Home Improvement Services

Home Improvement Services

As much as you may love your home, you know that certain areas could be improved. The flooring may be outdated, the windows may be an energy suck, the kitchen may be living in the past, or the bathroom may have seen better days. Whether a design is old-fashioned, an appliance is outmoded, or a structural element is overworked, your house needs help. And that’s just what BenchMark Home Services is here to do. We provide the help your home needs with our home improvement services. With each of our home improvement team members equipped with over 15 years of experience, we’re able to masterfully revamp your house with these home improvement services:

Home Installations

With our home installation services, BenchMark Home Services can update any component of your house. What’s more, our top-notch expertise ensures that we complete every installation properly and impeccably.

For example, with our home improvement services, we can install the basics of every room – doors, windows, flooring, trim, and molding – in any room in your home.

Home Improvement Door Installations

Our door installation services cover any type of interior door installation, such as:

  • Accordion door installations
  • Barn door installations
  • Battened and ledged door installations
  • Bi-fold door installations
  • Café and saloon door installations
  • Dutch door installations
  • Flush door installations
  • French door installations
  • Hidden door installations
  • Hinged door installations
  • Paneled door installations
  • Pivot door installations
  • Pocket door installations
  • Pre-hung door installations
  • Slab door installations
  • Sliding door installations

We can also handle exterior door installations like:

  • Front door installations
  • Side door installations
  • Screen door installations
  • Storm door installations

Furthermore, we can complete door installations of any material, including:

  • Aluminum door installations
  • Bamboo door installations
  • Fiber reinforced plastic door installations
  • Fiberglass door installations
  • Glass door installations
  • Hollow core door installations
  • Metal door installations
  • PVC door installations
  • Solid core door installations
  • Solid wood door installations
  • Vinyl door installations

Home Improvement Flooring Installations

BenchMark Home Services is seasoned in flooring installations of any kind, such as:

  • Bamboo flooring installations
  • Carpet flooring installations
  • Cork flooring installations
  • Engineered hardwood flooring installations
  • Laminate flooring installations
  • Linoleum flooring installations
  • Marmoleum flooring installations
  • Natural stone tile flooring installations
  • Parquet flooring installations
  • Porcelain or ceramic tile flooring installations
  • Polished concrete flooring installations
  • Solid hardwood flooring installations
  • Rubber flooring installations
  • Terrazzo flooring installations
  • Travertine flooring installations
  • Vinyl flooring installations

Before we install your new flooring, we can install electric floor heating systems underneath it. Depending on the type of flooring you choose, we’ll enhance it with the proper electric floor heating system, like:

  • Flex roll electric floor heating installations
  • Mat electric floor heating installations
  • Cable electric floor heating installations

Home Improvement Window Installations

Our home improvement services can address any window installation, such as:

  • Accent window installations
  • Arched window installations
  • Awning window installations
  • Bay window installations
  • Bow window installations
  • Casement window installations
  • Custom window installations
  • Double-hung window installations
  • Egress window installations
  • Garden window installations
  • Glass block window installations
  • Hopper window installations
  • Jalousie window installations
  • Picture window installations
  • Projection window installations
  • Round circle window installations
  • Single-hung window installations
  • Skylight window installations
  • Slider window installations
  • Stationary window installations
  • Storm window installations
  • Transom window installations

With our window installations, we can also work with various window frame materials, including:

  • Aluminum window frame installations
  • Clad wood window frame installations
  • Fiberglass window frame installations
  • Wood window frame installations
  • Vinyl window frame installations

To complement our window installation services, we also offer new window blinds installations.

Home Improvement Trim and Molding Installations

If you’re looking to grace your home with a little extra character, then you’ll appreciate the trim installations that BenchMark Home Services offers. New trim will not only cover the space between the floors, the walls, and the ceilings, but it will also make your rooms look much more polished and refined. Trim also ties the styles of the different rooms in your home together by acting as a unifying accent.

For these reasons, introducing trim into your home is worthwhile. And BenchMark can do it for you with our trim installations. As part of our home improvement services, our trim installations include:

  • Baseboard installations
  • Beadboard installations
  • Chair rail trim installations
  • Corbel trim installations
  • Corner block trim installations
  • Door trim installations
  • Picture rail installations
  • Plate rail installations
  • Wainscoting installations
  • Window trim installations

We also offer assorted molding installations, such as:

  • Architrave molding installations
  • Bead molding installations
  • Board and batten molding installations
  • Cove molding installations
  • Crown molding installations
  • Dentil molding installations
  • Egg and dart molding installations
  • Panel molding installations
  • Pearl molding installations
  • Picture frame molding installations
  • Pierced molding installations
  • Wall frame molding installations

Home Improvement Kitchen Installations

Many people consider the kitchen to be the heart of the home, which would explain why many of the materials there take a beating. As your kitchen works hard to keep your family happy, it definitely deserves some TLC every once in a while. And BenchMark can show your kitchen some love with our home improvement services.

Cabinet Installations

With regular clanging and banging, kitchen cabinets specifically could use a facelift after five or so years. For this reason, BenchMark’s home improvement services are particularly proficient with cabinet installations.

Our cabinet installation services incorporate any kind of cabinet, including:

  • Base cabinets installations (lower cabinet installations)
  • Cabinet drawer installations
  • Tall cabinets installations (pantry cabinet installations/utility cabinet installations)
  • Wall cabinets installations (upper cabinet installations)

Furthermore, we offer installations of any make of cabinet, such as:

  • Custom cabinet installations
  • Ready-to-assemble cabinet installations
  • Semi-custom cabinet installations
  • Stock cabinet installations

We can also put cabinets made of any material in place with installations including:

  • Laminate cabinet installations
  • MDF cabinet installations
  • Melamine cabinet installations
  • Metal cabinet installations
  • Particleboard cabinet installations
  • Plywood cabinet installations
  • Solid wood cabinet installations
  • Thermofoil cabinet installations
  • Wood veneer cabinet installations

Finally, we can put in any style of cabinet with installations like:

  • Arched cathedral cabinet installations
  • Beadboard cabinet installations
  • Custom cabinet installations
  • Distressed cabinet installations
  • Flat panel or slab cabinet installations
  • Inset cabinet installations
  • Louvered cabinet installations
  • Mission cabinet installations
  • Shaker cabinet installations
  • Thermofoil cabinet installations

And with our carpentry services, we can actually make custom cabinets for you as well.

Countertop Installations

Your countertops also endure a lot of physical contact, so they easily show signs of wear and tear. With the kitchen countertop installations that contribute to our home improvement services, you can relieve your old countertops by bringing in more durable, stylish, and sustainable countertops.

We complete any kind of countertop installation, such as:

  • Concrete countertop installations
  • Glass countertop installations
  • Granite countertop installations
  • Laminate countertop installations
  • Lava countertop installations
  • Natural stone countertop installations
  • Marble countertop installations
  • Porcelain countertop installations
  • Quartz countertop installations
  • Resin countertop installations
  • Soapstone countertop installations
  • Solid-surface material countertop installations
  • Stainless steel countertop installations
  • Tile countertop installations
  • Travertine countertop installations
  • Wood or butcher block countertop installations

After we install your countertops, we can endow them with electric radiant countertop heaters. Based on the size of your countertops, we’ll either add a pre-made countertop heater or a custom countertop heater.

Backsplash Installations

Additionally, if you don’t have a backsplash, your kitchen walls are probably begging you for one. Luckily, BenchMark Home Services’ home improvement services can accommodate them with our kitchen backsplash installations. Our kitchen backsplash installations include the following materials:

  • Bronze backsplash installations
  • Ceramic tile backsplash installations
  • Glass tile backsplash installations
  • Granite backsplash installations
  • Porcelain tile backsplash installations
  • Marble backsplash installations
  • Metal tile backsplash installations
  • Mirror backsplash installations
  • Quartz backsplash installations
  • River rock backsplash installations
  • Stainless steel backsplash installations
  • Stone tile backsplash installations
  • Thermoplastic backsplash installations
  • Wood backsplash installations

Appliance Installations

Because older appliances often consume more energy, your utility bills and the environment could benefit from swapping your refrigerator, microwave, stove, oven, and dishwasher out for more energy-efficient versions. We complete appliance installations for various brands, such as Whirlpool, LG, Samsung, Frigidaire, KitchenAid, and more.

Kitchen Sink Installations

If you love everything about your kitchen except the kitchen sink, BenchMark Home Services can solve your sink problem with a new kitchen sink installation. We can supply you with a sink of any material with the following kitchen sink installations:

  • Cast iron sink installations
  • Copper sink installations
  • Fireclay sink installations
  • Granite composite sink installations
  • Stainless steel sink installations

We can also install sinks of any style with these kitchen sink installations:

  • Bar sink installations
  • Corner sink installations
  • Drainboard sink installations
  • Double bowl/basin sink installations
  • Farmhouse sink installations (apron front sink installations)
  • Integrated sink installations
  • Kitchen island sink installations
  • Low-divider double basin sink installations
  • Single bowl/basin sink installations
  • Top-mount sink installations (drop-in sink installations, self-rimming sink installations)
  • Undermount sink installations

Kitchen Lighting Installations

To better illuminate your kitchen, BenchMark Home Services can provide kitchen lighting installations of the following types:

  • Cabinet lighting installations
  • Decorative pendant lighting installations
  • Dining area fixture installations
  • Directional recessed lighting installations
  • Multiple lamp fixture installations
  • Recessed lighting installations
  • Sconce installations
  • Spotlight installations
  • Track lighting installations

Kitchen Faucet Installations

With our kitchen installation services, BenchMark Home Services can address both the larger elements and the smaller details of your kitchen. So, if you just need a new kitchen faucet installed, we’re at your service with our kitchen faucet installations. We handle kitchen faucet installations such as:

  • Basin taps faucet installations
  • Cold water dispenser installations
  • Commercial faucet installations
  • Centerset faucet installations
  • Faucets with water filters installations
  • Hot water dispenser installations
  • Pot filler faucet installations
  • Pull-out faucet installations
  • Pull-down faucet installations
  • Separate spray faucet installations
  • Single-handle faucet installations
  • Touchless faucet installations
  • Two-handle faucet installations
  • Two handles, one-hole faucet installations
  • Wall-mounted faucet installations
  • Widespread faucet installations

Additional Kitchen Installations

Because we want you to have the perfect kitchen, BenchMark Home Services also offers the following kitchen installations:

  • Garbage disposal installations
  • Range hood installations
  • Sink drain installations
  • Water tank installations
  • Wine cooler installations
  • HomeWine rack installations

Home Improvement Outdoor Kitchen Installations

When the seasons change, do you start planning a new seasonal meal to share with your friends and family in your outdoor kitchen? If so, then you know that the food is tastier and the parties are livelier in an outdoor kitchen. You also know that your outdoor kitchen could use some sprucing after a number of years.

Thankfully, BenchMark’s home improvement services can update your outdoor kitchen with new materials and appliances of any kind.

Outdoor Kitchen Flooring Installations

Your outdoor kitchen needs a sturdier foundation than soil and grass. For this reason, BenchMark Home Services installs appropriate outdoor flooring such as:

  • Brick floors
  • Ceramic tile floors
  • Composite wood decking floors
  • Concrete floors
  • Natural stone floors
  • Porcelain tile floors
  • Plastic tile floors

Outdoor Kitchen Grill Installations

If you’re a grill master at heart, then you probably consider the grill to be the crown jewel of your outdoor kitchen. So, if your once-shiny grill is looking a little rough around the edges or is too burnt out to perform anymore, then BenchMark Home Services can set you up with a new star grill. We install various types of built-in or portable grills, including:

  • Charcoal grills
  • Charcoal kettle grills
  • Ceramic grills
  • Gas grills
  • Kamado grills
  • Pellet grills
  • Propane grills
  • Rotisserie grills
  • Smoker grills

We’ll also be sure to trim your outdoor grill with an insulted grill jacket, access doors, a vent panel, and a vent hood. Furthermore, we can trick your beloved grill out with accessories such as:

  • Griddle
  • Grill cover
  • Rotisserie kit
  • Sear burner
  • Smoker box

Additional Outdoor Kitchen Appliance Installations

Just because everything in your outdoor kitchen revolves around the grill doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to just one defining appliance. Instead, you can stock your outdoor kitchen with an array of additional appliances in order to truly maximize all your potential as a chef. BenchMark Home Services can help you fill the hot and cold zones of your outdoor kitchen with the following appliances:

  • An additional grill
  • Griddle
  • Pizza oven
  • Side burners
  • Warming drawer

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet Installations

An outdoor kitchen isn’t complete without cabinets. Cabinets provide tons of storage so that you don’t have to keep running back to your indoor kitchen when you’re cooking in your outdoor kitchen. BenchMark can hook your outdoor kitchen up with all makes of cabinets, such as:

  • High-density polyethylene (HDPE) cabinets
  • Marine-grade polymer cabinets
  • Stainless steel cabinets
  • Teak cabinets

BenchMark can also overlay your outdoor kitchen walls with some stunning finishes, including:

  • Brick
  • Concrete
  • Stone
  • Stucco
  • Wood

What’s more, we can configure your outdoor kitchen cabinets to generate all sorts of storage options, such as:

  • Access doors
  • Access drawers
  • Door/drawer combo cabinets
  • Enclosed pantry
  • Paper towel holder
  • Propane tank bin
  • Trash bin

Additional Kitchen Storage Installations

You can keep lots of your cooking items in your kitchen cabinets, but some foodstuffs fare better on ice. For this reason, BenchMark Home Services can endow the cool zone of your outdoor kitchen with specific types of outdoor refrigeration appliances and storage containers, such as:

  • Beverage center
  • Beverage cooler
  • Ice bin (with condiment trays)
  • Coolers
  • Ice chest
  • Ice maker
  • Kegerator
  • Outdoor freezer
  • Refrigerator
  • Wine cooler

Outdoor Kitchen Countertop Installations

Other than the flooring, the countertops comprise the largest exposed area of your outdoor kitchen. Therefore, they must be able to withstand the occasionally brutal Ohio weather. They also have to endure all the food prep you do. But because your outdoor kitchen countertops also contribute so much to the visual effect of your kitchen, you certainly want them to be beautiful. BenchMark Home Services understands all of these concerns. As a result, we’ve made sure that we can put any kind of countertops in your outdoor kitchen, such as:

  • Concrete countertops
  • Glass countertops
  • Granite countertops
  • Limestone countertops
  • Marble countertops
  • Paving stone countertops
  • Porcelain tile or slabs countertops
  • Quartzite countertops
  • Slate countertops
  • Soapstone countertops
  • Stainless steel
  • Stone countertops
  • Travertine countertops
  • Ultra-compact surface countertops

Outdoor Kitchen Sink and Faucet Installations

If you need a new outdoor sink and faucet in the wet zone of your outdoor kitchen, we can install any kind, including:

  • Built-in sinks
  • Double bowl sinks
  • Drop-in sinks
  • Dual mount sinks
  • Farmhouse/apron sinks
  • Offset sinks
  • Rectangular sinks
  • Round sinks
  • Single bowl sinks
  • Tri-bowl sinks
  • Undermount sinks

As for outdoor faucets, BenchMark is familiar with the installation of all versions, such as:

  • Cast spout faucets
  • Pot-filler faucets
  • Pre-rinse faucets
  • Pull-down faucets
  • Pullout faucets
  • Swivel spout faucets

Outdoor Kitchen Backsplash Installations

If you put part of your outdoor kitchen against the side of your house or the wall of some other structure, or if you have a raised bar on a kitchen island, then your outdoor kitchen design could use a backsplash. A backsplash is both stylish and practical, as it enhances the aesthetics of your outdoor kitchen while protecting the surfaces behind it. BenchMark knows a thing or two about backsplashes, so we can insert any sort of backsplash into your space, including:

  • Brick backsplash
  • Ceramic tile backsplash
  • Corrugated metal sheet backsplash
  • Glass tile backsplash
  • Marble tile
  • Natural stone tile backsplash
  • Pebble backsplash
  • Porcelain tile backsplash
  • Wood planks

Outdoor Kitchen Lighting Installations

One of the benefits of an outdoor kitchen is a wealth of natural light. But you don’t want to have to take the party indoors when the sun goes down. Instead, with light fixtures in your outdoor kitchen, you can stay out long after it gets dark. BenchMark can sufficiently illuminate your outdoor kitchen with outdoor lighting like:

  • Ceiling lights
  • Gas lights
  • Hanging lights
  • Landscape lights
  • Post lights
  • Sconces
  • Wall lights

Outdoor Heating and Cooling Installations

As much as you may love nature’s influence on your backyard, you still want to fabricate an appealing environment for your outdoor kitchen. In that case, you’ll need the trappings of outdoor living that warm you up, cool you down, and get you out of the sun and rain when necessary. Once again, BenchMark has the capacity to rig your outdoor kitchen with the right heating and cooling resources for you, such as:

  • Ceiling fans
  • Evaporative air coolers
  • Fire bowls
  • Fire pits
  • Outdoor fireplaces
  • Fire tables
  • Fire urns
  • Misting fans
  • Patio heaters
  • Patio umbrellas
  • Pergolas
  • Pavilions
  • Sun shades and sails
  • Wall-mounted fans

Outdoor Entertainment Installations

Some of the best food you can make for watching the game requires the grill. So, if you’re using your outdoor kitchen to serve up grub during your favorite sporting event, then you need a TV out there with you so that you don’t miss a moment of the action. With a big screen and big comfy chairs (or bar stools), you and your friends can chow down on the most appropriate home-gating foods while you cheer on your team. If you augment your viewing with a sweet sound system, you can also host outdoor dance parties during the offseason. And when you trust BenchMark Home Services to perfect your outdoor kitchen, you can be sure that your TV and sound system are secure and operational.

Home Improvement Bathroom Installations

The materials in your bathroom endure a lot. In the process of getting you clean, your bathroom can get pretty dirty. And while you dry off, they retain water. Consequently, the build-up of grime and excess moisture can leave bathrooms permanently grubby, especially if they comprise lower-quality materials.

What’s more, bathroom designs often appear dated sooner than the designs of other rooms in the home. Old wallpaper, oddly shaped tiles, and trendy colors in the tub cast your bathroom as a blast from the past.

But these issues with bathroom basics don’t have to overwhelm you because BenchMark Home Services can replace any part of your bathroom with our bathroom installations.

Bathroom Tile Installations

One of the strongest, most stylish, and most enduring materials for your bathroom is tile. You can contain the tile within the shower, or you can tile the entire bathroom from floor to ceiling. Whichever amount of tile you prefer, BenchMark Home Services can install it. Our home improvement services offer the following types of tile installations:

  • Cement bathroom tile installations
  • Ceramic or porcelain bathroom tile installations
  • Decorative bathroom tile installations
  • Glass bathroom tile installations
  • Granite bathroom tile installations
  • Limestone bathroom tile installations
  • Marble bathroom tile installations
  • Metal bathroom tile installations
  • Mosaic bathroom tile installations
  • Natural stone bathroom tile installations
  • Pebble bathroom tile installations
  • Quarry bathroom tile installations
  • Resin bathroom tile installations
  • Saltillo bathroom tile installations
  • Slate bathroom tile installations
  • Terra-cotta bathroom tile installations
  • Travertine bathroom tile installations
  • Vinyl bathroom tile installations

Shower Installations

We know that the shower is one of the most important components of the bathroom. Therefore, BenchMark Home Services will never leave you high and dry when it comes to shower installations. Instead, to ensure that you can clean yourself in complete comfort, we can accomplish the following types of shower installations:

  • Digital shower installations
  • Electric shower installations
  • Manual mixer shower installations
  • Power shower installations
  • Thermostatic mixer shower

We can also furnish the following styles of shower installations:

  • Corner enclosure shower installations
  • Curved enclosure shower installations
  • Neo-angle enclosure shower installations
  • No threshold shower installations
  • Rectangular enclosure shower installations
  • Round enclosure shower installations
  • Square enclosure shower installations
  • Tub and shower combination installations
  • Walk-in shower installations

Of course, BenchMark Home Services is your source for shower installations of these materials:

  • Ceramic tile shower installations
  • Cultured marble shower installations
  • Engineered quartz shower installations
  • Fiberglass or acrylic shower installations
  • Marble tile shower installations
  • Porcelain tile shower installations
  • Natural stone shower installations
  • Solid-surface materials shower installations
  • Travertine shower installations

If you’d just like to update your shower door from a curtain rod, we can assist you with our shower door installations of the following kinds:

  • Hinged shower door installations
  • Pivot shower door installations
  • Sliding shower door installations

We can also switch out your showerhead with these showerhead installations:

  • Body shower installations
  • Ceiling-mounted showerhead installations
  • Concealed showerhead installations
  • Exposed rain shower installations
  • Handheld showerhead installations
  • Multi-setting showerhead installations
  • Single-setting showerhead installations
  • Shower tower installations
  • Waterfall shower installations

If you want to enhance your shower with accessories such as grab-bars, built-in seats, or built-in shelving, we can install those as well.

Bathtub Installations

Adding the right kind of bathtub to your bathroom allows you to create a truly luxurious bathing experience. For this reason, BenchMark Home Services supplies the following types of bathtub installations:

  • Air tub bathtub installations
  • Alcove bathtub installations
  • Clawfoot bathtub installations
  • Corner bathtub installations
  • Drop-in bathtub installations
  • Flat-bottom bathtub installations
  • Free-standing bathtub installations
  • Generic bathtub installations
  • Soaking bathtub installations
  • Undermount bathtub installations
  • Walk-in bathtub installations
  • Whirlpool bathtub installations

We also install bathtubs made of the following materials:

  • Acrylic bathtub installations
  • Cast iron bathtub installations
  • Composite bathtub installations
  • Copper bathtub installations
  • Cultured solid-surface bathtub installations
  • Enamel bathtub installations
  • Fiberglass bathtub installations
  • Porcelain enameled cast iron bathtub installations
  • Porcelain enameled steel bathtub installations
  • Specialty glass bathtub installations
  • Specialty wood bathtub installations
  • Stone resin bathtub installations

Toilet Installations

Another essential part of the bathroom is the toilet. Reasons to replace your toilet include updated design, improved functionality, or increased convenience. But no matter why you want to switch out your toilet, BenchMark Home Services can tackle it with our toilet installations. We can manage installations of any toilet style, including:

  • One-piece toilet installations
  • Two-piece toilet installations
  • Wall-mounted toilet installations

We can also set you up with a toilet of any flushing type with the following installations:

  • Single-flush toilet installations
  • Dual-flush toilet installations
  • Touchless flush toilet installations
  • Pull-chain toilet installations
  • Pressure-assisted toilet installations
  • Gravity toilet installations

Installing toilets of various heights or bowl dimensions is also not a problem for us, as we can complete the following toilet installations:

  • Compact elongated toilet installations
  • Elongated toilet installations
  • Round front toilet installations
  • Comfort height toilet installations
  • Standard height toilet installations
  • Child and juvenile height toilet installations

Finally, we can even address installations of unique toilet types and styles, such as:

  • Bidet installations
  • Urinal installations
  • Compact toilet installations
  • Corner toilet installations
  • Square toilet installations

Bathroom Vanity Installations

The range of functionality for bathroom vanities varies. Your vanity can just let you wash your hands, or it can also hold your stuff, see yourself, help you get ready for the day, and more. For these reasons, the type of bathroom vanity you have may differ, but BenchMark Home Services can still install it. Specifically, we take care of bathroom vanity installations of these styles:

  • Cabinet bathroom vanity installations
  • Freestanding bathroom vanity installations
  • Pedestal sink bathroom vanity installations
  • Rectangular bathroom vanity installations
  • Round bathroom vanity installations
  • Square bathroom vanity installations
  • Undermounted sink bathroom vanity installations
  • Vessel sink bathroom vanity installations
  • Wall-mounted/floating bathroom vanity installations

We can also cover bathroom vanity installations of the following materials:

  • Laminate bathroom vanity installations
  • Particleboard bathroom vanity installations
  • Plywood bathroom vanity installations
  • Marble bathroom vanity installations
  • Wood bathroom vanity installations

Bathroom Storage Installations

If you need additional storage in your bathroom along with your vanity, BenchMark Home Services offers the following bathroom storage installations:

  • Built-in linen closet installations
  • Medicine cabinet installations
  • Towel rack installations
  • Wall-mounted cabinet installations
  • Wall-mounted shelving installations

Bathroom Mirror Installations

You’ve got to see yourself in the bathroom to make sure you’re completely clean and looking good. Therefore, we assist with bathroom mirror installations of the following types:

  • Captain’s mirrors bathroom installations
  • Double bathroom mirror installations
  • Extension bathroom mirror installations
  • Framed bathroom mirror installations
  • Frameless bathroom mirror installations
  • Full-length bathroom mirror installations
  • Ledged bathroom mirror installations
  • Lighted bathroom mirror installations
  • Medicine cabinet mirror installations
  • Mirrored bathroom wall installations
  • Pivot bathroom mirror installations
  • Triptych bathroom mirror installations
  • Venetian bathroom mirror installations

Bathroom Sink Installations

We all know that sinks are another staple of the bathroom. And no matter which type of sink you have, BenchMark Home Services can install it. For example, we furnish the following bathroom sink installations:

  • Console bathroom sink installations
  • Corner bathroom sink installations
  • Drop-in bathroom sink installations
  • Pedestal bathroom sink installations
  • Self-rimming bathroom sink installations
  • Trough bathroom sink installations
  • Undermount bathroom sink installations
  • Vanity top bathroom sink installations
  • Vessel bathroom sink installations
  • Wall-hung bathroom sink installations

We can also manage bathroom sink installations of the following materials:

  • Cast iron bathroom sink installations
  • Ceramic bathroom sink installations
  • Glass bathroom sink installations
  • Fireclay bathroom sink installations
  • Metal bathroom sink installations
  • Porcelain bathroom sink installations
  • Resin bathroom sink installations
  • Solid surface bathroom sink installations
  • Stainless steel bathroom sink installations
  • Vitreous china bathroom sink installations
  • Wood bathroom sink installations

Bathroom Lighting Installations

The lighting in your bathroom can do more than just illuminate the room. It can also enhance the style of the space and even serve as a focal point that makes a statement. So, if you’re looking to upgrade the lighting in your bathroom, you can count on BenchMark Home Services to preside over the installation.

At BenchMark Home Services, we can administer the following bathroom lighting installations:

  • Ceiling lamp bathroom lighting installations
  • Chandelier bathroom lighting installations
  • LED strip light bathroom installations
  • Mirror lighting bathroom installations
  • Pendant light bathroom installations
  • Recessed lighting bathroom installations
  • Track lighting bathroom installations
  • Vanity lighting bathroom installations
  • Wall sconce bathroom lighting installations

Bathroom Faucet Installations

Even if the only thing you need to change in your bathroom is the faucet, BenchMark Home Services can still help you with your faucet refresh. We deliver on the following bathroom faucet installations:

  • Bridge bathroom faucet installations
  • Center-set bathroom faucet installations
  • Deck mount bathroom faucet installations
  • Single handle bathroom faucet installations
  • Sprinkle bathroom faucet installations
  • Wall-mount bathroom faucet installations
  • Widespread mount bathroom faucet installations

Bathroom Accessories Installations

Of course, to finish off your bathroom improvements, BenchMark Home Services also offers the following bathroom accessory installations:

  • Bathrobe and towel hook installations
  • Shelving installations
  • Soap dispenser installations
  • Toilet paper holder installations
  • Toothbrush holder installations
  • Towel rack installations
  • Towel ring installations
  • Tumbler holder installations

Home Improvement Living Room Installations

Your living room should serve as an oasis of calm, comfort, and recreation. So, if you find that your living room feels more like a wilderness of clutter, chaos, and frustration, then turn to BenchMark Home Services for help. With our living room installations, our home improvement services can provide the storage, style, and fun you’ve been looking for in your living room.

Built-in Installations

Built-ins are pieces of furniture that attach to the framework of the house, either by the wall, the ceiling, or both. Usually, they either fill a recess in the wall or act as an extension of the wall. Consequently, built-ins are usually very solid, secure, and complementary to the style of a room. But the best part about built-ins is that you can customize them to your exact specifications so that they meet your needs while maximizing the space.

At BenchMark Home Services, we can build and install any kind of built-in for you. Therefore, our built-in installation services include:

  • Bookshelf installations
  • Breakfast nook installations
  • Cabinet installations
  • Closet installations
  • Desk installations
  • Display shelves installations
  • Entertainment center installations
  • Window seat installations

When you work with BenchMark to produce your customized built-ins, you can choose all of the major structural elements as well as the smaller details. But of course, we can also help you determine what materials, design finishes, and features would be best for your built-ins. Then, we will install your built-ins wherever you want. You can put them in the living room, but we can also add them to other rooms such as the:

  • Dining room
  • Family room
  • Home office
  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Entry room
  • Mudroom
  • Laundry room
  • Basement
  • Garage

Shelving Installations

If you need one, two, three, or even more shelves put up in your home, you don’t have to hassle with the installation process yourself. Instead, you can rely on BenchMark Home Services to set up your shelving for you.

We can set you up with shelving in any room in your home with the following shelving installations:

  • Bedroom shelving installations
  • Basement shelving installations
  • Closet shelving installations
  • Dining room shelving installations
  • Entryway shelving installations
  • Family room shelving installations
  • Garage shelving installations
  • Home office shelving installations
  • Laundry room shelving installations
  • Living room shelving installations
  • Mudroom shelving installations

What’s more, if you can envision the shelves or shelving unit that you want but can’t find them on the market, then you can enlist our carpentry services to build the shelving you desire.

Fireplace Installations

Do the cold Ohio winters have you wishing you could cozy up in front of a fireplace? If so, then your wishes can come true thanks to BenchMark Home Services. Whether you have a masonry fireplace or a prefabricated fireplace, we can install any type of fireplace for you with the following fireplace installations:

  • Electric fireplace installations
  • Faux fireplace installations
  • Vented fireplace installations
  • Ventless gas fireplace installations
  • Wood-burning fireplace installations

Fireplace Insert Installations

Currently, your home already has an older, open-combustion fireplace, and you love how it warms the room and provides a beautiful focal point. However, you don’t love inefficient it is in regard to heat output, energy use, and emissions. If you’re in this predicament, then you should consider upgrading your fireplace with a fireplace insert.

A fireplace insert fits into your existing fireplace and burn fuel better, thereby maximizing the heat that the room receives. By being more efficient, fireplace inserts cut down on fuel and utility costs while also improving air quality.

At BenchMark Home Services, our home improvement services can enhance your existing fireplace with the following fireplace insert installations:

  • Electric fireplace insert installations
  • Pellet burning fireplace insert installations
  • Propane gas fireplace insert installations
  • Natural gas fireplace insert installations
  • Wood burning fireplace insert installations

What’s more, we can also handle the following kinds of gas fireplace insert installations:

  • Direct-vent fireplace insert installations
  • Natural vent fireplace insert installations
  • Vent-free fireplace insert installations

Masonry Fireplace Installations

If you’ve always dreamed of having a wood-burning fire roaring on the hearth of your traditional masonry fireplace, then you’re in luck: dreams come true when you seek out the masonry installation services of BenchMark Home Services.

With our masonry skills, we can construct everything from the mortar crown to the foundation, and, of course, the chimney, so that you have a genuine masonry fireplace in your home. In the process, we’ll meet all municipal code standards, such as the requirement of a protective flue lining, so that your fireplace is structurally sound and safe.

To make sure your masonry fireplace fully fulfills your dreams, we offer the masonry fireplace installations with the following materials:

  • Brick masonry fireplace installations
  • Concrete block masonry fireplace installations
  • Stone masonry fireplace installations

Fireplace Mantel Installations

Maybe the mantel on your fireplace is original to the house but not original to your tastes. Maybe you were fine with the design of the mantel but not its current condition. Or maybe, you’ve altered the course of the room’s design, and your old mantel is an obstacle in your journey to a new style. No matter your reasons, if you need a new mantel on your fireplace, you can get one with BenchMark Home Services’ fireplace mantel installation services.

We can install a fireplace mantel shelf (cap-shelf mantel) or a full surround mantel in various materials with the following fireplace mantel installations:

  • Brick fireplace mantel installations
  • Cast stone fireplace mantel installations
  • Concrete fireplace mantel installations
  • Glass fireplace mantel installations
  • Limestone fireplace mantel installations
  • Manufactured wood fireplace mantel installations
  • Marble fireplace mantel installations
  • Metal fireplace mantel installations
  • Steel fireplace mantel installations
  • Tile fireplace mantel installations
  • Wood fireplace mantel installations

We can also install fireplace surround facing kits.

Entertainment Center Installations

In order to feel completely relaxed and refreshed during our time in our homes, we need our houses to include a place to have fun. And one of the most popular ways to have fun in our homes is by engaging in visual entertainment. So, we need entertainment centers to equip us with everything we need for thrilling visual entertainment. For these reasons, BenchMark Home Services is ready to meet your visual entertainment needs with our entertainment center installation services.

Our home improvement services can hook you up with a hub for your TV, DVD player, video game console, movie collection, surround sound, music system, and more with the following entertainment center installations:

  • Built-in entertainment center installations
  • Floating entertainment center installations
  • Wall unit entertainment center installations

Furthermore, if you need something customized to fit your space and satisfy all of your storage requirements, you can work with our professional carpentry services to create your ideal entertainment center.

Pull-down Stairs Installations

Do you have an attic in your home that’s difficult to access? If so, you don’t have to keep reaching for the ladder. Instead, you can reach for the phone and book BenchMark Home Services to install pull-down stairs for you. With our pull-down stairs installations, we can solve your attic problems once and for all. We can also put pull-down stairs anywhere else you want them.

Home Mounting Services

Excited to use your new TV or monitor, but stressed about mounting it to the wall? Don’t be! BenchMark Home Services can put your screen right where you want it to be with our mounting services.

We are more than capable of completing the following electronics mountings for you:

  • Projector and screen mountings
  • Monitor mountings
  • TV mountings

You can also use our mounting services to keep your family and your home safe, as we offer smoke detector installation services and carbon monoxide installation services. Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors require testing once a month and new batteries once or twice a year. So, when your smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector is ready for new batteries or a total replacement, we can handle these tasks for you thanks to our home improvement services.

Furniture Assembly Services

Believe it or not, you finally discovered the perfect piece of furniture for your space. But now that you have it, you suddenly feel like finding the furniture was an easier task than assembling it will be.

You don’t want to damage it in the process of putting it together by yourself. And you don’t want to drag that process out by trying to decipher the instructions on your own. So, you’re in the prime position to take advantage of BenchMark Home Services’ furniture assembly services, another facet of our home improvement services.

We administer the following furniture assembly services:

  • Armoire assembly
  • Baby crib assembly
  • Bar cabinet assembly
  • Bed assembly
  • Bookcase assembly
  • Buffet assembly
  • Bunk bed assembly
  • Chair assembly
  • Credenza assembly
  • Coffee table assembly
  • Console Table Assembly
  • Couch assembly
  • Daybed assembly
  • Dining table assembly
  • Dining bench assembly
  • Dresser assembly
  • Entertainment center assembly
  • Entryway table assembly
  • Entryway storage assembly
  • Fitness equipment assembly
  • Futon assembly
  • Kid’s bed assembly
  • Kids’ desk assembly
  • Media cabinet assembly
  • Mudroom cabinet assembly
  • Murphy bed assembly
  • Nightstand assembly
  • Patio furniture assembly
  • Side table assembly
  • Sofa assembly
  • Storage bench assembly
  • Storage cabinet assembly
  • Wardrobe assembly

We also provide the furniture assembly for the following brands:

  • American Signature furniture assembly
  • Amazon furniture assembly
  • Ashley Furniture assembly
  • Bellastanza furniture assembly
  • Berkshire Hathaway furniture assembly
  • Costco furniture assembly
  • Crate & Barrel furniture assembly
  • Ethan Allen furniture assembly
  • Elgin furniture assembly
  • Home Depot furniture assembly
  • Ikea furniture assembly
  • iStyle furniture assembly
  • JC Penney furniture assembly
  • Lowe’s furniture assembly
  • Macys Furniture Assembly
  • Northeast Factory Direct furniture assembly
  • Overstock furniture assembly
  • Pier-1 Imports furniture assembly
  • Pottery Barn furniture assembly
  • Restoration Hardware furniture assembly
  • Rooms Today furniture assembly
  • Sam’s Club furniture assembly
  • Target furniture assembly
  • The Cleveland Furniture Co. furniture assembly
  • Value City furniture assembly
  • Walmart furniture assembly
  • Wayfair furniture assembly

Babyproofing Services

If seasonal changes have brought a precious new little one into your life, then babyproofing your house is a step of preventative maintenance you should take before the baby or toddler visits.

Babyproofing turns your home into a fun and safe environment to explore rather than a perilous place of potential danger. The safety of babyproofing goes both ways, as it also protects fragile, costly objects in your home from grabby, slippery little fingers and tiny yet insatiable little mouths.

Our love for kids has inspired BenchMark Home Services to master the process of babyproofing. Therefore, with our babyproofing services, we can mitigate all of the risks to baby while thwarting baby’s destructive tendencies. Relying on us to identify and attend to your babyproofing needs saves you a great amount of time and removes all of your stress from the process.

BenchMark Home Services babyproofing services include an inspection of your home in which we determine which babyproofing measures each room requires. Then, we produce an itemized estimate of our assessment covering all of our safety product recommendations along with the cost of installation. Once you decide how much babyproofing you want to do, we’ll conduct the installations.

BenchMark Home Services extends our babyproofing services to all areas of your home in order to secure the following:

  • Cabinets
  • Closets
  • Drawers
  • Electrical outlets
  • Fireplaces
  • Hallways
  • Heavy furniture
  • Ovens
  • Stairways
  • Swinging doors
  • Toilets
  • Windows

Our babyproofing services also encompass professional installation of the highest-quality babyproofing products, such as:

  • Baby safety gates
  • Banister shields
  • Cabinet and drawer latches
  • Corner pads
  • Custom plastic shields for balconies
  • Door locks
  • Door stops
  • Electrical outlet plates and covers
  • Fireplace guards
  • Gate mounts
  • Furniture safety straps
  • Hearth cushions
  • Oven door locks
  • Power strip boxes
  • Toilet lid locks
  • Top of door latch
  • Window guards

Benefits of Choosing Home Improvement Services from BenchMark Home Services

Utilizing our home improvement services is advantageous for several reasons. For example, if your current house is your forever home, then perfecting it as soon as possible enables you to enjoy the results for as long as you can. Or, if this house is a potential source of a sizeable profit for you, then increasing its value with a few significant upgrades allows you to maximize your ROI.

Thankfully, BenchMark Home Services accomplishes such high-quality improvements that you’re guaranteed to get the results you want. The fact that we back our work with our 2-year Workmanship Warranty is proof.  We do the job right the first time, every time, so you can always have total peace of mind.

We’re also committed to concluding our work on time, and we’ll always be polite, courteous, and kind. Our workers complete background checks and drug tests before they come to your home, and they clean up the site after they complete a project.

As an offshoot of Capozzi Design Build, BenchMark Home Services possesses the craftsmanship and skill you need and presents with the professionalism and politeness you want. Working with us is a worry-free experience, so what are you waiting for? Contact us to schedule your home improvement appointment today!