How Much Does Home Remodeling Cost in Cleveland?

If parts of your greater Cleveland home are out of date, dysfunctional, or unattractive, then you’re ready for a Cleveland home remodel. Home remodeling in Cleveland can change your life by turning your house into the home you’ve always dreamed of.

But home remodeling comes at a cost. So, you should investigate the average costs of home remodeling projects in your area before you begin yours. By referring to the estimates in the 2022 Cost vs. Value Report, you can begin to establish the budget for your Cleveland home remodel. However, the exact price of your project will depend on your goals, the size, structure, and architecture of your house, the scope of your remodel, and the quality of the materials and craftsmanship. So, only with the help of your local home remodeling company can you discover the answer to the question, “How much does it cost to renovate a house?”


Cleveland Home Remodeling Costs: How Much Does It Cost to Remodel a House in Cleveland?

Some of the most common home remodeling projects include additions and exterior updates involving entry doors, garage doors, windows, siding, and roofing. However, the most popular interior projects are kitchen remodels and bathroom remodels.

Home Remodeling Cleveland: Additions

The 2022 Cost vs. Value Report supplies quotes for several kinds of home additions in Cleveland including primary suite additions and deck additions. To demonstrate how the price of an addition can vary according to the size and the materials, the report describes examples of midrange and upscale primary suite additions as well as wood and composite deck additions. Depending on how you customize your addition to fit your lifestyle, your project could reach a similar price point. 

Midrange Primary Suite Additions

The midrange primary suite addition in the report’s example consists of a 24×16-foot primary bedroom suite over a crawlspace. It also features a walk-in closet/dressing area and bathroom. The bathroom contains a freestanding soaker tub and a separate 3×4-foot ceramic tile shower. There is also a double-bowl vanity with a solid-surface countertop and tile flooring. The bedroom has carpet flooring, general and spot lighting, and painted walls, ceiling, and trim. In Cleveland, this addition would cost $170,143. The resale value is $81,340, which is an ROI of 47.8%.

Upscale Primary Suite Additions

The report’s example of a primary suite addition utilizes more upscale materials, so it costs twice as much. This addition is a 32×20 primary bedroom suite over a crawlspace. The sleeping area boasts a lounge/sitting area next to a large primary bath. Additionally, the sleeping area contains French doors, custom bookcases, and built-in storage with millwork details. It also houses a high-end gas fireplace with a stone hearth and custom mantel. The walk-in closet/dressing area offers natural light, mirrors, and linen storage.

The bathroom showcases a walk-in shower with a dual shower system, stone walls and floor, and a custom frameless glass enclosure. There is also a freestanding soaker tub, two sinks in separate custom vanities with stone countertops and large mirrors, and a partitioned area for a luxury one-piece toilet.

Additionally, the example primary suite holds a 5-foot-long hospitality center. This area encompasses a bar sink, an under-counter microwave, custom cabinetry, and stone countertops. Finally, the space includes soundproofing, in-floor heating, custom wall finishes, and hardware, general and spot lighting, and high-end lighting controls.

This representation of a Cleveland primary suite addition costs $344,885. The resale value is $122,411, which is an ROI of 35.5%.

Deck Additions

For deck additions, the report gives the same specifics for two different materials. The example deck is 16×20 feet with pressure-treated joists supported by 4×4-inch posts anchored in concrete piers. The deck boards are arranged in a simple linear pattern. There’s also a built-in bench and planter in the same decking material. The deck has three stairs to a grade and a complete railing system with posts, railings, and balusters.

Constructing a Cleveland deck addition like this out of wood costs $18,494. Meanwhile, building it with composite would come to $23,682. The wood deck addition recoups $10,651, or 57.6% of the original investment. The composite deck addition recoups approximately $12,903, or 54.5%.

Home Remodeling Cleveland: Steel Entry Door Replacement

A steel entry door replacement achieves a simple yet strong upgrade to an entry door. And the Cost vs. Value Report indicates how much a steel entry door replacement in Cleveland can cost. 

The report typifies this remodeling project like so: remove the existing 3-0/6-8 entry door and jambs and replace them with a new 20-gauge steel unit that includes a clear, dual-pane half-glass panel, jambs, and an aluminum threshold with a composite stop.

This new door would be factory-finished to have the same color on both sides. It would also feature an exterior brick mold and 2.5-inch interior colonial or ranch casings in poplar or equal prefinished to match the door color. The project would also involve replacing the existing lockset. The total cost of these services in Cleveland would be $2,121 with a resale value of $1,000, or 47.1% ROI.

Home Remodeling Cleveland: Fiberglass Grand Entrance

Really making a statement at the front door requires a grand entrance with a fiberglass door. The report explains that this home remodeling project can entail removing the existing 3-0/6-8 entry door and cutting and reframing the opening to accommodate a 12-36-12 entrance door with dual sidelights. The double-gang electrical box with two switches is moved for the arrival of a fiberglass door blank. The blank matches every component of the upscale entry, including the color, threshold, lockset, and decorative half-glass.

The sidelights also match the door, and the color of the PVC-wrapped exterior trim matches the existing trim. The wider interior colonial or ranch casings (which will be 3.5 inches wide to cover the new jack studs) are hardwood and stained to match the door.

The report’s example grand entrance is done in one day for the price of $10,164. Furthermore, the resale value is $6,546, or 64.4% of the cost.

Home Remodeling Cleveland: Garage Door Replacement

According to the Cost vs. Value Report, ensuring a garage door looks good and functions well is a worthy investment. So, the report illustrates how a garage door replacement can entail removing and disposing of the existing 16×7-foot garage door and tracks. Next, a new four-section garage door is installed on new heavy-duty galvanized steel tracks. The existing motorized opener is reused.

The new garage door is high-tensile strength steel with two coats of factory-applied paint. It has a lifetime warranty. It is also foam insulated to a minimum of R-12 and has thermal seals between pinch-resistant panels. There are windows in the top panel made with ½-inch insulated glass. Plus, the hardware features galvanized steel hinges and ball-bearing urethane rollers.

This kind of Cleveland garage door replacement costs about $3,944. What’s more, the resale value is $3,756, which is an ROI of 95.2!

Home Remodeling Cleveland: Window Replacement

A Cleveland window replacement trades old, drafty, or inefficient windows with more modern and efficient versions. Furthermore, the material of the new windows affects the final price of the project.

The report provides an estimate for replacing existing 3×5-foot double-hung windows with insulated, low-E, simulated-divided-light vinyl windows with a custom-color exterior finish. The trim exterior matches the existing exterior trim, and the existing interior trim is not disturbed. A Cleveland vinyl window replacement for 10 windows like the one the report mentions comes to $19,626. At resale, this investment returns $16,992 or 86.6%.

The report says that a wood window replacement in Cleveland can involve insulated, low-E, simulated-divided-light wood windows with an interior finish of stained hardwood and an exterior finish of custom-color aluminum cladding. In the report’s description, the installation process for these windows is the same. For 10 windows, the cost is $23,481. The resale value is $17,912, so this figure recoups 76.3% of the costs.

Home Remodeling Cleveland: Siding Replacement

A siding replacement refreshes a house that’s looking a little worse for wear. So,the report discusses two kinds of siding replacement projects: vinyl and fiber cement. 

The vinyl siding replacement the report records accounts for replacing the existing siding with new vinyl that has been factory primed and painted. The vinyl siding is installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications, and factory trim is placed at all openings and corners. The cost of the Cleveland vinyl siding replacement found in the report is $17,978. This amount replaces 1,250 square feet of siding. This remodeling project brings back $15,374 or 85.5% of the initial funding.

In the report, a fiber-cement siding replacement follows the same process and costs $21,307 for replacing 1,250 square feet of siding. The resale value is $18,281, which means recovering 85.8% of the investment.

Manufactured Stone Veneer

Swapping some siding for a manufactured stone veneer further enhances the curb appeal of a home. Therefore, the report reveals that adding a manufactured stone veneer can mean removing a 300-square-foot continuous band of existing vinyl siding from the bottom third of a street-facing facade before replacing it with an adhered manufactured stone veneer. In the report, this veneer features 36 linear feet of sills, 40 linear feet of corners, and one address block.

The veneer is installed using two separate layers of a water-resistive barrier laid over bare sheathing, corrosion-resistant lath and fasteners, and a nominal ½-inch-thick mortar scratch coat and setting bed. The report’s manufactured stone veneer project also outlines the entry archway by using an 8×10-inch keystone and a soldier course of flats on either side.

The report says a Cleveland manufactured stone veneer installation like this costs about $10,737 and returns $9,893 or 92.1% of the original expense.

Home Remodeling Cleveland: Roofing Replacement

Roofs take a beating, so a roofing replacement is productive. For this reason,the report talks about two types of roofing replacements: asphalt shingles and metal roofing.

The report says an asphalt shingles roofing replacement can entail removing and disposing of the existing roofing to expose the bare wood sheathing. Then, 30 squares of minimum 235-lb. fiberglass asphalt shingles (with a minimum 25-year warranty) are installed with a new 30-lb. felt (or equivalent synthetic) underlayment, galvanized drip edge, and mill-finish aluminum flashing. A rectangular hip roof is assumed and custom flashing is added at two average-size skylights as well as a custom cap treatment at a vented ridge.

The report’s version of an asphalt shingle roofing replacement in Cleveland totals $28,277. The resale value is $18,83, which is 66.6%. 

The report says upgrading to a metal roof also involves removing and disposing of the existing roofing down to the bare wood sheathing. Then, an ice-barrier membrane is installed at the roof perimeter as well as a premium-grade synthetic underlayment over the roof. Next, 3,000 square feet of prefinished, standing-seam metal roofing is placed with matching pre-formed accessories such as a drip edge, gable trim, and vented ridge flashing. Again, a rectangular hip roof is assumed and custom flashing is added at two average-size skylights along with a custom cap treatment at a vented ridge.

This kind of Cleveland metal roof replacement costs $48,784 and recoups $32,581 or 66.8%.

Northeast Ohio Home Remodeling Costs: How Much Does It Cost to Remodel a House in Northeast Ohio?

If you live in Northeast Ohio rather than Cleveland or one of its suburbs, then you should know that your home remodeling costs will vary slightly. Depending on the city you live in, your Northeast Ohio home remodeling cost could be slightly lower or higher than those in Cleveland. However, home remodeling costs for Northeast Ohio in general are a little more expensive than in Cleveland. Some of the resale values on these home remodeling projects differ from those in Cleveland as well.


Primary Suite Additions

In northeast Ohio, a midrange primary suite addition averages $174,395. The resale value for that figure is $88,946, so the ROI is 51.09%.

For an upscale Northeast Ohio primary suite addition like the one in the report, the price is $355,627. Additionally, the resale value is $159,939, which is a 45% return.

Deck Additions

The report says a new wood deck can cost $19,233 in Northeast Ohio. That number has a resale value of $12,010 or 62.4%.

The mean price for a new composite deck addition in Northeast Ohio is $24,453. What’s more, this total resells for $14,860 or 60.8%.

Entry Door Replacement

A Northeast Ohio steel entry door replacement like the one in the report can cost $2,196 before returning $1,418. So, it has a 64.6% resale value.

The fee for a fiberglass grand entrance completed in Northeast Ohio as the report describes is $10,458. The resale value of this project is $6,236, which is 59.6% of the initial cost.

Garage Door Replacement

Replacing a garage door in Northeast Ohio according to the report’s instructions is almost as economical as replacing it in Cleveland. The charge for a Northeast Ohio garage door replacement can be $4,046, with a resale value of $3,891. That’s a 93.9% ROI!

Window Replacement

A Northeast Ohio vinyl window replacement like the one in the report goes for $20,372. Furthermore, it resells for $13,939. That’s a 68.4% return on investment.

The cost of a Northeast Ohio wood window replacement is $24,316. The resale value of this project is $16,335, which means it recoups 67.2%.

Siding Replacement

A Northeast Ohio vinyl siding replacement comes to $19,008. The resale value is $13,096, which means 68.9% of the costs are recouped.

Furthermore, a Northeast Ohio fiber cement siding replacement totals $22,482, with 66.7% of the cost recouped thanks to a resale value of $15,006.

Roofing Replacement

Funding a Northeast Ohio asphalt shingle roofing replacement like the report describes requires $31,755. This project recovers $17,728 of that, which is 55.8%.

The report assigns the figure of $51,795 to its example Northeast Ohio metal roof replacement. Additionally, the resale value is $27,143 or a 52.4% ROI.

Cleveland Kitchen Remodeling Costs

Several factors affect Cleveland kitchen remodeling costs, but some of the biggest are the extent of the kitchen remodel and the quality of the materials used. The 2022 Cost vs. Value Report presents examples of minor and major Cleveland kitchen remodels as well as midrange and upscale kitchen remodels. 

Midrange Minor Kitchen Remodel

For a 200-square-foot kitchen with 30 linear feet of cabinetry, the report says that a minor kitchen remodel with midrange materials replaces the cabinet doors and hardware; upgrades to more energy-efficient appliances; brings in new laminate countertops; installs a new sink, faucet, and flooring. Finally, it finishes the project off with fresh paint on the walls, trim, and ceiling.

This kind of midrange minor kitchen remodel in Cleveland costs $27,052. The resale value is $18,211, so the ROI is 67.3%. In Northeast Ohio, this type of kitchen remodel comes to $28,544 with a resale value of $19,509 that recoups 68.3% of the initial investment.

Midrange Major Kitchen Remodel

The report explains that a kitchen of the same size can receive a major kitchen remodel with midrange materials by inserting semi-custom wood cabinets as well as a 3×5-foot island, laminate countertops, and a standard double-tub stainless steel sink with a standard single-lever faucet. This particular remodel also installs an energy-efficient range, a vented range hood, a built-in microwave, a dishwasher, a garbage disposal, and custom lighting. This remodel concludes with new resilient flooring and painted walls, ceilings, and trim.

The report’s version of a midrange major kitchen remodel in Cleveland totals $77,602 and contributes $36,387 in the event of a sale. That’s a 46.9% payback. In Northeast Ohio, this midrange major kitchen remodel costs $80,138 before recouping 54.3% of that, which comes to $43,524.

Upscale Major Kitchen Remodel

The report states that a major kitchen remodel with upscale materials in that same size space occasionally involves installing top-of-the-line custom cabinets with built-in sliding shelves and other interior accessories and stone countertops with a backsplash of imported ceramic or glass tiles. A built-in refrigerator, commercial-grade cooktop and vent hood, wall oven, and built-in microwave may also be brought in.

The report’s upscale kitchen remodel also accounts for a high-end under-mount sink with designer faucets and a water filtration system as well as new general and task lighting, and tile or similar flooring that looks like wood.

In Cleveland, the report’s kind of upscale major kitchen remodel amounts to $151,358. The resale value is $75,484, which is 47.8%. The same remodel in Northeast Ohio totals $156,104 and reclaims 52.3%, which would be $81,699.

Cleveland Bathroom Remodeling Costs

The report considers several types of bathroom additions and remodels. In doing so, the report demonstrates how the costs of these bathroom remodeling projects can fluctuate.

Midrange Bathroom Addition

The report addresses midrange bathroom additions with an example that consists of a 6×8-foot bathroom over a crawlspace with poured concrete walls. The report’s bathroom addition comprises a cultured-stone vanity top with a molded sink, standard chrome faucets, a 30×60-inch white fiberglass tub/shower with a ceramic tile surround and a single-lever temperature and pressure-balanced faucet, and a white low-profile toilet.

It also contains a mirrored medicine cabinet and a linen storage closet or cabinet as well as general and spot lighting, electrical wiring that’s up to code, a ceramic tile floor, and painted walls, trim, and ceiling.

The report’s example midrange bathroom addition in Cleveland totals $62,555. Its resale value is $28,649, which is 45.8%. A midrange bathroom addition in Northeast Ohio comes to $64,130. The resale value would be $31,654, which means 49.4% of the money is recouped.

Upscale Bathroom Addition

Next, the report covers adding a new 100-square-foot primary bathroom to an existing primary bedroom over a crawlspace.

The report’s upscale bathroom addition in Cleveland features a 42×42-inch neo-angle shower with ceramic tile walls, an accent strip, a recessed shower caddy, body-spray fixtures, and a frameless glass enclosure. It also includes a freestanding soaker tub with high-end faucets, a stone countertop with two sinks, two mirrored medicine cabinets with lighting, a compartmentalized commode area with a one-piece toilet, and a humidistat-controlled exhaust fan.

For the flooring, the report’s example upscale bathroom addition receives larger matching ceramic tiles laid on a diagonal with ceramic tile base molding. It also gets general and spot lighting, a custom drawer base and wall cabinets, an extended HVAC system, and electric in-floor heating.

In Cleveland, an upscale bathroom addition such as this costs $110,780 with a resale value of $47,680, which is 43%. In Northeast Ohio, this specific upscale bathroom addition totals $114,237. With a resale value of $57,380, it recovers 50.2% of the money.

Midrange Bathroom Remodel

According to the report, a midrange bathroom remodel can entail updating an existing 5×7-foot bathroom by replacing all of the fixtures. The new fixtures could be a 30×60-inch porcelain-on-steel tub with a 4×4-inch ceramic tile surround, a new single-lever temperature and pressure-balanced shower control, and a standard white toilet. The report’s midrange bathroom remodel also installs a solid-surface vanity counter with an integral sink, a recessed medicine cabinet with lighting, and a ceramic tile floor. The job concludes with painted walls, trim, and ceiling.

A midrange bathroom remodel like this can cost $26,256 in Cleveland. There, the resale value is $16,511, which is a 62.9% return on investment. That same midrange bathroom remodel costs $27,160 in Northeast Ohio. It earns 58.5% of funding back with a $15,900 resale value.

Upscale Bathroom Remodel

Next, the Cost vs Value Report exhibits the average cost of an upscale bathroom remodel with an example that expands a 35-square-foot bathroom to 100 square feet within the existing house footprint. This remodel relocates all of the fixtures to accommodate a 42×42-inch neo-angle shower with ceramic tile walls with an accent strip, a recessed shower caddy, body-spray fixtures, and a frameless glass enclosure. It also involves installing a freestanding soaker tub with high-end faucets and a one-piece toilet in a compartmentalized commode area.

The report’s upscale Cleveland bathroom remodel also introduces a stone countertop with two sinks, two mirrored medicine cabinets with lighting, and a humidistat-controlled exhaust fan. This remodel uses all color fixtures. Plus, it lays larger matching ceramic floor tiles on the diagonal with a ceramic tile base molding. It adds general and spot lighting and a custom drawer base and wall cabinets. Finally, it extends the HVAC system and installs electric in-floor heating.

For a Cleveland upscale bathroom remodel like this, the charge would be $79,960. The resale value is $40,034 or 50.1% ROI. A Northeast Ohio upscale bathroom remodel like this costs $82,288. The resale value comes to $44,133, which is 53.6%.

Home Remodeling Cleveland

Universal Design Bathroom Remodel

Lastly, the report provides figures for a universal design bathroom remodel. Universal design produces living spaces that are accessible to people of all ages and abilities.

The report’s universal design bathroom remodel involves updating an existing 5×7-foot space to be wheelchair-accessible (zero-threshold, 36-inch-wide door) and installing flat-panel electrical switches at sitting level (36-42 inches above the floor). This remodel also replaces the toilet with a comfort height toilet and the bathtub with a curbless, tiled, walk-in shower with an adjustable showerhead, fold-out seat, thermostatic mixing valve, and a bi-directional glass door. New luxury vinyl tile flooring is laid with electric radiant flooring underneath. Finally, this bathroom receives an adaptive living vanity with easy-grip handles and an adjustable mirror, plenty of lighting, and several grab bars. 

A universal design bathroom remodel in Cleveland like the report details comes to $40,406. Its resale value is $23,001, which is 56.9% of the funds recouped. Conversely, a similar universal design bathroom remodel in Northeast Ohio amounts to $42,234. With a $23,872 resale value, it reclaims 56.5% of the investment.

Home Remodeling Cleveland

Home Remodeling Cleveland with BenchMark Home Services

With these home remodeling figures in mind, you can begin to establish the budget for your project. What’s more, you can commence your search for a Cleveland area home remodeling company that will help you calibrate your funds to accommodate your priorities. 

BenchMark Home Services has the skills and experience to make your dream remodel happen. We’re in the business of changing lives by creating functional, healthy, and stunning living spaces. We’ll help you get the biggest return on your investment and return on your enjoyment. As a result, your home remodel will be a success in every way. Contact us to learn more about our home remodeling services today!

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