Kitchen Design Workshop Northeast Ohio

The Loretta Paganini School of Cooking Presents a Kitchen Design Workshop Led by Anne Capozzi

On Saturday, November 4, our very own Anne Capozzi, CKD, CAPS, CLIPP, will host  “Designing Kitchens for Cooking Enthusiasts,” a kitchen design workshop, at the Loretta Paganini School of Cooking. Anne has crafted this workshop exclusively for committed home cooks who need their kitchens to join them on their culinary journeys. 

Anne’s Design Expertise

This kitchen design workshop will be brimming with information, as Anne covers innovative kitchen layouts, appliance technology, cookware storage, and more. She’ll explain everything from designing the ideal prep area to selecting the best cooking materials. Under her instruction, you’ll be able to see your kitchen as the functional and stylish embodiment of your culinary zest.

Anne is perhaps the best creative in all of Northeast Ohio to conduct this kitchen design workshop. Naturally, she has numerous kitchen design certifications and credentials. But she also has a long history with cabinetry construction, as she comes from a long line of cabinet makers. And for decades now, she has led a design-build team with over one hundred years of distinguished, award-winning kitchen design experience in order to change the lives of discerning homeowners in Chagrin Falls and throughout Northeastern Ohio.

What’s more, Anne has prioritized healthy living since she was a young adult. She and Kevin focus on eating healthy and exercising every day. And Anne is always cooking wholesome meals for her family and friends. Anne is actually about as invested in cooking as she is in kitchen design. Her passions pair together perfectly!

Kitchen Design Workshop Northeast Ohio

Loretta’s Exquisite Cuisine

So, Anne is the consummate host. Could this workshop get any better? Yes! Because while you listen to Anne, you’ll also be enjoying a mouthwatering meal prepared by Chef Paganini. The menu will feature roasted butternut squash soup, wild mushroom goat cheese risotto, pork tenderloin medallions, chocolate cake, and more. 

You’ll need to bring your imagination and your appetite to make the most out of this extraordinary event. Get all the details and register now so you don’t miss it!

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