanced age certainly doesn’t have to keep you out of the kitchen. To eliminate the threats of your cooking space, simply enlist BenchMark Home Services to provide aging in place kitchen modifications.

We can start with standard kitchen changes. These changes include creating extra room for maneuverability and removing any door curbs or installing slopes. We can also locate the oven, sink, and refrigerator as close to each other as possible. Positioning grab-bars around the countertops is another possibility. Then, we can tailor your kitchen updates to your particular circumstances and preferences.

For example, we can choose the optimal appliances for your situation. Maybe we need to elevate your oven or make your microwave and dishwasher more accessible. Or, maybe you’d benefit from a low oven with a door that swings out instead of pulls down. We’ll help you find a range or cooktop with front-mounted controls and a refrigerator with a side-by-side freezer unit. We can even set you up with a motorized sink if necessary.

Additionally, we’ll determine whether your durable, low-maintenance countertops should be lowered or multi-level. We’ll also work out how to incorporate a seated work area into the space. We’ll install pullout shelves and Lazy Susan cabinets. Plus, we’ll determine which colors to use on the walls and counter edges to aid depth perception.

BenchMark Home Services has so much kitchen remodeling experience and aging in place know-how that we transform your hazardous kitchen into a much gentler space.

Bathroom Aging in Place Design

The bathroom is another highly frequented room in your house. And, like the kitchen, the bathroom is also a highly hazardous area when our bodies are frailer. But at BenchMark, we believe that the bathroom should always be a soothing and relaxing space. Therefore, we offer a host of bathroom aging in place home modifications in Hudson.

The first step we suggest is putting an accessible bathroom on the first floor if one doesn’t exist already. Of course, we’d ensure that this bathroom is big enough for wheelchair or walker clearance. Next, we would install a no-threshold shower and place grab-bars where you need them.  

If you love a luxurious bath, we can also equip your bathroom with a walk-in bathtub from Ella’s Bubbles. Ella’s Bubbles, the best walk-in bathtub brand, offers over 25 unique styles and exclusive models of walk-in bathtubs. Best of all, their bathtubs come with advanced safety features and ingenious therapeutic technologies to meet all your aging-in-place needs while still pampering you. Therefore, we would help you find the perfect walk-in bathtub from Ella’s Bubbles so you could always enjoy a leisurely soak at home.

Other major changes we recommend include switching your standard height toilet out for a comfort height toilet and putting permanent seating in the shower. Minor changes we can make would be lowering the vanity countertop, allowing for under-sink clearance, and hanging an angled or pivot mirror. We can even insert a walk-in tub or a bidet if you so desire.

Living Room Aging in Place Home Modifications

The living room is where much of the socialization and entertainment happens in the home. But it can also be the room in which you struggle to move around as you get older. That is, unless you request aging in place living room modifications from BenchMark Home Services. We can make your living room fun again by executing a series of significant adjustments.

To supply plenty of space for moving around with canes, crutches, walkers, or wheelchairs, we can extend the living space by taking down walls if necessary. Then, BenchMark’s highly skilled carpenters can construct and install built-ins to safely hold important objects, attractively eliminate clutter, and effectively clear up floor space. Inserting a custom entertainment center also permits you to keep electronics organized and concealed.

Grab-bars and handrails can also go in the living room next to preferred seating or low storage furniture. And, motorized window blinds can help you control the lighting and heat in the room without lifting a finger.

Bedroom Aging in Place Design

We all associate the bedroom with rest and relaxation. But the bedroom can lose some of its basic comforts as our ability to balance diminishes. For this reason, you need bedroom aging in place home modifications in Boston Heights to keep your bedroom harmless and homely. Thankfully, BenchMark Home Services can supply you with the best aging in place bedroom modifications for you.

If necessary, we would begin by relocating the master bedroom or master suite to the first floor. Then, we’d broaden the bedroom as much as possible to generate clear, wide passageways. We can also adjust the floorplan of your bedroom to furnish space for medical equipment.

To keep essential items within reach, BenchMark could craft built-ins with customized features such as a headboard, nightstands, shelving, or even a bed frame. We could also create a well-lit, spacious walk-in closet and fill it with custom storage such as built-ins with low shelves. Such a convenient closet would make clothes easier to reach and prevent clutter in the space.

Laundry Room Aging in Place Home Modifications

The laundry room may not be a place you love to go, but you’ll never stop needing clean clothes. What’s more, doing laundry becomes even more of a chore as our bodies become more delicate. But because BenchMark Home Services extends our aging in place design services in Macedonia to the laundry room, this essential task stays simple and painless.

First-floor living is a top priority for aging in place. So, BenchMark would relocate your laundry room to an easily accessible spot on the first floor if necessary. And, as with every other room, we would build out the laundry room to allow for wheelchair or walker mobility. Next, we can position a front-loading washer and dryer on pedestals to spare you from having to lift laundry or bend over. We would also hang cabinets or built-ins with roll-out shelves, Lazy Susans, or bins above and around your appliances.

We can put in an easy-to-use, large basin sink at the right height with clearance underneath. And, we would prefer to include a large, sturdy counter space with a soft material on top. An ironing board that folds down from the wall near the dryer is the safest set up for ironing. And to minimize the chance of a fire, BenchMark would station a light kit with a timer on the outlet where you’ll plug the iron in. That way, the light kit would automatically turn the iron off after a certain period of time.

Additional BenchMark Aging in Place Home Modifications

BenchMark has the ability to implement aging in place home modifications all throughout your house. We will work with you to discuss how you live in the house. Then, we will determine what must be done to make the house safer for you as you age.

For starters, we can produce the perfect balance of natural and artificial light so you can always see where you’re going and what you’re doing. Achieving this balance involves installing additional windows in most of the rooms and skylights or light tubes where possible. Establishing proper lighting also means positioning task lighting, recessed lighting, and strip lighting under cabinets, over walkways, next to mirrors, and above all workspaces. And we can outfit your lights with motion sensors. That way, the lights will turn on and off when you need them to and lower your electricity bills.

Furthermore, BenchMark can remove much of the risk of using the staircases in your house. To do so, we’ll cover the stairs with low pile carpet or adhesive non-slip strips. We would also flank both sides of the stairs with sturdy handrails. Then, we can illuminate the steps with plenty of lighting and position easy-to-use light switches at the top and bottom of the stairs.

Essential Aging in Place Home Modifications

Additionally, BenchMark Home Services can conduct other important alterations throughout your home. These changes include widening the doorways, installing pocket doors, or replacing the hinges on your doors with swing-away or swing-clear hinges so getting through doorways is easier. They also involve replacing the knobs and pulls on all the doors and cabinets with lever-style handles, D-handles, or loop handles. Raising the height of all the electrical outlets and replacing all toggle-style light switches with rocker-style light switches are other effortless adjustments for Benchmark. We can even equip your exterior doors with peepholes, deadbolts, and other protective hardware. If you want, we’ll also put up photosensitive porch or entryway lighting.

Of course, with our CAPS designation, BenchMark Home Services is your best bet for selecting the safest flooring for you. We can discern where in the house you may need something slip-resistant like vinyl or hardwood and where you might want something softer like carpeting or cork.

Finally, in the process of stretching the spaces you occupy the most to make way for wheelchairs and walkers, we may max out the capacity of the lower level of your house. In that case, BenchMark Home Services can place an addition onto your home. This addition would make all of your main rooms big enough to enable full mobility in all possible circumstances. BenchMark Home Services is more than capable of enlarging your home’s floorplan. As a result, you won’t have to sacrifice anything for accessibility that ages with you.

The Difference of BenchMark Aging in Place Design

Updating your home with aging in place home modifications in Aurora is an excellent move to make for your home for several reasons.

First, aging in place home modifications get your forever home in prime shape so you can live out the rest of your days there. You can have total peace of mind knowing that your house can handle all of your needs from here on out.

Second, even if you might move elsewhere at some point, aging in place home modifications raise the value of your home by enhancing it with universal design. Universal design aims to build more inclusive environments that everyone can use regardless of their age or physical ability. According to the Healthy Aging Begins at Home Report by the Bipartisan Policy Center in May 2016, only 3.8% of homes in the U.S. are suitable for individuals with moderate mobility difficulties. So, your house would be very attractive to all kinds of buyers. As a result, you would probably receive plenty of bids and be able to make a profit with your asking price.

BenchMark Home Services, a branch of Capozzi Design Build, performs aging in place home modifications of the highest quality. As a result, you’ll get the accessibility you hoped for and more. We are committed to doing every job right the first time, no matter how big or small. That way, you can have full confidence in the caliber of your home’s aging in place design.

Additionally, BenchMark Home Services exists to please you. For this reason, we never cut corners with professionalism. Instead, we take client care over the top with constant kindness and respect. Our home service masters have all passed drug tests and background checks. Besides that, they always arrive on time, finish on time, clean up before they go, and give you daily report of their progress.

BenchMark Service Areas

We are located in the greater Cleveland area. Therefore, our services areas include these northeast Ohio cities and their surrounding neighborhoods:

  • Peninsula
  • Aurora
  • Macedonia
  • Cleveland Heights
  • Boston Heights
  • Shaker Heights
  • University Heights
  • Chagrin Falls
  • Gates Mills
  • Moreland Hills
  • Willoughby Hills
  • Hunting Valley
  • Pepper Pike
  • Hudson
  • Twinsburg
  • Beachwood
  • Solon

BenchMark Home Services is here to guarantee that you can live in your perfect home as long as you desire. And we know that it’s safer to have extra support elements in your house when you don’t need them than to not have them when you do need them. For this reason, the sooner you incorporate aging in place home modifications into your home, the better. So, contact us to start your aging in place home modifications today!