Home Remodeling in Solon

Home Remodeling Services in Solon

Your Solon, Ohio, home is your space. Whether you live in the City Center, Orchard Road/ Som Center Road, Cannon Road/ Som Center Road, Pettibone Road/ Cromwell Road, or Aurora Road / Pettibone Road neighborhood, your house should always make you feel free and safe. If it doesn’t, then you can’t live with purpose or even enjoy all the strengths of Solon. BenchMark Home Services knows how special Solon is. For this reason, we’re dedicated to perfecting your home there with our outstanding Solon home remodeling services.

Home Remodeling Services in Solon, Ohio

To confirm that your home is exemplary, we exercise the home remodeling skills we’ve amassed throughout our decades of experience. Additionally, we bolster all of our work with a 2-year Workmanship Warranty. But our support doesn’t end when the warranty does. Instead, we continue to care for your Solon house with home services including home repairs and home maintenance.

A few Solon houses necessitate a little bit of help becoming stunning homes. Yet, others require a lot of help. Therefore, our Solon home remodeling services address any kind of remodeling your house call for, such as:

Room Additions in Solon, Ohio

Are some areas of your Solon home a little smaller than you’d like them to be? Could you use at least one new room all together? Or would you love to envelop your porch or sunroom into the rest of the house?

If so, then you’ll find the Solon room addition services you’re looking for at BenchMark Home Services.

With BenchMark room additions in Solon, you can expand your home according to your exact specifications. As a result, you won’t have to move to a new house or a new town to secure your desired living conditions.

Pining for a soaking tub in the master bath? Carve out the extra inches you need with a bump-out. Dreaming of a reading nook in the clouds? Devise one with an attic dormer. Dig the idea of a bonus room or two? Finish your basement to get as many as you’d like. Hoping to add to your collection of rooms at the ground level? Complete a conventional house addition. Or level up your living space with a second story. Want a bit more distance between you and nature? Wall in your sunroom or back porch.

You can do it all thanks to Solon room additions from BenchMark. We can make any new part of your house totally livable with a foundation, walls, ceiling, windows, flooring, lighting, electricity, air conditioning, plumbing, etc.

Basically, BenchMark Home Services can handle every detail of your Solon room addition.

Whole House Remodeling Services in Solon, Ohio

Perhaps you occupy one of the older homes in Solon, such as those you’d find in the City Center. The pipes leak, the floor creaks, the walls are cracked, and much of the house is antiquated.

Or maybe you live in a new build, like the houses located in the Aurora Road/ Pettibone Road neighborhood. The structure of your home is holding up well, but the charm is missing entirely.

In either type of home, you’re dealing with shortcomings. But your house’s faults don’t hold as much weight as your lovely neighborhood or your ideal location. So, you don’t want to move. In that case, you’re a prime candidate for Solon whole house remodeling services from BenchMark Home Services.

Solon Home Renovation and Home Remodeling

In Solon, our whole house remodeling services cover considerable renovations to comprehensive remodels and everything in between.

For instance, a legitimate Solon renovation might involve extra lighting, crown molding, new cabinets, custom built-ins, and a fully tiled bathroom.

Similarly, a full-scale Solon remodel would take the problematic rooms down to the studs. Then, the remodel would build the rooms back out with an open concept living and dining area. It might also issue a finished attic, a new master bath, and guest bedroom room addition.

Your Solon whole house remodel may even fall somewhere in between with a kitchen refresh, an attic dormer, an extended living room, and new flooring throughout.  

But you definitely don’t have to stress over the scope of your project. BenchMark Home Services can manage it no matter what. We founded our company solely to please our clients, so we’ve acquired the ability to administer any home remodeling project. Plus, we’re known for our handiwork and professionalism in the community. For these reasons, you won’t find a better crew for your whole house remodel in Solon.

And we trust that you’ll see how advantageous a BenchMark whole house remodel can be. It promises increased practicality, value, safety, efficiency, comfort, and more for your home. So, if you’re ready to optimize your home, then begin a whole house remodel with BenchMark.

Kitchen Remodeling Services in Solon, Ohio

Most likely, you can’t eat at the Chicago Deli, Jim’s Open Kitchen, Burntwood Tavern, the Rusty Bucket, or Imperial Wok for every meal. Because of this, your kitchen must enable you to make enticing food at home. That way, you can eat well whether you dine in or out.

But if your kitchen suffers from a case of peeling countertops, broken cupboards, leaky pipes, split flooring, or outmoded appliances, then you should remodel your kitchen before you refine your cooking skills.

Luckily, Benchmark Home Services serves up kitchen remodeling that save every square inch of your kitchen. Of course, our kitchen remodeling services fix all of your kitchen’s flaws in safety and functionality. And a BenchMark kitchen remodel in Solon also equips your kitchen for optimal performance. Specifically, we give your kitchen a fool-proof floorplan, energy-efficient appliances, durable substances, and modern finishes. Such upgrades will allow you and your family to both eat better and live better.

BenchMark can deliver whatever your Solon kitchen requires. To generate a more convenient kitchen configuration, we can take down and put up walls. To guarantee a smooth cooking system, we can reposition your appliances. And to keep everything you need for first-class meals close at hand, we can stock your kitchen with custom cabinets, a walk-in pantry, and a multi-purpose island.  

Moreover, we won’t settle for less than the best materials and the most effective construction methods for every part of your kitchen remodel. Consequently, your kitchen will last for decades and be easy to maintain the whole time.

No kitchen is too rundown or too dreamed up for BenchMark. So, your Solon kitchen will never be the same when you entrust it to BenchMark for our kitchen remodeling services.

Bathroom Remodeling Services in Shaker Heights, Ohio

When you need to get away for some essential self-care, you’ll only find a handful of places to go within driving distance of Solon. John Robert’s Spa and Spa Lavender are some of the most extravagant locations around. So, wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could fashion a sumptuous spa experience within your own home? Such a lavish scenario is possible thanks to our bathroom remodeling services in Solon, Ohio.

BenchMark’s bathroom remodeling doesn’t simply remove mold, leaks, dankness, rust, and other functional flaws with your bathroom. Instead, we push past the boundaries of bathroom remodeling in order to present an absolutely paradisiacal place for your personal hygiene.

First, we’ll arm your bathroom to meet your every need. For example, we’ll alter the room to yield a separate shower and bathtub, new flooring, a double sink vanity, or whatever else your current way of life demands. Then, we’ll polish it off with all the little luxuries you’ve been craving. These include gleaming fixtures, shining tiles, elegant hues, soothing textures, and smart accessories. We’ll even add supportive elements like grab-bars so as to ensure that your bathroom is accessible for everyone. And we won’t detract from the beauty of the space in the process.

In the end, your bathroom will afford you the calming ambience you’ve been longing for. Clearly, the most convenient way to customize your self-care in Solon is to conduct a bathroom remodel with BenchMark.

Living Room Remodeling Services in Solon, Ohio

With contemporary, split-level, ranch, bungalow, and colonial-style homes lining the streets, Solon boasts a wide variety of attractive architecture. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for your outdated living room.

While you’d love for your living room to scale the heights of modern elegance, it can’t climb out of its passé pit. So, even though the purpose of your living room is relaxation, being there stresses you out. And since such a situation is not indicative of a healthy home, BenchMark is ready to give your Solon house the living room remodel it so desperately needs.  

The point of our living room remodeling services in Solon is to make sure that every living room is warm, cozy, and welcoming. To accomplish this goal, we’ve fine-tuned our remodeling skills to the extent that we can infuse any old living room with uplifting, personalized designs. Once we redo your living room, you’ll relish every second you spend there.

We start by enlarging and rearranging your living room to generate the layout that maximizes the space while suiting your lifestyle. Next, we integrate new windows, additional lighting, and updated flooring in order to fabricate an open, airy, and chic living area. Then, to curate a clutter-free sanctuary, we implant sufficient storage such as a custom entertainment center or bespoke built-ins.

We can even incorporate details that reflect your architectural preferences, like pristine trim and molding, a stately fireplace, and complex ceiling treatments.

After finishing a Solon living room remodel with BenchMark, your living room will no longer be an ancient artifact. Rather, it will be a refreshing, modern retreat for everyone in your family.

Home Office Remodeling Services in Solon, Ohio

The ability to work from home is now more important than ever before. As a result, your home office has become a crucial room in your home.

But if your home office looks more like a janitor’s closet than a manager’s cubicle, it will inhibit your ability to work from home. Therefore, you should use BenchMark’s home office remodeling services in Solon to overhaul your home office.

To kick off your successful home office remodel, we’ll focus on the foundational surfaces of the room. Any well-worn flooring, insufficient lighting, cracked walls, or harmful substances like lead paint, asbestos, or mold will be shown the door. Then, once we’ve cleared out these hazards, we’ll turn our attention to the furniture and other essentials of an invigorating work environment.

For instance, we can outfit your home office with tailor-made storage, energy-efficient devices, and low-maintenance materials. By bringing in built-in shelving and cabinets and an executive-worthy desk courtesy of our expert carpenters, we’ll empower your home office to keep up with any of your work assignments. We can also mount a TV or monitor, erect a dividing wall, or put in a half bath or kitchenette to further increase your productivity when you’re working from home.

By partnering with BenchMark to receive our home office remodeling services in Solon, you can put yourself on the path to career success.

Outdoor Kitchen Installations in Solon, Ohio

Does your backyard provide a picturesque view of such idyllic Solon scenes as Community Park or Timberlake Park? Do you wish you could spend more time outside taking in this view with family and friends while tucking into tasty food?

If so, then you can appreciate the perks of an outdoor kitchen. An outdoor kitchen is the optimum setup for someone who is passionate about cooking, eating, and entertaining in the great outdoors. Maybe you can already envision your outdoor kitchen. Or perhaps you love the concept of an outdoor kitchen but can’t visualize it. Either way, BenchMark Home Services can form a first-rate outdoor kitchen for you.

Solon Outdoor Kitchen Installations

With Solon outdoor kitchen installations from BenchMark, you can double or triple the amount of cooking space your home supplies. We can enhance your outdoor kitchen with top-notch food prep tools like side burners, cabinets, an outdoor refrigerator, a sink, a pantry, and more. We can also encourage you to cultivate your innate grilling talents with a smoker, a gas grill, a rotisserie grill, and a kamado grill. Finally, we can even insert outdoor kitchen indulgences that will really dazzle your guests, like a wine cooler, TV, kegerator, fire pit, pizza oven, and pergola.

After we install all the right items, we’ll finish off your outdoor kitchen with gorgeous, weather-resistant appliances, countertops, backsplashes, lighting, and shelters. With these resources, you can keep your outdoor kitchen open no matter the season, come snow, sun, or rain. If such an opportunity satisfies your wildest dreams for your backyard, then you should commence your own outdoor kitchen installation in Solon with BenchMark Home Services.

Living In Place Home Modifications in Solon, Ohio

When your kids attend Arthur Road, Dorothy Lewis, Parkside, or Roxbury Elementary School, Orchard Middle School, or Solon High School, your house has to have a bathtub or two as well as easy-to-reach light switches and shelves. Yet, after an elderly relative moves in with you (rather than live at Vitalia or The Woods), then your house must contain a no-threshold shower, lever-style handles, and wider doorways. Furthermore, if you or your partner encounters an injury or illness, then you’d like to have slip-resistant flooring, carpeted stairways, and clean and clear walkways in your home.

So, how can your house oblige such a unique assortment of residents all at once? By receiving living in place home modifications from BenchMark Home Services.

The purpose of living in place home modifications is to generate inclusive environments that people of all ages and physical abilities can use. And BenchMark Home Services is your source for living in place home modifications in Solon because a Certified Living In Place Professional (CLIPP) leads our team. With our CLIPP credential, we’re masters of the universal design to which living in place home modifications adhere. We’re also qualified to collaborate with occupational therapists, architects, and interior designers in order to produce attractive, barrier-free living areas.

Living In Place Designs

Which living in place home modifications might be advisable for your Solon home? Well, your kitchen could probably benefit from countertops with multiple heights and cabinets with pull-down shelves. Most likely, the living room would entail increasing the square footage and storage so that the aisles are broad and clear enough for wheelchairs and walkers. For the bathroom, we’d recommend lowering the countertops, putting in a pivot mirror, and creating under-sink clearance in the vanity. And in the bedroom, some of the most common living in place home modifications include a custom closet system that grants access to everything.

We also suggest applying living in place home modifications throughout your house with motion-sensor lights, carpeted stairs, pocket doors, and contrasting colors between the walls and the floors. These changes are small, but they make a big difference to those who spend time in your home. For this reason, living in place home modifications in Solon are certainly worthwhile.

Aging in Place Home Modifications in Solon, Ohio

As most older homeowners in Solon and throughout America advance into the later stages of life, they prefer to stay in their houses rather than move into a retirement community. If you’re like them and you don’t plan to relocate to The Woods or Vitalia, then it would be prudent to adjust your house according to your evolving needs with aging in place home modifications from BenchMark.

As aging gradually transforms our bodies, activities like taking a shower, going upstairs, cooking food, and even just walking around become more taxing than ever. To make matters worse, most American homes aren’t designed with the challenges of age in mind. Consequently, engaging in the basic actions of daily life is even harder than many elderly people expect. Because of this, aging in place home modifications are key to your continued independent living.

Fortunately, BenchMark Home Services promotes your permanent habitation in the home you love with aging in place home modifications. A Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) heads our team, so our aging in place home modifications in Solon can adroitly resolve any complications that may limit your mobility and capability within your home.

Aging in Place Designs

Our aging in place home services encompass design tweaks that make your home work harder to accommodate anyone who visits you. For example, kitchen aging in place home modifications lower the cabinets and countertops and bring in appliances with front-mounted controls. Handrails and grab-bars are staples of bathroom aging in place home modifications, and we may even swap your old toilet out for a comfort height toilet.

We would also situate built-ins in the bedroom, motorized blinds in the living room, and a front-loading washer and dryer on pedestals in the laundry room. With these revisions, every room in your house can attend to your new circumstances.

At BenchMark, we have the knowledge and skills necessary to identify and institute the appropriate aging in place home modifications for you. As a result, you won’t have to depart your Solon home unless you want to.

Home Remodeling in Solon, Ohio

As a branch of Capozzi Design Build, BenchMark Home Services is here to be your home concierge. So, we extend home remodeling services to Solon and the greater Cleveland area. Due to our wealth of education and our long history in the industry, we can easily serve as your one-stop-shop for home renovations, home improvements, home repairs, and more. What’s more, we’re so devoted to your happiness that we always go above and beyond your expectations.

But one of the most rewarding features of working with BenchMark Home Services is our unrivaled customer care. We want you to be unshakably confident in the caliber of our craftmanship. Therefore, we do every part of our job right the first time, every time.

We also commit to fostering the most enjoyable remodeling experience possible. Therefore, our team members always display extreme consideration, kindness, and respect to our clients. Plus, they’ve all passed drug tests and background checks and are consistently punctual and clean.

Because we actually call Solon home, Solon is one of our many services areas, along with these other northeast Ohio cities:

BenchMark Home Services cares about the people in these areas, so we direct all of our time and effort toward improving the houses in these areas. We believe everyone in Solon deserves to dwell in healthy living conditions that inspire them to thrive. If that’s what you’re looking for as a citizen of Solon, then contact us today to start your Solon home remodel!