Room Additions

Room Additions

As much as you love your home, it’s starting to feel a bit cramped. Maybe you’ve grown your family by adopting or having one more baby. Perhaps you’ve let a friend or family member come live with you. You may have started to work from home or picked up a captivating hobby. Or, you might have even remodeled a room in your house and decided other rooms could use some extra space now as well.

Whatever your reasoning, you’ve realized that your home could benefit from some additional room. And with a room addition, you can have a bigger house without having to move. You can also put the room addition wherever you want it. What’s more, you can customize every detail of your home addition. That way, it blends with the rest of the house while enhancing it with style. For these reasons, installing a room addition is a great way to get even more out of your home.

And the best way to get a room addition is by calling on BenchMark Home Services. With our room addition services in Solon, Ohio, you’ll receive the high-quality supplemental space you need to keep enjoying your home.

The Benefits of a BenchMark Room Addition

At BenchMark Home Services, we care about our clients more than anything else. The well-being of our clients is our top priority. Therefore, we rigorously adhere to the highest industry standards for all the work that we do. Our electricians, carpenters, plumbers, and other home services professionals make certain that every part of their projects is up to code. Additionally, we always suggest taking the steps that maximize the amount of protection and satisfaction your home can provide.

The second item on our agenda when building room additions in Willoughby Hills is always increasing the comfort and convenience of your home. We can help you fill your home addition with sufficient storage, durable materials, and energy-efficient components. And not only can we make your home more suitable to your needs, but we can also make it more luxurious for your wants. We’re capable of completing any customizations you desire so that you are absolutely satisfied with every detail of your new room addition.

By trusting BenchMark to expand your home with a room addition, you’re choosing to have the best home remodeling experience possible. After working with BenchMark, you’ll adore your room addition, and you’ll love your home even more. You’ll also appreciate the 2-year Workmanship Warranty we apply to your room addition to cover any issues you may have. And after your warranty expires, you can still access BenchMark’s top-notch home care thanks to our home maintenance services and our home repair services. Consequently, you can always count on BenchMark to preserve the pristine condition of your home.

The Promise of a BenchMark Room Addition

Each professional home improvement expert on the BenchMark team has over 15 years of experience. We’re also driven to do our best in everything because we exist solely to please our clients. Therefore, we can attend to every requirement you have for your room addition. You just have to communicate your needs with us so we can address them properly.

For instance, you may intend for your addition to achieve several different objectives. At that point, you should aim for a conventional house addition that creates multiple new rooms. On the other hand, maybe you just need another couple dozen square feet annexed onto your living room, dining room, or bedroom. In that case, a house bump-out should do the trick. You may even be able to accomplish the extension you necessitate with a garage conversion. But don’t worry: you don’t have to know how to meet your needs. You simply must know what you need, and BenchMark will worry about the rest.

BenchMark can also accommodate your wants with our room addition installations in Peninsula. Hoping your room addition will generate a wealth of natural light for that area of your home? Then trade the walls for floor-to-ceiling windows. Excited to entertain in your new space? Then work with our professional carpenters to construct a custom entertainment center framing a big screen TV. Unwilling to sacrifice close proximity to the outdoors? Then plan to put an addition on your addition in the form of a small deck.

BenchMark Home Services is committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations for every venture. So, give us the opportunity to impress you by revealing everything you want for your room addition. We’re sure we can deliver.

The Process of BenchMark Room Addition Installations

We’re here to help you reimagine what your home could be with an expanded floorplan and an updated design. Perhaps you love your street, your neighborhood, your city, and even parts of your house. Thankfully, a room addition from BenchMark allows you to transform your house into your perfect home so you can continue to live where you want to live. We can supply you with any type of room addition you could want, including the following types of room additions in Cleveland Heights:

Bump-Out Room Additions

Because even the smallest adjustments can make a big impact, BenchMark offers micro additions in the form of bump-outs. Typically, bump-outs are cantilevered home extensions that don’t require roof or foundation work. They can add anywhere from 2-15 feet to an existing room, and they are very adaptable. You can utilize a bump-out to accent your living room with a window seat, enrich your bedroom with a walk-in closet, upgrade your bathroom with a separate bathtub, or lengthen the counter space in your kitchen.

Attic Dormer Room Additions

If your attic is already functional but not entirely agreeable, you could request an attic dormer installation from BenchMark. An attic dormer opens up the angled ceiling, presents more practical wall space, brings in a bunch of natural light, and amplifies your home’s curb appeal. With a dormer, you could assign your attic to be a playroom, home office, entertainment area, or guest bedroom.

Sunroom Additions

A front porch fabricates a comfortable connection to the outdoors. But often, the weather dictates when you can occupy your front porch. However, you can work with BenchMark Home Services to turn your front porch into a sunroom by encasing it with walls. Then, you can retain your relationship with nature while increasing your control of your leisure. Once you equip your sunroom with heating and accessibility from your house, the space affords your home additional square footage. At that point, you can treat it like a second living room, a dining room, a library, a sitting room, a game room, or an entryway by filling it with lighting and furniture. Relying on BenchMark to conduct your sunroom alteration ensures that the roof and walls are tough enough to withstand the occasionally brutal northeast Ohio weather while protecting you from it.

Enclosed Back Porch Additions

Perhaps you love the view from your back porch or patio. But, you’re no longer enamored by its exposure to the elements. In that case, you should enlist BenchMark to enclose your back porch so it can become a cozy little sitting room, a catchall mudroom, or a laundry room. In order to list this space as more livable square footage, it must be fully walled in and accessible from the house. And we can comply with those specifications.

Finished Attic Room Additions

In some homes, a spacious yet unfinished attic is unfortunate. If your house contains such an attic, then you should empower it to reach its full potential by putting it in the hands of BenchMark Home Services. We can get it in prime shape with drywall, windows, lighting, flooring, and more. After your attic looks more like a room and less like a cave, it can act as an office, guest room, family room, kid’s room, or craft room.

Finished Basement Room Additions

Many homes in the Midwest are blessed with a basement. Yet, these sizable areas aren’t always prepared for occupants. However, if you’re okay with taking your living space down and out, you’ll find a finished basement to be extremely beneficial. Sometimes, you can easily double the size of your house by coating the basement with drywall and flooring because, at that point, you can form all kinds of rooms. BenchMark Home Services can enable a finished basement to fulfill just about any purpose. You could have it hold extra bedrooms, another bathroom, a home theater, a bar, a family room, a gaming room, a den, a laundry room, a gym, a studio, and more.

Attached Garage Conversion Room Additions

As you know, cars usually claim the garage as their living area. But if you want a fairly simple way to stretch your house, then you should consider kicking the cars out and taking over the garage. Whether you have a one, two, or three-car garage, BenchMark Home Services can lay down flooring, install a ceiling, and replace the garage door(s) with a solid wall so that the space is suitable for human residents. If necessary, we can also insert drywall and windows and introduce electricity, plumbing, and air conditioning. As a result, your garage can become your family room, living room, master suite, guest room, game room, gym, studio, craft room, or whatever else you need. With our honed home remodeling skills, we can even blend your garage conversion with the rest of your home seamlessly.

Above Garage Bonus Room Additions

Unable or unwilling to sacrifice your cars’ shelter for the sake of enlarging your own living space? Don’t fret. Your garage can still help solve your problem by serving as the base for a bonus room. Specifically, BenchMark can produce a room addition for you above the garage. An above garage bonus room addition can be a somewhat quick fix because you already have the foundation in place. So, you just need to deal with the walls and the roof. And once you’ve done that, you’ll have an ideal area for an extra bedroom, another bathroom, a guest room, a den, or some other advantageous area.

Conventional House Additions

If you’ve got a good amount of land surrounding your house and a long list of needs your room addition must meet, then you’ve got a superb setup for a conventional house addition. A conventional house addition is a multi-room structure built onto the side of the house in such a way that it blends in with the exterior of the house and permanently opens to the main interior of the house. Conventional home additions are extensive undertakings. However, they are also totally customizable constructions that can become anything you want or need them to be.

BenchMark Home Services can manage the development of a conventional house addition for you, as we have the knowledge and experience to handle every step. We can account for the major components such as the foundation, walls, windows, and roofing. We can also tackle the essential elements like electricity, HVAC, and plumbing. Plus, we can preside over the personalized details like the flooring, lighting, painting, built-ins, and more.

Conventional home additions in University Heights truly are very versatile. You can use them to furnish your house with a dining room, living room, family room, great room, guest bedroom, bathroom, master bedroom, and just about any other type of room.

Second Story Additions

When it comes to increasing the size of your house, the sky’s the limit. As cliché as that sounds, the fact that you can enlarge your home with a second story addition makes the idiom true. This sentiment behind that statement is even more accurate when you collaborate with BenchMark Home Services to build your second story addition.

BenchMark can literally take your home to the next level by erecting a second or even third story. As with all your other room addition options, we can take care of the entire process, including removing the existing roof, building up the walls, installing stairs, adding the new roof, and finishing all the new rooms.

Your new story can outfit your home with more bedrooms and bathrooms as well as a playroom, game room, office, studio, guest room, master suite, craft room, library, studio, or whatever kind of room you require.

The Difference of a BenchMark Home Services Room Addition

Receiving a room addition from BenchMark Home Services is one of the best things you can do for your home for several reasons.

Room additions in Pepper Pike are always worthwhile renovations to make on your forever home because you can relish them as long as possible. However, because room additions raise the value of your home, so they’re also a good investment for a house you plan to sell.

At BenchMark Home Services, we complete the highest quality room addition installations. Consequently, you’re guaranteed to get everything you hoped for and more. Furthermore, BenchMark does each and every part of the job the right way the first time. For these reasons, you can have lasting peace of mind in the integrity of your new structure.

Another perk of partnering with BenchMark is the fact that our commitment to pleasing you pushes us to demonstrate the most thorough professionalism. Each of our seasoned home improvement team members has passed drug tests and background checks. Moreover, our craftsmen are constantly kind and courteous. And, they always show up on time, leave on time, and clean before they leave. Finally, we send you daily reports to maintain constant communication with honest updates.

BenchMark Service Areas

BenchMark Home Services, a product of Capozzi Design Group, is headquartered in Solon, Ohio. Therefore, our services areas include these northeast Ohio towns and the surrounding greater Cleveland neighborhoods:

  • Pepper Pike
  • Twinsburg
  • Boston Heights
  • Hudson
  • Beachwood
  • Macedonia
  • Cleveland Heights
  • Willoughby Hills
  • Solon
  • Moreland Hills
  • Peninsula
  • Hunting Valley
  • University Heights
  • Aurora
  • Gates Mills
  • Chagrin Falls
  • Shaker Heights

BenchMark Home Services has the talent, techniques, and training you need to receive the room addition of your dreams. And because a BenchMark enterprise is stress-free, you don’t have to wait any longer to have a bigger and better house. Contact us to start your room addition today!