Aurora Home Remodeling

Home Remodeling in Aurora

Your Aurora home is your space. Whether you live in Aurora Shores, Barrington Estates, Cascades, Elm Creek, Kensington Court, Sandover, or Walden Farms, you should feel completely free and safe in your house. If you don’t, then you can’t live your life to the fullest in Aurora. BenchMark Home Services knows how awesome Aurora is. Therefore, we’re dedicated to improving your home there with our outstanding Aurora home remodeling services.

Home Remodeling Services in Aurora, Ohio

To guarantee that your home is gorgeous, we exhibit the home remodeling skills we’ve obtained during our decades of experience. What’s more, we reinforce all of our work with our 2-year Workmanship Warranty. Then, when the warranty ends, we keep your Aurora home in mint condition with our home services such as home maintenance and home repairs.

Some Aurora houses can’t become exquisite homes without a little help. However, others need a lot of help to become the best version of themselves. For this reason, our Aurora home remodeling services encompass any kind of remodeling your house might warrant, such as:

Living In Place Home Modifications in Aurora, Ohio

Your Aurora home’s design should accommodate all of its current and potential residents. So, if your kids are in Craddock Elementry, Leighton Elementary, Harmon Middle, or Aurora High School, they would love living in a house with easy-to-reach light switches and shelves. Or, if your aging relatives moved in with you instead of Independence Village, they would be grateful for a home with lever-style handles and wider doorways. Moreover, if you ever suffer from a debilitating injury, you’ll relish a house with slip-resistant flooring and carpeted stairs. 

How can your house appeal to such varied needs all at once? With living in place home modifications from BenchMark Home Services.

BenchMark Home Services is Aurora’s leading authority on living in place home modifications because we have a Certified Living In Place Professional (CLIPP) leading our team. Living in place home modifications produce inclusive environments that individuals of any age or physical ability can use. Thanks to our CLIPP, we’re fluent in universal design, the ideology that guides living in place home modifications. What’s more, we can collaborate with occupational therapists, architects, and interior designers to create effective and attractive barrier-free living spaces. 

Living In Place Designs

So, which living in place home modifications does your Aurora home need? Well, many of the kitchens in Aurora homes could use pull-down shelves and multi-height countertops. In your living room, you might benefit from more space and storage options to ensure clear walkways. In the primary bathroom, lower countertops and pivot mirrors may be the key to living in place. Lastly, in the primary bedroom, built-ins are sure to minimize messes.

Living in place home modifications that typically apply to the entire house include motion-sensor lights and pocket doors. Though such changes seem small, they can make a world of difference to some of the people that will spend time in your home. Therefore, investing in living in place home modifications in Aurora is worth every penny. 

Room Additions in Aurora, Ohio

Is space in your Aurora home a little tight? Do you lack any extra space? 

If so, then an Aurora room addition from BenchMark Home Services would do you good.

With BenchMark room additions in Aurora, Ohio, you can build out your home in the best way possible. As a result, you can move forward with your life without having to move out of your current house.

Perhaps you’d like to slip a soaking tub into your bathroom. A bump-out from BenchMark would give you the space. To realize your dream of reading in the clouds, we could equip you with an attic dormer. You’ll have a heap of bonus rooms once you finish your basement. And a conventional house addition can set you up with spare rooms at ground level. Of course, a second story from BenchMark can take your living space up a level. With an Aurora room addition from BenchMark, you can even wall-in your sunroom back porch.

BenchMark Home Services has got any kind of room addition covered. Consequently, relying on our room addition services is the best way to enlarge your home in Aurora.  

Whole House Remodeling Services in Aurora, Ohio

If your Aurora house is a bit of an antique, it probably suffers from leaky pipes, cracked walls, and creaky flooring. 

If your Aurora abode is pretty new, then it may lack your signature flair.

In either case, your house isn’t quite perfect. But your stunning neighborhood or speedy commute compensates for your home’s defects, so you’d rather not move. In that case, you can trust Aurora whole house remodeling services from BenchMark Home Services to solve your problems. 

Aurora Home Renovation and Home Remodeling

In Aurora, BenchMark’s whole house remodeling services cover detailed renovations, thorough remodels, and everything in between.

An acceptable Aurora renovation may bring custom built-ins, crown molding, extra lighting, and some new flooring into your home.

On the other hand, a full Aurora remodel would strip most walls down to the studs and build them up again with additions like a finished basement, a home office remodel, a new primary bath, and an open concept dining, kitchen, and living area.

Or, your Aurora whole house remodel may reach middle ground with an attic dormer, new flooring, an extended living room, and a kitchen refresh.

But qualifying your project as a reno or remodel isn’t something you have to worry about. BenchMark Home Services will figure it out and then get it done.  We can take on any home remodeling task, so long as it makes you happy. We’re well-known in the industry for our decades of experience and exceptional customer care. But the best part about Benchmark is that our whole house home remodeling services increase the utility, security, efficiency, comfort, and value of your home.  

BenchMark Home Services is unquestionably the best choice for your whole house remodel in Aurora. So, you should start your Aurora whole house remodel with BenchMark as soon as possible.

Kitchen Remodeling Services in Aurora, Ohio

As much as you may want to, you can’t eat every meal at a quality Aurora restaurant like Mad Jack’s, Cafe Toscano, El Camino, or 1815 Tavern. Instead, to keep your body and your bank account in good shape, you should craft your own delectable meals at home. And you can when you have a chef’s kitchen. 

But if your kitchen is crippled by busted pipes, broken cabinet doors, outmoded appliances, and peeling countertops, it won’t be able to help you achieve your culinary dreams. But a kitchen remodel from BenchMark Home Services can.

Thankfully, Benchmark Home Services delivers kitchen remodeling services that fix every flaw in your kitchen. Our kitchen remodeling resolves any and all weaknesses in safety or functionality from which your kitchen may suffer. But a BenchMark kitchen remodel in Aurora also positions your kitchen for cooking success with an ideal floor plan, top-notch materials, energy-efficient appliances, and opulent finishes. With these upgrades, you can whip up five-star cuisine from the comfort of your own home.

Aurora Kitchen Design

No matter what your Aurora kitchen requires to become the best version of itself, BenchMark Home Services can provide. We can take down and put up walls for the sake of the most convenient kitchen configuration. We can reposition your appliances to facilitate a smoother cooking process. And we can even craft custom cabinets, pantries, and islands to produce an outstanding storage system. 

Furthermore, due to the fact that we only use the best materials, construction techniques, and installation procedures, your kitchen will last for years with minimal maintenance. 

Our expert Aurora kitchen remodeling team can demolish any dilapidated kitchen and erect a perfect new kitchen in its place. So, by trusting BenchMark’s kitchen remodeling services, you’ll be putting your kitchen in the best hands. 

Bathroom Remodeling Services in Aurora, Ohio

When you can’t wait any longer for some much-needed me-time, you could visit the Spa Walden or Beauty and Zen Spa for a massage or facial. Or, you could experience an indulgent spa treatment in the calming retreat that is your primary bathroom. BenchMark Home Services makes it possible with our Aurora bathroom remodeling services.

Our bathroom remodeling services do so much more than simply eliminate health and safety issues like dankness, mold, leaks, and rust. We actually carve your own personal sanctuary out of the finest materials and most exquisite finishes. 

To cultivate your own tranquil oasis within any bathroom you like, we begin by bringing in whatever is missing, like a double sink vanity, a separate shower and bathtub, new tile, or new flooring. Then, we fulfill all of your bathroom design fantasies with shimmering tiles, chic hues, smart accessories, reflective fixtures, and enticing textures. We’ll even ensure that your bathroom is completely accessible with handrails and grab bars that make the space even more stylish, not less.

Once BenchMark has remodeled your bathroom, the luxury you’ve been looking for will be right behind the door. So, treat yourself to lavish care with our complete Aurora bathroom remodels. 

Living Room Remodeling Services in Aurora, Ohio

With Western Reserve, Greek Revival, Italianate Style, and Gothic Revival homes lining the streets of Aurora, your city displays a host of chic architecture. Yet, your old-fashioned living room doesn’t. 

You’d love for your living room to boast a bit more elegance, but instead, it’s burdened by outdated design. Consequently, your living room is a center of stress rather than relaxation in your home. BenchMark doesn’t want that for your Aurora home, so we provide living room remodeling services. 

The aim of our living room remodeling services in Aurora is to set you up with a serene, sophisticated, and inviting living room. To do so, we’ve perfected our living room remodeling abilities to the point that we can transform any unsightly living room with striking, personalized designs. As soon as BenchMark overhauls your living room, you’ll relish every second you spend there.

In order to optimize your space according to your lifestyle, we can enlarge and organize your living room. Furthermore, we can add windows, remove walls, lay new flooring, and even insert bespoke built-ins such as shelving or entertainment centers. 

Additionally, we can finesse your living room with finishing touches that coordinate with your home’s exquisite exterior, like a grand fireplace, stately trim and molding, and intricate ceiling treatments. 

Thanks to an Aurora living room remodel from BenchMark, your living room will go from ancient artifact to timeless treasure. Then, it will be a beautiful room beloved by your whole family. 

Home Office Remodeling Services in Aurora, Ohio

In recent years, working from home occasionally or even regularly has become much more common in Aurora. For this reason, Aurora home office remodeling services are becoming much more necessary. If your Twinsburg home office looks more like a janitor’s closet than a manager’s corner office, then you won’t be producing your best work. To help your home office bring more to the table, you need our Aurora home office remodeling services

To put your office through its paces, we begin by fixing worn flooring, augmenting insufficient lighting, patching cracked walls, and removing other dangers like lead paint or asbestos. After we’ve eliminated these issues, our home office remodeling will continue by updating your flooring, lighting, and We’ll then equip your home office with low-maintenance materials, energy-efficient devices, and tailored storage. Our master carpenters can empower your home office with built-in storage solutions and the ultimate desk. We can even mount a TV or monitor, install a half bath or kitchenette, or put up a dividing wall. Whatever your home office needs to rival your corporate office, we can provide it. 

By remodeling a home office in Aurora with BenchMark Home Services, you’ll be setting your career up for success.

Outdoor Kitchen Installations in Aurora, Ohio

Are you able to appreciate the beauty of renowned Aurora sights like Sunny Lake Park or Aurora Park? Do you pine to spend more time outside soaking in these scenic views with friends and family while feasting on delicious homemade delicacies?

If so, then you’ll love an outdoor kitchen. People who enjoy cooking, eating, and socializing outside need an outdoor kitchen. But people who need outdoor kitchens in Aurora don’t need to install them by themselves. Instead, they can turn to BenchMark Home Services for their outdoor kitchen installations. 

Aurora Outdoor Kitchen Installations

BenchMark Home Services can double or triple your available cooking space with our Aurora outdoor kitchen installations. We always stock our outdoor kitchens with food prep must-haves like a pantry, cabinets, a sink, side burners, an outdoor refrigerator, and more. We also encourage you to nurture your natural grilling talents with a gas grill, rotisserie grill, kamado grill, and smoker. If you’re really dying to impress your guests, we can even bring in extra goodies like a pizza oven, fire pit, a wine cooler, TV, kegerator, and pergola. 

After we set up all of your outdoor kitchen essentials, we’ll enable them to work flawlessly. Then, we’ll outfit your outdoor kitchen with stylish finishes such as backsplashes, countertops, weather-resistant lighting, and shelters. With these resources, you can keep your outdoor kitchen open in any kind of weather. It’s the best way to use a backyard that we know of. So, schedule your BenchMark Home Services outdoor kitchen installation in Aurora today!

Aging in Place Home Modifications in Aurora, Ohio

Most homeowners in America would rather stay in their houses than move into a retirement community as they get older. This fact is particularly true of older folks in Aurora, Ohio. If you don’t want to relocate to the Atrium or Independence Village, then you probably want to stay in your house for the rest of your life as well. In order to do that, you’ll want to make aging in place home modifications with the help of BenchMark Home Services.

As our bodies change with age, activities like taking a bath, going up or down stairs, or even making food become more challenging. Worse still, most American homes aren’t designed to make these tasks any easier for the elderly. However, aging in place home modifications can make your home safer and more suitable for you as you age so you can continue to live independently.

And BenchMark Home Services can complete the aging in place home modifications you need to stay in the Aurora home you love. Due to the fact that we have a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) leading our team, we can overhaul any Aurora home design issues that are jeopardizing your safety or mobility. 

Aging in Place Designs

At BenchMark Home Services, we help your house rise to the challenge of asking less and actually doing more as you enter the later stages of life. Our Aurora aging in place home modifications accomplish this with design changes such as lowering the upper cabinets and countertops and installing appliances with front-mounted controls in the kitchen. In the bathrooms, we bring in comfort-height toilets and put handrails and grab-bars in convenient places. 

We can improve any and every room in your house with our aging in place home modifications. Modifications such as a customized closet system in the bedroom, a front-load washer and dryer on pedestals in the laundry room, and motorized blinds in the living room might not sound that significant, but they are essential for empowering you to keep living in your forever home. 

BenchMark Home Services has the expertise and the skills necessary for implementing the best aging in place home modifications for you and your lifestyle. Once we revolutionize your home with aging in place design, you can live there as long as you like!

Home Remodeling in Aurora, Ohio

BenchMark Home Services wants to be your home concierge. So, as a branch of Capozzi Design Build, home remodeling services are among the many we extend to Aurora and the greater Cleveland area. We value your satisfaction so much, we’ll do whatever we can to secure it.

We also do every part of the job right the first time so that you can have complete peace of mind in the quality of our work. Additionally, we think of our clients as family, so we take the best care of you and your home.

You shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best home remodeling experience. Consequently, this belief guides the actions of our team members to the extent that they are always kind, respectful, considerate, punctual, and tidy. They also have decades of experience among them and have passed drug tests and background checks. 

BenchMark Home Services calls Solon, Ohio home, so our service areas include Aurora and these other northeast Ohio cities:

BenchMark Home Services cherishes the people and the houses in these communities. We want all the residents of Aurora, Ohio, to adore their homes. If you’re a citizen of Aurora who wants the same for you and your family, then contact us today!