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Why Should You Use Interior Painting Services? The Benefits of Working with Interior House Painters

Of all the improvements you could make to your home, painting seems to be the simplest. The basics of home painting are easy enough to understand, so how bad could painting a few rooms in your house be? Why would you ever need interior painting services? But if house painting is such a cinch, does it even make a difference? How much can the color of the walls impact the room?

If you’re asking these questions about home painting, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got the answers you need to understand why you might want to paint and how you should paint the interior walls of your home. Specifically, you’ll discover scenarios in which you should paint inside your house, the benefits of doing so, what the process of painting looks like, how much interior painting costs, and everything interior painting services have to offer. Keep reading to learn all about residential painting.


Reasons for Residential Painting

Several living situations serve as perfect opportunities to commence a residential painting project. You’d be in one of these situations if you:

  • Recently built a new house and would like paint on the walls before you move in
  • Just bought a house and would like the walls repainted before you move in
  • Renovated part of the house and would like a new color on the walls to finalize the transformation
  • Have been living in your house for years and want to switch up your decorating style
  • Never loved the colors of your walls, so you would like to try something new
  • Need to cover up minor wear and tear on your walls (scratches, scuffs)
  • Are trying to sell your house and need to neutralize the wall colors

Each of these scenarios affords the ideal moment for home painting.

If you wait until you’ve already put furniture into a newly built or purchased home, you’ll just have to move everything out later or cover it all.

If you continue to live with an undesirable color on the walls, you’ll never be able to truly enjoy a room no matter how else you change it.

Finally, if you’re putting your house on the market or trying to prevent yourself from doing so, a crisp coat of paint will encourage potential buyers or yourself to fall in love with your home.

Benefits of Home Painting

Maybe you know that now is the time to paint, but you don’t know if home painting is really worthwhile. Does it accomplish anything more than affecting the lighting in the room?

Yes, home painting has a host of benefits. Specifically, home painting enables you to:

  • Protect your walls from dirt and dust
  • Shield your house’s structure from dirt, dust, allergens, and excess moisture that causes mold and mildew
  • Ready your new house for moving in
  • Personalize your new space
  • Give your home a refresh
  • Make your walls look like new
  • Prepare your house for selling
  • Increase the value of your home

So, home painting achieves much more than simply appeasing your aesthetic preferences. Due to the fact that it is good for your home, your sanity, and your wallet, you have sufficient justification for a painting spree.

Process of Home Interior Painting

Many people think the process of painting is practically effortless. And on some levels, they’re right. To paint a wall, you simply cover your painting tool with the paint and bring the tool in contact with the wall. Then, you usually use an up and down stroking motion to apply the paint. You let the paint dry, and you’re done!

But when you actually start the painting process, you find that it’s much more complicated. First, you need to select the color and quality of paint that you want. To ensure that you’ve selected the right one from your favorite options, you need to paint small sections of the wall. This way, you can how the color looks in the room as the light changes throughout the day.

Then, once you’ve officially decided on a color, you must prepare the room for painting. Moving everything out of the room is the best way to protect it all, but that method is usually not the most feasible. Therefore, you will probably just have to lay tarp or plastic over every surface and furniture item in the room. You’ll even want to cover the flooring in a protective material.

What’s more, you need to remove everything from the walls and wipe them down. And whatever you can’t remove, such as light switches, trim, window frames, etc., you must cover with painter’s tape. Most likely, you don’t want to get paint on the ceiling, so you need to line the ceiling with painter’s tape as well. But if you have popcorn ceilings, that doesn’t work very well. In that instance, you need to paint very carefully.

Home Painting Materials

After everything in the room is safe from dripping paint, you must assemble your materials. Painting materials include:

  • Paint
  • Primer
  • Roller
  • Roller brush
  • Paint roller extension pole
  • Paintbrushes
  • Tray
  • Paint stick
  • Paint can opener
  • Rubber mallet
  • Putty knife
  • Painter’s tape
  • Sandpaper
  • Sanding block
  • Rags
  • Drop cloths
  • Ladder or bench

Of course, you’ll also need to wear clothes that you don’t mind getting paint on. Once you have everything together, you must use the sandpaper to smooth out any imperfections. Then, you have to apply the primer. After that dries, you must mix up your paint and get some color on the walls.

You’ll want to begin with the lightest color, and if you’re covering up dark walls, you need more than one coat. And you’ll have to use different painting techniques depending on what part of the wall you’re painting. For example, you should start by cutting-in, which means outlining the outside of the room with paint. This step necessitates using a paintbrush. Then, you can fill in the walls with a roller.

If you have trim in the room, you’ll need to paint that as well, which can be tricky. Lastly, you’ll need to clean all of your supplies while you wait for the paint to dry and once you finish the final coat. If you don’t clean your supplies quickly, the paint will dry and make for a much tougher job.

Interior Painting Cost

As you can see, painting is an intensive procedure after all. And if you do it yourself, you have to pay for everything on that long list of supplies. So, how much does painting your house cost?

The most expensive item will be the paint, which can cost anywhere from $15 to $80 a gallon. The brand and gloss level of the paint (flat, semi-gloss, high gloss) will influence the price per gallon. To paint a 10×12 room with 2 coats, you’ll need at least 1-2 gallons, maybe 3. However, if the room has trim in it, you’ll need paint for that as well. Painting the trim will probably require at least another quarter of a gallon. And don’t forget primer. A gallon of primer will cost another $16-$44. All told, you should plan on the paint costing you anywhere from $60 to $300.

You may also need more paint depending on the height of the walls, the texture of the walls, the details of the trim, etc. To get a better estimate of how much paint you’ll need, you should find the surface area of the room.

The rest of the materials could run anywhere from $28-$152, depending on quality. So, painting an interior room yourself can cost about $90-$450. Therefore, the average cost of painting interior walls is $270.

Home Painting Time

And of course, you also need to factor in the time painting requires. Prepping the room for paint can take at least 1-2 hours, and then cutting in requires another 1-2 hours. Filling in can eat up anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours in a 10×10 room. Naturally, the bigger the room or the more complicated its shape and details, the more time painting will take. Painting the trim, windows, and doors would add another 3-4 hours to the total time. After that, clean up can consume about half an hour.

And you can’t forget about drying time. A latex primer is dry to the touch in 1 hour but not ready for paint until 3-4 hours have passed. Water-based paint will be dry to the touch in 1 hour, and you can add a second coat in 4 hours. But oil-based paints are dry to the touch in 6-8 hours and make you wait 24 hours to apply the second coat.

However, these drying times can change depending on your environment. Humidity levels and temperature can slow or hasten paint drying, as can the room’s ventilation and your painting methods.

So, if you use water-based paint and paint as fast as you can, taking the room through the entire painting process will require approximately 21 hours. But if you use oil-based paint and go slow and steady, you won’t be fully finished until 71 hours later.

Professional Painters Cost

With this amount of time and money involved in interior painting projects, you’re probably wondering, “How much does it cost to hire a painter?”

Well, Chagrin Falls painting services prices vary. But sometimes, professional house painting costs less than you think and provides a great value.

Many Twinsburg professional painters charge $200-$300 for walls only in a 10×10 room. For the walls, trim, and ceiling, the price goes up to about $500. For a 10×12 room, the price ranges from $200-$800. Typically, the price range for a professional painter per room is $300-$400. Though, to get specific, the price point per type of room would be something like:

  • Bathroom: $150-$350
  • Living room: $900-$2,000
  • Kitchens: $100-$150 for the walls, $30-$60 per linear foot of cabinetry (average of $1,000 for cabinets)

Unique wall situations can increase the price by a certain percentage or have their own costs. For example:

  • Accent walls can cost 20%-30% more than other walls because of the color change
  • Murals and trompe l’oeils can cost $800-$1,700
  • Textured walls can raise the price by 50%

The labor of professional painters in Gates Mills accounts for 75%-85% of your total bill, so labor costs can range from $170-$680. But professional painters figure out the total price by accounting for either the coverage area cost at a rate of $2-$6 per square foot or the hourly cost at a rate of $20-$100 an hour. Though, most pros charge by the area.

Premium Pro Painting Time

Professional painters in Hunting Valley can paint a room anywhere from 2-3 times faster than a homeowner due to the fact that they have more experience, advanced techniques, all the best equipment, and teams of people. For the average room, some professional painters claim they can prep, paint, and clean up in 2 hours. Others go by a rate of 100-120 square feet of flat surface an hour. Though, for rough surfaces like wood or plaster, that number drops to 80 to 100 square feet an hour.

Benefits of Interior Painting Services

Because the DIY route can cost a similar amount of money as hiring the pros, Macedonia residential painting services are an appealing solution to your home painting project. But home painting services start to look even more favorable when you consider their other benefits, such as:

1. House painting companies can paint any room in your house.

Some spaces are tricky to tackle with a can of paint. These rooms include architectural features such as vaulted ceilings, trim, alcoves, large windows, pillars, light fixtures, built-in shelving, etc. But none of this is a problem for Moreland Hills house painting specialists. They can recolor any room, such as:

  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Living rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Dining rooms
  • Basements
  • Game rooms
  • Hallways
  • Garages
  • Stairwells

They have the equipment needed to address these areas of your home entirely. What’s more, they can also paint other parts of your home, like pantries, closets, built-ins, shelving, cabinets, entertainment centers, and more. You won’t have to leave any wall uncovered when you enlist interior house painting services.

2. Interior painting services can save you a considerable amount of time.

As mentioned, Pepper Pike professional painters can finish residential painting projects much faster than most of us. They have the best training and equipment for minimizing time while maximizing results.

So, rather than putting hours into collecting the supplies, prepping the space, priming and painting the surfaces, checking the paint to ensure its ready, applying second and third coats, painting the ceiling and trim, and cleaning up multiple times, you could be doing anything you find more enjoyable or productive during that time.

Your time is valuable, and you must divide it among many important things. But as important as your painting project may be, you don’t have to spend any time on it when you rely on residential painting companies to get it done.

3. Working with a residential painting company ensures quality house painting.

Again, though the process of painting is straightforward, effective execution of this process can be quite strenuous. What’s more, painting even one room consumes enough time, but the more mistakes you make, the longer your project will take. Consequently, you’re much more likely to get the comprehensive paint job you want when you leave it to the pros.

The best house painters at a home painting company in Solon have all the right tools for the job. Specifically, they have quality brushes that don’t clump up the paint with shed bristles or leave rough and uneven brushstrokes. Residential painting companies also have paint sprayers that cover the walls quickly and smoothly while also applying paint in awkward places such as narrow spaces, tight corners, intricate details, and high nooks.

Of course, a painting expert also knows the finest techniques for achieving a beautiful finish. They can produce a seamless paint job every time that is totally absent of any brush marks or paint drips.

All in all, the house painting specialists at a residential painting company can deliver such a high-quality painting product that they’re worth every penny of your investment and more.

4. Paying for interior house painting services prevents you from purchasing an excess of painting materials.

Most of us don’t paint the rooms in our homes all that often. Even if you’re living in your forever home, you probably won’t paint the majority of the rooms more than once or twice. This fact is especially true for people who love to put classic, neutral hues on the walls and bring pops of color into the room with fun furniture and accessories.

So, if you’re only painting every 4 or 5 years (or more), why would you want to store a closetful of painting supplies in your home indefinitely? This question is particularly pertinent when you consider the fact that you must store some of these materials in a specific environment or they won’t last as long.

Additionally, if you plan to use those materials so infrequently, why would you want to own all of them in the first place? With painting, the more expensive materials yield a better outcome. Therefore, to increase your odds of being satisfied with your work, you must purchase at least middle-of-the-road or top-of-the-line painting materials. But then, spending so much money on painting supplies certainly compels you to keep them. So, you will have to sacrifice quite a bit of storage space for your painting equipment if you do opt to DIY your painting project.

Or, you could just let a Beachwood interior painting company get in and out with their own materials. They already have superior painting supplies, and they can also get better paint at a lower price. These advantages make the case for calling on house painting companies even stronger.

5. Hiring house painting help spares you the hassle of prep work and cleanup.

As you may recall, part of why painting projects are more demanding than you would expect is because of the prep work they require. You can’t get a standard paint job on substandard walls. For this reason, you must inspect the walls before you start painting and then correct any issues you spot.

For example, you need to sand down any irregularities, fill any holes or dents, and clean away dust and debris. You may even need to remove wood rot, mold, or mildew and repair those areas before you can move on to painting.

Prep work also involves protecting everything left in the room. Paint definitely has a tendency to end up in all the wrong places, so you must take extra precautions to account for paint drops and splatters. As mentioned, you’ll need to cover all remaining furniture, flooring, light fixtures, fireplaces, etc. and tape over all outlets, doorknobs, light switches, trim, windows, vents, etc.

Of course, each time you finish painting a coat, you have to rinse and dry your equipment. And when you finish painting the room, you must clean it all up and return it to its normal state. For most people, these painting chores are among the most stressful and headache-inducing.

And that’s exactly why interior house painting services handle all these taxing components of painting. House painting specialists know every step to prepping a room for paint, and they can anticipate any problem paint may cause. Consequently, they leave you with nothing to worry about when you leave your painting project in their skilled, seasoned hands.

The Right Interior House Painting Company for You

If you’ve seen the value of interior house painting services, then you’re ready to team up with your local house painting company. And that company is BenchMark Home Services in areas such as:

  • Boston Heights
  • Pepper Pike
  • Hudson
  • Moreland Hills
  • Solon
  • Hunting Valley
  • Aurora
  • Gates Mills
  • Cleveland Heights
  • Shaker Heights
  • Beachwood
  • Peninsula
  • Willoughby Hills
  • University Heights
  • Twinsburg
  • Chagrin Falls
  • Macedonia

BenchMark Home Services specializes in all sorts of home improvement services such as interior painting. We have decades of experience fixing and finishing walls by addressing drywall repairs and interior painting projects. Our painting experts are on-time, friendly, communicative, respectful, knowledgeable, insured, and thorough in their work. Not only will they paint the rooms of your home with precision and excellence, but they’ll also clean up and clear out completely, leaving you with a pristine, freshly painted space! Contact us today to get the professional painting help you need.

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